Clash part seven

On screen was displayed the bridge of the orther vessel. “I am commander helia of the kintaren vessel hazel storm. “She said.
“I am lt. Commander marea bolt of the vessel casandra. We represent the united federation of planets. Why have you engaged in this unprovoked attack ? “Mia asked.
“Our people are new to warp drive and inter galatic space. The globe as we call is a device that alows ships function to be controled by a unit that is not part of the ship. It is powered by an independent power source. Theroretically this could solve the power distribution problem. We were not sure. We wanted to tesy it out in a real life combat situation. We saw your ship in the nebula and decided to ‘pick a fight with you!” She said in a matter of fact tone.
” this is not quite a friendly greating. You almost destroyed us. Luckily we have had no fatalities but we could have esily had deaths. Look my crew is my family. What would i have told there loved ones? They died so some alien could test out there new toys? This is at best an unfriendly act at worse at act pf war!”Mia said.
” Look i apologize for any inconvenience we might have caused. We are wiling to aid in repairs to your ship ! ” the commander said.
“With all due respect commander you don’t seam to take this seriously. We are not playthings. We are life forms. We do not excist for your plesure. I am desturbed by your lack of emphithy.”mia said.
“Crying about it will change nothing. No one was killed or seriously injured. I hope that we can depart amicably! ” the commander said.
“I don’t wish any strife between our peoples commander. I do not relish conflict. I would request that you do not involve us in any future experiments!”mia said.
“I will advise my people to stay clear of you. Our interest may come into conflict. In that case i cannot promise anything. For today we will be on our way! You will have no more trouble from us!”she said. The screen faided.
“That went well! “Tyler said. “I want constent monitoring for any more signs of our ‘new friends’ for now lets lick our wounds and begin repairs!” Mia ordered.
Josh was near hypervantilating.he kept trying to think happy thoughts. He recited curent members of the deniva house of deligates,sang some vulcan durges anything to distract him. It was not working.
Finally he heard a noise. He really hoped it was not an enemy bording party. He was not in the mood for combat. He got defensive. There was mia.
He ran out of his office. Although there were members of the damage control party josh dispenced with protical. Josh huged her. “Your ok j! Look after the dust settles we will go for a space walk!”she said. “Sounds good me!”he said.
Freighter lighning
One day they were in the mess hall. They were the only ones there. “Me lets get maried!”josh said.”of course sound good j!”she said.”no I’m dead serious!” He pulled out a ring he procured on rygal 9. He got on one knee. “Marea jean bolt will you mary me?”he asked. “Yes i will!” She said.
“Me what’s up? Your really qiet!”josh said.”on the freighter we were in non aligned space and we agred that a family was a bad idea. Now that we are in star fleet mostly in home space perhaps we can rethink that!”she said. “There is stil danger but do you want to try?”he asked. “Not quite j! I just had my physical with meg and ..”she said. “Are you?”he asked. “Yea!”mia said. He huged her and smiled.
Warren knew he would be rescured soon. It was just a mater of time. He hoped that the stress of this event brought on the pyscick image of tishera. He hoped as things got back to normal,it would fade.
Warren and tishera had been forced to work together on a project . Profesor gill asigned them to work together. Neither one was too receptive to the idea. They tried to make it work.
“It was agreible to work with you”she said in a matter of fact tone. ” Same hear!”he said. They were about to go there seperate ways when he stopped her.”hey sara i meen tishera!do you want to get a bite to eat off campus some time?”he asked.”that would be aceptible!” She said. “Excellent !”he said. He was continuing on his way. “Warren you have permission to call me sera !”she said. He chuckled and said ok.
The repair crew arived. He was glad to be out of there. He hoped that he could move on. He just wanted to do hia duty. Only the mission now. 
Sparky supervised the repairs of the ship. Though it was a smal ship it was resilient. Sparky could not be prouder.
Nugusaki got to work repairing the transporter. He would have liked to make the kintarens do it but mia would not go for that. He would do the work not that he minded.
