Star trek casandra poison part five

Abby escorted leriah inside. “There you are!”dr. Renert said.”i don’t know why this is necessary ! I am fine!”luriah said.”we would like to keep it that way !” Renert said. “Julie begin test on her at once!” The doctor ordered. Julie agreed.
“Rebeca to abby your needed on the bridge !”she said. Abby went over to a com unit and activated it. ” I’m on my way!”she said. “Someone on the bridge must be having a mentle breakdown “mia said. “If you will excuse me!”abby said.
” Doctor ! Some of the test results are back! “Julie said. “Oh my! I am detecting an unknown substence found only in the landing party!  “Renert said.
“It must be in the food or drink ir both! “Megen said. “A toxiv substence. Do you think it was intentional ?”josh said. Everyone gave josh a dirty look.
“Mayby one of them is a Klingon agent or romulan. I don’t know!why is every one looking at me like that?” Josh said.
“Bridge get the secritary general on the com! I don’t care if he is in a meating or having a bowel movement. Get him on the line!”renert said. “Understood!”rebecca said.
Abby and ensign davis arived. Rebecca motioned them to a sicludee corner of the smal bridge. “Due to the afliction?you two are the most functional senior officers abored! One of you has to take command!”Rebecca said.
“Mesha you were once a bridge officer!”she said. “I can’t take command! Don’t ask me to! “Davis said. She was showing clear signs of getting upset. “Ab you have to take command! “Rebecca said. “Alright! Beck i want to be first officer! “Abby said.
“Very well’!”She said. Abby went to the command chair. “I am asuming command of the vessel efective imidietly. Note time and date in the log! I want to make sure all esential stations are manned. We may have to scrimp on a few non esential ones. “She said.
“I have the secratary on the line!”erin said. “Inform doctor renert!”abby said.
” mr. Secratary,we have a serious situation. Almost every one who attended the diner has been stricken with an unknowns ilness. We believe it can be traced to the food and drink!”dr. Renert said.
“You canot seriously believe that the food is poisonous?” The leader asked. “It may be to humans! ” he said.
“We would ask your help. It could be that your food though nutritious for you is detrimental to us. It could be an alergic reaction or any number of things. “Dr. Renert said.
“I will alow you to test the food and anything else you need!”he said . ” Thank you mr. Secritary!”the doctor said. He nodded.
Casandra bridge
“Bridge i need someone to colect some lab specimens! “Dr. Renert said. “Beck want to go?”abby asked. “Sounds like fun!”she said. ” Rebecca is on her way to you to get mission specs. “Abby said.
“Acknowledged. I got something else! “Dr. Renert said.” Go ahead!”abby said. ” Luriah is not infected. My gues is that her race is not afected by whatever this is! ” the doctor said.
“We have incoming vesels! Weapons hot!” Erin said. “Of all times! Shields up stand by all weapons !”abby said.


