star trek “a family matter ”

This story is set about a year after star trek nemesis.

U.s.s horizon is a Prometheus class vessel as depicted in voyager episode “message in a bottle”

The planet ecos was. Depicted in the original series episode “patterns of force”

This is. My attempt at a star trek life time drama.

Chapter one the call

In the blackness of space, there was nothing but silence. It was a remote area of space. The silence would not last forever. It was quickly broken by the emergence of a small white dote. The dote morphed into a large white. Light.the light emerged into a doorway. The door way began to open.

On the USS horizon the crew was immersed in normal day to day operations. Things were going on as they normally did. “Captain incoming message form star fleet command its admiral Janeway. ” Lt pressman said.

He took it in his ready room. He activated the screen. “Hello admiral”he said.”hello I wish I could say I was just checking up but you know how that works !”she said.”I do. Where are we off to this time ?”he. Asked.”we detected a massive energy reading form deep in tholien Haas increased every senses long range sensors detected it. “The admiral said.”another famous tholien  experiment ?”he asked.”mayby we dont know, you know how secretive they are !”she said.”I assume our job is. To investigate!”he said.”form a distence. They deny that this is. An experiment.w cannot be so sure !”she said.”agreed “he said.

After the conversation ended,he hit his comm badge.”pilrman to bridge “he said.”Go ahead sir !”first officer Sam levele said.”have erica set corse near tho lien space “he ordered.”aye sir Lt benteen set corse for tho lien space”he said,the helm officer did so and then reported then the corse was laid in.

The chief engineer was Elisa eneg. She was from the planet ecos.she had a reputation for being stern.she was also stoic. She did not have a social life.she worked she slept. When she was. Not on duty she was in her qurters.shee Tuck to bussiness.she neever went to the rec areas or the. Hollow deck or 11 forward.there was no time for that.

“Presman to commander eneg!”he said.”go ahead !”she respponded.”you have a message form eccos!”he said.”personal or official?” she asked.”personal !”he said. “I will take it in hear”

End of part one




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