“You two did realy good. I put you both for a comindation. “Meg said. They thanked her.”this will look goid when you aply for officer canidate katie!”rebeca said.”this will help your carer as well!”nurse owens said. “I did not know i had one!”Rebecca comented.”i think you do even if you don’t know it!”meg said. ” I am not really officer material !”Rebecca said. “There was a time neither was i!” Katie said.
Qurters of mia
“You wanted to see me?”tyler said.”andrea i know what happened on batera personaly afected you! You need to move on. “She said.
“Look you spent six mouth in a rehab colony for smugling. I may have killed someone !”tyler said. “You don’t know what happened. You may not have. “She said.”that not knowing haunts me. I can’t function mia. “Tyler said.
“Andrea your like a sister to me. You and meg are my closest friends. I hate to see you like this. I can’t run this ship without you. I need you. Some day you will command a starship unles you sabotage it. If you need some leave time i will grant it. If you need reduced hours whatever. I nead you fully hear. The crew is counting on you! ” mia said.
“I’m sory mia. I will get it together !”she said.”look I’m hear for you. So is meg! I don’t expect you to bounce back imidiatly. Don’t take unescisary risk!”she said. “Ok! “She said.
  In warrens qurters, warren was about to contact vulcan. He stoped and got ready for his shift.
The tubo lift opened, the night shift arived to take over. Lucy was in command. Jil took com witch had already been repaired. Warren took helm. They got to work.
Out in space josh and mia in there eva suits floated though space.
The end
Next up
A visit to tracys home world.

Star trek romulan gambit part seven

Chapter seven game set. Match
  The romulan vessel grac fire entered the area. Abored the station the command deck detected there presence.
“So she decided to show up?”ruark said.”she would not abandon me or my family . She is not like that!”her sister said. “I don’t know if i would have shown up even for my loved ones! ” ruark declared. ” I did not know you had any!” Her sister comented.
The bird of prey assumed formation near the reserch outpost. “Hail the vessel !”ruark ordered. “They are responding!” The com officer said.
The romulan stood up. He stood as tall as he could. “On screen !”he ordered. On the screen displayed the image of the bridge of the warbird.
She got up and stood just as erect as her counterpart . She was determined to match him at every turn!  She would show  no fear. She would beat him. She would enjoy it.
“Ruark! It is good to see you again old friend!”she said. Her head was held high. ” I did not think you would be happy about this?” He comented. “It is not every day i get to be reunited with an old friend!” She said.
She could tell that he was iretated by her words and actions. She was not displeased by that. ” You have my family?”she said. “We are hear kem!”she said. “You ok?”she asked.  She said yes.
“Well are you ready to live up tp your part of the agreement ?”ruark asked. “Are you ready to live up to yours ?”she asked. “As soon as you are abored the outpost and my forces are in control of the ship i will release your sister and her children ! “He declared.
“Very well! I am heading to the transporter room now!”she said.”soon we will be reunited!’he said.”i am so looking foward to it!”she said. She left the bridge.
Transporter room
” Now!”she said. The com tech sent the meesage. In open space, the vest blackness was replaced by a doorway. Ruark recognized it.
He was about to schoot her sister. Her sister hit the romulan sciencentist. Then there was a transporter beam.
Kirk,spock and a security team emurged in the command deck. They were quickly fired on. Spock rammed into ruark. Kirk had merilia and her daughters beamed to the enterprise.
Ruark was firious!  She had proven one step ahead of him again. He would not let her win! Not this time! He thought.
Ruark tried to get away. He beamed away.  “Jim! Ruark has beamed to the test ship!” Spock said.”inform commander shivelmily!”kirk ordered.
The bird of  prey opened fire on the test ship. The test ship returned fire on the ship. The ship opened the door way. The grace fire atempted to disperse the door way. The ship got inside.
“Pilot lay in a persuit course!”she ordered. The grace fire chased the ship. The ship went inside.
The fleet was wating near mantilies. Ruark was not expecting a welcome comite.
U.s.s Lexington
“Target that ship !fire!” Comadore Wesley ordered. The fleet broke formation and fired on the test ship. They tried to seround the ship and hit the ship. The test ship fired multiple voleys on the fleet.