Star trek Kepler risa part five

Earth bruscles
“Kurek it is good to see you!”jev yachob said. “And you mr. President! ” she said.
“I am excited to see your team shaping up!”he said. “I think we have a real chance to do something meningfull!”she said.”as do i. I look foward to conducting joint operations with your team!”he said.
“Right now we have the moral support of the government ,not much else. I suspect that there will be a situation where the military will fail and we will be brought in!”she said. “That is usually how it goes!”he said.
After the meating he went to his chief of staf. “Sir! Admiral todman is on the line for you! ” Jessica said. “I will take it in my office ! ” he said.
“Jev! Do you have any mission involving quickining?”todman asked. “No we don’t! Why?”jev asked. ” dr. Granger has acesed a lot of files on it. Enough that it sent up a red flag. “The admiral said. “I will look into it!”yachov said.
Every thing on rissa was loud. Her family home was no different.”so there was this large hairy creture roming!”reshinda said.”never sean anything like it!”there mother said. “I have! He is a member of our crew! He is harmless usually !” Riela said.
“Do do you ever relax or are you all bussiness?”her farther asked. “No i do relax! “Riela said.”let me gues scientific journals!”relerllen said.”funny!”riela reaplied.
“Do are you maried to your work or is someone else vying for that?”edeel asked. Riela started to blush. “There is someone !”mom said. She realy.wanted this all conversation to end soon.
“So what do you do in star fleet? Wait! Let me gues! Security !”tagon said. “How did you know? Do i have a security swager along with my star fleet one?”she asked. ” a little bit !”he said. “I take my job seriously!”she said. “You star fleet really need to lighten up. A hang nail might as well be a warp core breach!”He said. “We are not that bad!” She said. “No but close!” He said.
“Your on leave. Relax! Let all your stress fade away!” Tagon said. She heard a scream. She ran over. She saw too young ladies who seamed very disturbed by something.
“There was some kind of creture!”the first lady said. “Oh that’s chubukuh. He is fine!”rhodes said.”you know him!”the second said. “.yes. he is acualy a nice guy!”she said. They were not so sure.
Star fleet monitor post
  Tate and barniby looked over the sansor data. “I can’t believe this. We have not seen eachother in two mounths and we are poring over sansor datta!”tate said. “Nothing says romance like probe talemitry!”barniby said. She burst out lauthing . “I really missed you! “She said. “Same hear!”he admited.
“Wait a moment. Look at this! The excitement probe talemitry for the last week is identical to the one Pryor ! ” she said. “The reports were falsified!”barniby said. “It was from the probe itself .someone fed the station with false data!”tate said.
“I really wanted to be wrong on this!” Barniby said. “I had a feeling that you were not! I recomend we take this to captain daren!” Tate said. “Agreed!”he said.
Planet rissa
Vasala walked around the beach.she saw an older man near her.”if your asking me for jamarharon I’m taken”she said. “At my age those days are long gone I’m afraid !”he said. “Oh ok!”she said.
“YOU seam upset lass!”he said. “I have a lot on my mind! “She said. “Are you a Vulcan ! Please tell me your a pasionate vulcan. One almost got us killed once!”he said . “I am a romulin!”she said.”Oh!”he said.”don’t wory i am a federation citizen! “She said. “Ok ! “He said.
“You think a human and a romulin can make a mariege work?”she said. “Anything can work if you work hard at it!”he said. ” hard work can only take you so far!”She said. ” true! You can take a Vulcan to a comedy club but you can’t make him laugh! “He said.
“We are so perfect for eachother in every way. I am madly and deeply in love with him. Yet we just can’t get it right. This was suposed to be a romantic getaway yet he is at the cabin and I’m hear! “She said.
“What are you runing from?” He asked. “My worst fear! We were both borg drones! We have tried to rebuild our lives!”she said.
“That’s your problem lass. Your trying to rebuild. You need to build. You need to start over! “He said. “I need to go be with him don’t i?”she asked. “Yes!”he said.
“Who are you?”she asked. “Call me scoty!”He said. “I. Had a feeling . So was jim kirk the pain in the but he was depicted in rihansu history books?”she asked. He laughed. “At times!”he said.
He looked at the sky. He just wanted her to come back. He just thought for a bit. Then he saw her. He ran to her. They embraced. Neither wanted to let go.
“I think you went to star fleet to get out from under our thumb.” Derit acused. “No! I am loyal to our way of life?”soren said. “What of before?” Derit asked. “I was a different person then! “Soren said.
“It seams suspect that you incist on being far from home space given your history !’derit said. “I have fully coopereted with the authorities though this entire process!”soren said.” Yes you have. I stil don’t buy it! I am not convinced!”derit declared.
“I have tried to bring hournor to my people ! I want to put the janai on the proverbial map. I believe i have done that! “Sorren said.
” Perhaps ! I am not so sure. I fear the pyscho tetic treatment may not have been so sucesfull. Perhaps you are wating,hiding! “Derit said. “I have done nothing to arose your suspicion! “He said.”that fact aroses my suspicions !”derit said. “You are too perinoid!”soren said . “I have to be. So much is at stake! Our very civilization hangs in the balience!” Derit said.
The shartle
“I have some unknown energy readings! Recomend we move in closer!” Hanah said. “Procede!”dylen said. The shartle moved in.
“You don’t seam to me like a man who would want to serve on rissa!”she said. “No risa is not my cup of ractigino. I served on the front lines as a member of ground trops and served on a fleet. They have tried to give those with three or more deployments an esier asignment'”he said. “Understandible! “She said.
“I am detecting temperal signiture!” Dylan said. “Is someone bringing in the asteroid from the future?” Hanah said. “No the past!”Dylan said.
End of part five