Ruarks plan was faling apart. He had not expected this. He thought that it would be a clean sweep. That was not what happened. The eliment of suprise was over and so too might be the campaign.
The casandra located an injector port located that controled the weapons. The port was destroyed.
“The weapons is off line!”the computor said. “I can’t win this war! My carer is over. I can deny victory to commander shivelmily. I will!”he said.
“I am detecting a vest energy build up! “Spock anounced.”order all ships to withdrawl quickly !”Kirk ordered. The ships moved away. The ship exploded. Gone was ruark hope of a gigentic defeat of the federation and increasing the empire teritory. Not only ruark but also the dreams of the preator.
Ruark emurged on the bridge. “Now we end this ! “Ruark said.”sounds good to me! “She said. She stoped her officers from attacking the sub commander. “I ofered you much!”ruark said.”you offered me nothing ! “He declared. She took out her hournor blade. He folowed suit. The two clashed with blades. He came at her with the blade. She ramed him into a wall.
He rammed her. She kicked him.she tried to get his blade.he recisted her at every turn. They both used there energy to subdue the orther.
Kemana was not ready to go eldest child  it was her duty to protect her family. She could not die right now. She would not give that plesue to ruark.
He nicked her with his was only a flesh wound.she ignored the pain. It was minnor.she tried to get his blade. She drove it into the wall and came at him. He was forced to drop the knife.
“I can give you another chance. I can convince the preator to not punish you!”ruark said. She stabed him. He fell to the ground. She did not find his death pleaserable. She was wery!” She just wanted this to be over.
The door way was dispersed and colapsed. The battle was over. The preator imediately ordered the decrease of there presence along the nutral zone. The plan had failed. The preator blamed the failure on ruark. Ruark was the sacrificial lamb.
Sick bay
“Commander!”korana said. Both korana and sorena greated her. She went in and saw her sister and her kids.
Grace fire
” I regret leading you to dishournor! I felt i had no chioce. I hope to lead you to glory else where. I have pledge to defend the federation. I hope you will join me in that endevor!” She said.
The crew was granted asilium in the federation. The crew went along with the commander. They were not hard core suporters of the regime but citizens. They were ready to try this.
In her office she looked towards space. “You think this is the final fronteer?” Korana said.”I’m eager to find out!” She said.
The end

Clash part six

The clash part six
The kinterin vessel neared the casandra. “Detecting vessel it is heading right for us. Its weapons hot!” Niles reported.
” Brace for impact! Shields up!’mia ordered. The ship was hit.”shields holding!” Eirin said.” Return fire!”mia ordered.
Nilles loaded the phasers and photon torpedoes and fired a full voley. The phasers and photons struck the ship. 
The enemy commander was not woried. She was expexting them to get a few schots off. The ship had advanced shielding. The ship.held together.
“Please tell me there is a soft spot in there shields !”mia asked. “I’m checking ! ” niles said.  The casandra was hit.”shields at 51 percent!”erin reported. ” This is a neighborhood bully! I never liked bulies! I really want to cut this one down to size!” She proclaimed.
Tyler was glad to be back on the ship. The transporter was hit. She leped off. There was another inpact. He pushed nagusaki out of the transporter room. She rolled around and stoped outside.”you ok?”nagusaki asked.” I am but i feal a little quesy!”she said. ” come on lets get out of hear !”the chief said. She agreed.
Waren felt the impact.”nervous?”she asked. ” we are under attack by a ship that’s bigger and stronger then us yea a little!”he said.
“Why are you so snappy?” She said. “Look i don’t want you hear!”he said. ” Why don’t you want me hear?”she asked.”i want you hear not some telipathic echo! “He said.
“Have you read surek?”tishera asked. “I am trying to. I am using a translation matrix on a vulcan edition but it is a bit choppy!”warren said.
“There is an eglish edition but it is contraversial. The wescot and hort publishers did not quite put the reverence into translation but you will get the gist of it! “She said.”you can corect any misconceptions i may have or develop! ” he said. ” I intend to!”she answered.
“I am not a good substitute?”she asked. ” Well i would like to have her hear. She would have some interesting insights into all this ! “He said.
With all of the impact he was stil traped in his office. After this he wanted to do a space walk or something. Wide open spaces for a while. They just had to survive this.
In sickbay,Rebecca and katie helped the medical staf treat the wounded. So far the structural intregrety of the area near sickbay so far held together. Megan hoped that would continue.
The casandra got off multiple schots. The phasers hit the enemy ship. The enemy ship was stil intact. The enemy ship fired on the casandra. The bridge was hit. The whole bridge schoock.
Rana barely made it out of the com station before it exploded. Mia went over to her. “Multiple impacts on several decks!” Niles said.
Tyler,carlos and musgrove returned to the bridge. “I need options !”mia said.
“We could return to the nebula. I don’t think they will follow us in !” Carlos said.
“The problem is i suspect that they will wait us out!” Tyler said.”its too bad we don’t cary mines with us !”rana said.
The casandra swung around and fired on the vessel. Tyler had an idea. She went to the science station and did some checking.
The ship was hit again. The shields were down to ten percent. The ship seamed to be a goner. Mia would not just give up.
“You got something andi? ” mia asked. “I have got you a target!sending it to Niles now!”she said.
Niles looked it over. He activated the targeting sansors. The lock was aquired. He fired. The phasers and photon torpedoes struck a deflector dish. The dish was hit. The casandra kept fireing not giving them to respond.
The casandra fired on the area near the ship. On mia’s order the ship got as close as it could to the deflector and fired.
Niles found a vanerable spot and fired on the deflector. The deflector then was distached. The casandra fired and destroyed it.
“That dish seamed to be what generated there power. There shields are down!”tyler reported.”that device suplied power to the ship. It was interconected!how did you know andrea?”mia asked.”the ship seamed invincible. They were bigger then us. I suspect this ship is a prototype.”tyler said.
” we were guinia pigs!”musgrove said. “I have rerouted the com unit to carlos’ station. They are hailing us!”rana said.” Imagine that !now they want to talk!” Mia said.
End of part six.

Star trek romulin gambit part six

“You turd! There was no reason to involve my family! “She declared.”i don’t like you. I don’t trust you. This is war! A war for the future of romulous. The federation must be obilterated. Those who are not for me are against me! ” he said.
“What are your terms!”the commander asked.”randevez with me at the gagsa reserch outpost. There i will return your family and take your ship!”she said.
” My hornor shal be avanged. I will return triumphent! “She said.”not this time!”he said. The screen faided.
“Pilot do as he said!”she ordered.”commander?”He asked puzzled.”follow my orders! “She proclamed. “Aye commander!”the pilot said. The pilot altered the course. The ship was off.
“Korana i must speak with you in private !”she said. “Of course!”the exo said. “Sub commander todad!you have the bridge!” She said.
The two entered the office. On a romulan ship you always assumed that you were being monitored.
“Korana! I have to save my family. The man is insane. He will kill them! “She said.”you don’t have to explain. I understand. If it were my family i would do the same! ” she said.
“I canot ignore the implications of what will happen if the plan is caried out! A new age of war fare. We won’t stop. The preator is desperate for glory! He wants to establish a legacy! Ruark can give it to him. I must save my sister and her children. I must also stop the attack . I can’t be in two places at once! I am asking much of you!more then i should.”she said.
“I volunteer. You know my heart. You know what kind of person i am. I will do what you ask. “She said.
“I will atempt to join you if i can. If not what is the Vulcan saying’live long and prosper !” She said.”jolan tru !”she said.
The two headed out. Sorana entered with a disruptor. ” go away centurian. I don’t have time for this!”the commander said. “The plan will fail!” She said.”i won’t let ruark detonate a weapons of this magnitude. The preator is blinded to this man’s atrocities. ” The commander said.” You misunderstand. I am a member of the liberal democrats ! My role as a spy for the preator is a rouse!”she said.”i thought your group was wiped out 145 years ago!”the exo said.”we went underground. Look there is a Klingon named hidakel. He can get us in contact with star fleet. He trust me and i him! “She said. “You two go! I will fake a story to explain your departure!”she said.