Star trek casandra poison part four

  carlos had been in command of the bridge sense he had been the most senior officer to show up for duty. He had become watch commander. Luckily it had been prety uneventful so far.
“Carlos! Anyone  who was at the festivities is to report to sickbay at once!” Rana said. “Really ! I feel fine!” Carlos said. “It is a direct order!”rana said. “I get to command the ship and i get releved! Why am i not suprised! “He said.
“Don’t wory carl,this wil not be your only chance to command!” Rana said.”oh ok! I hope your right “‘carlos said.
“Alright we are under orders. Rana tell sickbay we are on our way!” Carlos said.”sending “rana said. “Ok we have to go see the doctor ? “Carlos said.
Carlos got up from the command chair. Rana,eliot and katie began to left. ” Erin you need to take charge until a senior officer arives!” Carlos said.
While erin was very shy,introverted but she knew her duty. She did not hesitate. Mia had traned all of the crew to be prepared for anything. “You got it!” She said.
Katie felt that erin had a bright future. Just as mia had invested in katie,she hoped to do the same with erin. Erin took the command chair.
Those involved in the festivities on the planet left the bridge. They entered the turbo lift and headed to sickbay. The door closed. None of the officers felt sick yet but it could change at any moment. It had not yet.
The door opened,the non sick atendies began to flood in to the sickbay. “Is this really necessary ?” Carlos said. “yes it is. Even if you don’t get sick i need to conduct a full investigation. If you do not get sick,that will be helpfull information as well! “Dr. Renert said. “Very well!”carloa said.
“Is every one hear?”megen asked . Megan was playing a duel role as patcient and consultant.she had not yet sucombed to the ailment. “Every one but luriah!” Julie said. “Its urgent we find her!”renert said.
Erin was the only one on the bridge.she called for anyone who had any bridge traning to come to the bridge to supliment bridge crew functions.
The turbo lift opened,shavele entered. “Well i was hoping for a star fleet officer but you will do! Can you pilot a starship ?”erin asked. “I have never driven a federation craft but yes i have piloted vesels! I can give it a try!” Shavele said.
“Procede!” Erin said. The romulin sat down at the helm concil. She got right to work.
“Do you mind taking orders from a human enlisted ?”she said. “I do not mind !”the romulin said. “Very well!” Erin said.
Luriah had heard the order to report to sickbay. She had never liked hospital or doctors. Even when she was young,she fought tough and nail even going for a physical.
As a political prisinor,she was forced to undergo exams in the prison infirmery on a regular bases. She saw being free as being able to avoid sickbay. She showed no syimptoms of whatever this was. She decided not to report.
  Abby saw luriah. “Luriah! You need to go to sickbay,doctor’s orders!”she said. “Abby i am fine! ” Luriah said. “One you may not be later on. Two you could be a carier! Its urgent you go to sickbay! ” abby said. “Do i have to? ” she said.”it is important. We have no idea what we are deeling with. Yes it is necessary !”she said.
“Alright ! Will you go with me?” She asked. “Yes absolutely !” Abby said. The two walked towards sickbay.
The door opened,rebeca,and orher crewman entered. ” who is the most senior officer not afected by the afliction?” Rebeca asked. “Its complicated ,dr. Renert and julie are oficers but they are buisy. Aby is an officer. Mesha is an ensign. Then you!” Erin asked.
” Get ensign davis and abby up hear!”rebeca said. ” ensign davis was on inactive duty pending full psicilogical evaluation. It would be promlimatic to have her in command. She just went though a major treuma !”shevele said.
“It is an option ! “Erin said. ” I still want  to meat with them!” Rebeca said.
“The good news is that the ailment is not air born. It does not seam to be comunicable. The bad news is that i believe it is a type of food poison!”dr. Renert said.   “food poison ?are you sure?”mia asked. “Confirmed!” Dr. Renert said.
“Can you treat it?” Megen asked. “We are working on it! I want to speak to atrein medical experts. Perhaps they can help!” Renert said.
Every one hoped that they could be of help. No one knew how bad all this could get. Every one was very afraid of how bad  this could potentially get. It scared every one. How could it do anything but?
Renert go to work and contacted the planitary government. He hoped something would be accomplished by this contact.
End of part four