“We must go now! “She said. “Go! Good luck!”she said. They dispersed.
The commander told the crew that sorana killed korana and the commander killed her. She gave them an esape pod. She hoped that they would get to star fleet and that they will believe the story.
“Preperations are inder way now. Once the fleet is diployed i will lunch the strike. Once mantilities is hit ,the ship will strike. We beleve we can take ten of there colonies in short order. You will have your name carved in history. Past falures will be forgotten as if they never happened! You will write the history books!”ruark said.
“Why challenge commander shavemily. She comes from a proud family ! She has served the empire well!”the preator said.”people like her will destroy the empire. There is no room for people like her in the new order! “Ruark said.
” are you sure this is necessary !”he asked. “Trust me she is not worthy to serve you excellentcy. Alow me to do what needs to be done!” Ruark said.
“Very well. Remember that i am the preator. You serve me not the orther way around !”the preator said.”of course. I would never forget my place. I am a humble servent. I surve only the needs of the empire. I am at the disposal of the emparer and his preator!”he said. “Good'” he said.
“A purge is vital. Only the most loyal can serve especially comanding ships. It is not easy. I know you knew her when she was a baby but we cannot let sentiment get in the way of total victory. We must usher in the rihansu era! To do that sacrifices must be made!”ruark said.
“Very well procede. I will difer to your wisdom in this matter! This had better work! I do not tolerate falure. Too much is at stake.” He said. Ruark acknowledged the words of his preator.
  Star fleet scout ship casandra
“Mia incoming mesege. Its on a coded frequency. Its from hidakel!”rana mizzar said.”i will take it in my qurters!”she said.
Qurters of lt. Commander marea bolt.
“Mia! I have information for you!it is from a trusted source. This is urgent that you convince your seperiors to act on it or every thing could be in jepordy. “He said.
“Niles set course for these coordinates!”mia bolt. She gave him the pad. He set the course. The ship went to warp.
“I have located the pod! ” lt. Tyler reported. ” Have it tractered in !”mis ordered.
Sick bay.
“They are fine. They are very eager to talk to you!” Dr. Shall said.The two went over to them. “I’m lt commander marea bolt comanding officer of the casandra! ” she said.
“I am sub commander korana this is cencurian torana. We bring greatings from our commander. Our people plan to use a weapon that emits a nurve toxin. Using a new kind of warp they are planing a sneak attack on mantilies then they will invade. I have all of the details !”korana said.
“Why betray your people ?”mia asked. “We are wariers,savege perhaps but we have a conscience. We desire war glory but not brutality. Not genocide. The preator is obsesed with cementing his legacy. A over ambicious jr officer is pushing him to the limits. ” sorena said.
Star fleet command
“Admiral i have looked over the evidence. I believe that they are teling the truth. “Mia said.
“Then it is the romulans we have to wory about! ” admiral komack said. “It seams so. I have an idea but its risky!”mia said. “Lets hear it!”the admiral said.
Uss enterprise
Kirks qurters
“You wanted to see me jim?”spock said. “Yes i did. We have new orders. “Kirk said.”am i corect in suspecting that we are about to do something extremely unwise,irational and an all around bad idea?”spock said. “Prety much! “Kirk said. “Very well. What is the plan?”spock asked.
To be continued.

Casandra clash part five

The drone laid there in space. It was stationary. Musgrove was a master of technology. 
Her race the muluriens were known for there technological expertise. They are also known for there arogence. That was something else.
She tried to hack into the drone’s central mainframe. It was dangerous but it had to be done. Hear she was.
“Sir!someone is atempting to gain acess to the device!”the science officer reported.” I expected as much! They don’t seam to be the type to take no for an answer !” Commander helia said.
“Neither do we!”the commander added. She presed a button. The drone ship emited some kind of pulse. The three were pushed back.
“There readings fluctuated!”niles reported.” Andrea report!”she ordered. “We are ok mia. I gues they don’t like party crashers !”Tyler said.
“Be careful andi!”she said.”yes mom we will!’tyler said. Tyler,mysgrove and carlos climbed back on to the craft.
“Back for a second try. I do respect tenacity ! “The commander said.
Musgrove resumed her work. She had a few ideas of how to deactivate this thing or gain acess to it. It was fighting her but she fought back.
After a series of back and forths she got inside. The door opened. “We got a hatch open !”tyler said.”don’t get traped in there! I am not sure if we can get you out!”mia said.
“You two stay hear. I will go!”tyler said.”we should not split up!”musgrove said.”if something happens you two are going to have to reacue me!”she said.
She entered the craft. She pretended that she was not aprehensive about this craft. “Mia this ship is not designed to have a crew. It is a tool. It is striped down. It is designed for function. ” She said.
“Can you find an acess port?”mia asked. She looked around. She found what she thought was one.”i think this craft is controled by remote. I suspect the mother ship would have to be fairly close by!” Tyler said.
” We would face a war on two fronts!”eerin said. “These weapons only work well in the nebula although they are not too reliable in a nebula!”tyler said.
” Andrea get out of there!”mia said.”i am not as good at hacking as musgrove but i can handle it!”she said.
“Andrea it is too big of a risk!”mia said. She ignored her. She kept trying to work her way into the craft. She hoped to be able to order the craft to destroy itself.
Mia was woried. She was afraid that tyler might go down with that craft. “Come on!” She thought to herself.
She had no fear. This was probably not the best thing. She was not thinking straght right now. 
The commander decided not to interfear. The destruction of the device might force them to leave the nebula. The confrontation would be on.
“Transporter room beam up musgrove and carlos!”she said. The two were beamed up. Tyler activated the self destruct. She ran like heck.
She activated the jet pack. She was beemed on to the ship. The vessel went to warp. The ship headed out of the nebula.
The kintaren vessel got ready to trunce on the casandra. The clash was in. Swing now.

Romulin gambit part five

Chapter five “line in the sand”
“Comanders log,our ship is heading towards a nebula. The ship is being forced into the nebula. I suspect that someone is trying to stop our ship from fighting in the battle!”
  Sorana tried to retake the ship.first she tried to retake the ship using the overide station on the bridge. This yielded little result. She did not think that it would. She decided to do it in a mathodical method.
After exchausting that avinue,she moved on. She then tried to acess the overide near the engine room. She discovered that the ship was being controled by remote. She suspected that they were not on the ship.
Office of the commander.
  “Commander, i have evidence that the ship is being controled from outside the ship. I believe that we canot retreve the ship unless we stop the outside force trying to control the ship. ” Sorana said.
“I see. I suspect that i know who it behind this. His name is ruark. He is a sciencentist involved in weapons reserch. He is insane. “She said.
” We have a problem commander. Ruark is an aly of the preator. I suspect he may be doing this with the blesing of the preator!”she said.
“I have faithfully folowed the empire and served the preator. I have never disobeyed a direct order. Yet now because i made a coment once long ago i am a periah. This is wrong!”she said.
“Why are you angery with me?”the young sorena asked.”people like you enable people like ruark. My crew could die for what? This has to stop. Can you find a way to create a dampening field ?”she asked.
“Perhaps ! I will nead a lot of help. I believe i can do it. “Sorana said.”get on it!”she ordered. “Agreed!”the young centurian said.
She agreed. She then left the office of the commander . She would get to work. She was able to use whoever she needed for this monumentle task. The task was to retake the ship.
Ruark was pleased by his work.they were running around like rats in a maze. He was not sure what was more plesurible,defeating the federation or getting revenge on shivemily. She had become his greatest nemisis. Soon she too would be defeated just as the federation would also be defeated.
She got to work right away with her team. Sorena decided to give away some secrets. She was risking her carer mayby even her fredom or life.  This was crazy. Ruark was being irational and a little pety. She decided that this was not worth dying for. She sided with the commander.