Star trek kepler rissa part four

United federation of planets science council brusles belgem.
” mr. President! Are you ready for your daily brefing?” Jesica asked. “Lets do it!”jev yachob said. “Uss luner has completed its mission and is on its way back for debrief. The sojouner setilite is undergoing routine maintinance and the Klingon science ministry has arived!” She said.
“I have been looking to meeting with them'” he said. “You seam very excited!” She said. “Chancellor martok has promised to be the leader of all Klingons. He callled on all Klingon to contribuate to the empire as they see fit in his’this is your empire too’ if non woriors can play a role in society i think it will be good!” He said. “There will be pushback!” She said. “I know . There always is with thiings like this!” He said. “Thats about it!”she said. “Ok! Thank you!”he said.
  Riela went to her home. “Well well well the probevial prodical risian comes home!”her older brother angin said. “We were in the neigorhood!”riela said. “I heard. Did you help save us ?”he asked. “I was on the team! “Riela said.
“Odd you saving the planet you hate!”edwel comented. “Leave her alone! Don’t mind him ! It is good to see you!”her sister derela said. They huged. “You too!” She said.
“Mom and rishinda and verelin are in the market. Well mom and reshinda. “Darela said. “If i know verelin she has woundered off!” She said. “Corect!” She said. “Dad is outside !”angin said.
She spent time with her siblings then went to see her farther. “Hello dad'”she said. “Riela! It has been too long!”he said. “I know. I am kept prety buisy!”she said. “This asteroid had the whole planet freaked. Are we safe?” He asked. “The investigation is stil on going but we are confident it is! ” she said. “Good'”he said.
” Star fleet is comited to protecting risa no mater what'” she said . “I have no doubt of that. ” he said .”i am glad to hear that! Edwel is not so sure. I can’t believe he is stil upset after all this time! ” she said. “I think he has goten over it. He will stil expres otherwise !”he said. “I hope after this incident,you see the value in what i chose to do!” She said. He quickly changed the subject. She decided to drop it as well.
“By the time we get back! Riela will be hear!”the morther said.”if she shows up!” Reshinda said.”who is that or what is that?” The mom asked . It was chubakah . “We don’t have to find new worlds and new civilization,they seam to find us'” mom said. “He has to be from a galaxy far far away!” Resinda said.
Vasala and bill did not say much when they first arived.vasala loved to run. On earth she usually got up before bill did and ran. She went other times to clear her head.
Bill went outside . Both wanted to say something but neither could find the words. This was suposed to be a romantic getaway but they were not talking to eachother.
He looked around the beach. He was not sure how thia all transpired. It made little sense.
She walked around the beach. She was barefoot . No one really wore shoes on rissa. Not even government oficials. The federation was quite taken aback during the first formal visit. Every thing was so lax. So lasez fair.
Vasala tried to make sense of things. She stoped to hear the ocean. She liked the sound of the ocean waves. She thought for a bit.
“This was where the asteroid was first sighted! ” commander Dylan said. “It stil makes no sense. Why was it not detected erlier?” Hanah asked.
“I find it eaquily desturbing!”he said. “I am going to full stop!”she said. “We are now at full stop!” Dylen reported.
“I am scaning the area for any thing that could have brought it hear!” Hanah said. “We should also scan for temperal,inter dimensional or anything else out of the ordinary?” He said. “You thing something on the fringe?”hanah said. “Is that not what your division does?” He asked . “Not at all. We are all professional . We look at things from a scientifical and orderly fashon. If in the course of investigation the facts require us to move to less then coventional answers then we do. The fringe is not our starting point!” She said.