  She set up the dampining field. She was able to enchance the field. Ruark saw his power over the ship failing. He screamed in anger.
“Reverse engines. Pilot set course for the staging area!”the commander ordered.
The pilot tried to reverse the engines and altered course. The ship was back on course for the border.
He was livid. How could this have happened. She outfoxed him. He was outsmarted at his own game.
“No kemana. The game is not over! Not even close. You won this round. It is a short lived victory i asure you. I will win the war and i will destroy you!”he declared.
Star fleet comand
Planet earth.
“We have confirmed that the romulons have abandoned the joshua sector!”comadore Wesley said.
“They have tried to hold on to that sector for decades. Why would they abandon it now? “Admiral komack asked.
” i can only think of one reason sir. I think that the romulans want to free up resources. I think they are planing a masive mobilization perhaps against us!” Wesley said.
” It is a strech bob. Mayby they are tired of fighting in the joshua sector. “The admiral said.
“I don’t think so sir. We are a bigger fish. Besides if they defeat us they can use the resources they gained to reinvade the joshua sector!”Wesley said.
“What are you saying bob?”he asked.”i think we are fighting the wrong enimy. The Klingon are not ready to defy the organiens. It is a distraction. We are so focused on the klingon that we don’t pay attention to the romulans. We are unperpared. The klingon can sit by and watch as there enemy gets defeated. ” Wesley said.
“It is a compeling theory bob but i am sure that the council will find it compeling. “He said.”we have to do something !”he said. “We canot go on a hunch not when the klingon have made agresive moves!” Komack said.
“We can’t ignore the romulons sir. “Wesley said.”i will take it to the president but i can’t promise anything. We will keep in touch!”the admiral said.
” Commander you have an incoming message from a sub commander ruark!”the com officer said.
“On screen !”she said. On the view screen was displayed the command center of the reserch station. “Hello commander. We meat again !”ruark said.
“So we do! “She said.”i have missed your compony. “He said.”i am sure you have. “She said.”did you get my present? ” he said.”sory to disipoint you by serviving but dying was not quite in my aganda!” She said.
” surender now. If you surender i will spare your crew court marshal. “He said.
“I have comited no crime. I have bean loyal to the emparer and his preator. There is no reason to question my loyalty !” She declared.
“How sweet you think that you have an option! That’s cute. I have a little incentive ! One i think that will persade you to yield to me. “He said.
“What is that?”she asked. ” You see i have leverage !”he said. He draged her sister and neices to the view screen.
“Either you give up your command or i will schot your family and you know i will. ”
End of part five
As i wrote this post,i have learned that leonard ninoy has died. I am sadened to hear this. I dedicate this post to his memory.

Clash part four

The kintaren vessel waited at the mouth of the nebula. The commander knew she had to be patcient. She could not engage the ship in the nebula. The battle had to be in oppen space.
It was difficult to be patcient. She wanted to fight the orther ship now. There would be time for that soon enough.
Inside the nebula. On bored the casandra,tyler,carlos and musgrove had to move though half a dozen damaged area. They had to traval though jeferies tube. Some areas they had to cut though just to get passed it.
“Having fun yet?”musgrove asked.”this is not how i planed my day to go. In star fleet you have to expect the unexpected !”carlos said.
“Always! “Tyler said. Finaly they arived just outside the airlock. “I hope we can get inside !”carlos said.”you don’t want to cut your way inside?”tyler asked.”not really ! I am kinda weary from all the orther times we have had to cut our way out”he answed.”i can understand that!”she answered.
Carlos and musgrove worked to oppen the hatch. It went slow but the three were able to wedge the hatch open. They did not oppen it completly but enough to get inside.
“Tyler to bridge!”she said.”go ahead andi! “Mia said. “We are suiting up now! ” tyler said.”decided to go for a little walk?”she said.”you know me i need wide open spaces!”tyler said.
For a second mayby the old tyler was back. Mia hoped that mayby time would heel all wounds at least cauterize it. Tyler was one of the best officer she ever served with. She did not want her cut down by this.
They got into the environmental suits. They put on the helmit. They had to seal the door manualy. Then they presurized the room. Then they opened the hatch.
They headed outside. They saw the device. Tyler scaned it.”me! We found the device that hit us! It seams to be a drone designed to operate inside a nebula. I believe it a nubula buster!”tyler said.
“I thought nebula buster technology was myithical?”rana asked.”no one has been able to perfect it. The Klingon tried but abandoned the reserch. It seams someone had sucseded. ” Mia said.
“It is stil active. If we try to go to warp it will follow us!” Musgrove said. ” I would like to bored it!”tyler said.”andi it could be risky!”mia said.”i will take the risk!”tyler said.”the three of us can do it!”carlos said.”it may be the only way of hear unles we want this nebula to be our perminent residence ! ” musgrove said.
“Very well procede. Andrea no unescisary risk! I want all three of you back in peace! That is an order! ” mia said.”will do!”tyler said.
Mia feard that tyler might have a death wish. She feard she might not care either way. She hoped that having carlos and mysgrove there might stop her from doing anything too stupid. She realy wished she had gone instead of andrea. She was realy concerned for her friend.
“Detecting life forms near the device!”the tech said.”i see. They are beginning to see what they are up against !”commander halea said.
The three neared the device. They found a hatch.”i hope this thing is not boobie traped!” Carlos said.”agreed!”musgrove said. They were able to get abored.
“Waren. Talk to me!”the image said.”go away. I don’t want you hear !”he said.”it is not logical for you to react this way. I believe you do desire me to be hear!”she said.”i want you hear. The real you! The real you does not want us together. “He said.”the fact that i am hear sugest a part of her does. “She said.”not enough of her does. “He said.
A week after the infamous class,he went to see tisera. “Cadet. I apologize for my words. I was out of line. After having time to step back and reflect i see that i went too far. “He said.
“I apreciate your apology. I too have had time to step back and reflect. My reaction may have been what is the human expreson ‘overboard ‘”she said.
” Can we call a cease fire?”he asked. ” We will have to iron out the details but i am sure a truce can be reached. “She said.
“Was that a joke ?”he asked.”yes feel free to laugh!”she said.”i did not think Vulcan told jokes?”he commented. “we don’t make a pratice of it but on ocasion we do. There is no culteral prohibition against joke teling!”she said. “I see!”waren said.
” You have much to learn about our culture. Every thing you think you know about Vulcan is wrong !”she said.
” I gues you will have to corect my misconceptions !”he said.” I believe i am up to that challenge !”she said. “Hopfuly i can show you that humans are not totally ilogical!”he said. “Perhaps we have much we can learn from each orther!”she said.
“I guess you and i were doomed to falue. Humans and Vulcan are toi different. We are like oil and watter!”he said.
“That is your frustration talking. You don’t believe that! “The image said.”i dont know what i believe anymore. “Warren declared. “I know that’s not true. You know it too!” She said.
He had a feeling that this was going to be a long day. It already was.
“You ok j?”mia asked.”i think so!”he said.”there is a work crew heading your way!”she said.”I’m trusting you. Don’t let me down me!”he pleaded. ” I won’t !” She said.
“This is not you!”josh said.”you don’t know a thing about me j!”she said.” I know quite a bit actually. You could have made it though the academy !”josh said.” Don’t tell me about me. You don’t know me!”she said. ” this can be a minor setback. You can get your life on track!”he said.” Go paster another prisonor!”she said.
“Sit tight. They will be hear soon!”mia said.”i will.  I might nead to go for a space walk!”he said.”sounds like fun!mayby i will go with you! ” she said. “Deal!”he said.
  A work crew arived near where nagusakie was. Soon he would be out. He was glad of that. He was getting bored.
  Jill was rescured. She was able to leave her qurters. She voluntered to help with repairs. She got right to work.
Sickbay was inendated with wounded. Nothing serious. All minor wounds. Megan was glad of that. She feard that might change. She knew the danger had not yet passed. The whole crew did.