“I did nor meen to ofend you!”he said. “You did not. This work is inportent to me. I get a little protective of it i gues. ” She said. “Understandible!” He said. “Wait this is odd!”she said. “What is it?” He asked.
Jinai vessel
“Have you engaged in any activitiy forbiden by janai society ?” Derit asked. “No i have not! “Soren tried to asure him. ” Have you went up to a line but not crosed it ?”derit asked. “No i have not!” Derit said.
“Do you have a social life!” Derit asked . “No i perform my task then i go to my queters. The ships files will verify that!” Soren said. ” Yes! “Derit said.
“Is it true you went to star fleet to get away from us?” Derit asked . “No i did not! I am a pilot and a scientist. Star fleet ofered the best opotunity to utilize those skils. The chance to serve on a ship like the Kepler was too good to pass up!”soren said.
“Then you do not enjoy the fact that you are no longer under the thumb of the totaliteriens if janai society ?”derit asked . “No of course not! I am a loyal law abiding citizen!”she said.”that has not always been the case!”derit said.
The federation vessel u.s.s churchil arived. Lt. Commander barniby marialized on the pad.she kised him.
“I was hoping you would come by!”she said. “I would not miss it for anything ! “The commander said. “I’m glad to hear it!”tate said.
The two went to there qurters. Barniby spent time with there children. Later on they talked.”i have a theory on the asteroid !”he said .”i thought you might!”she said .
“Alex i don’t think that this was random! I think this may have deleberate! I don’t know why! I can’t prove it!”he said.
“The timing brothers me. It literally came out of no where. The fact that it was so hard to concur. We were literally at the last second ! That i find very odd and troublesome!” Tate said.
” I don’t know why ?perhaps someone is testing our defenses or response time. Perhaps it is something else. I can’t shake the feeling!”he said .”when you get like this,i am learned to go with it! You after all figured out that that alien fleet was controled by the command ship. We spent all that on the orther ships when wr should have focused on the flag!”she said. “I have to be right every once in a while !”he said. “Hanah is conducting a scan of the area where it was first sighted. When she gets back,we can compare notes!”tate said.”good idea!”he said.
Qurters of karena
Karena held her goddaughter. They had a masive list of guidelines including if she got upset to sing Klingon hip hop. “Well hanah just remember auntie karena is the fun one!”the baby smiled.
Dr. Granger had spent hoers reading up on the qucking. She read every thing that was on file.she had hoped to find a defense against it. It had become an obseson.
She had several pads on the table.she kept track of all of them. She had lost all track of time.
She stoped after a while. She fes the kids. Even as she eat her thought were on the reserch. She had not had the time to reserch it,now she did.
While the threat of use by the dominion seamed almost nill,there were the orther worlds that might try to replicate it.the breen,the asana uzali,orions orthers. Granger felt that this was important work.
End of part four

Star trek casandra poision part three

“Commanders log members of the senior staf who atended a planitary celebration have started getting sick. Our crew was unaware of it at first but it would soon be unavoidable !”mia said.”
The madics came for lucy and transported her to the sickbay. Megen and julie looked over the patcient.
Chrisy brought in niles who was feeling light headed.  Then several more were broyght in. Tyler came in. “Meg!”Tyler said.
“If you sick andi take a number!”megen said. Tyler look around. Sudenly she felt quesy. Someone got her a barf bag.
Meg thought to herself ,of all the ships why myine?
Mia woke up and got out of bed. Josh was making breakfast for them. “Morning hun!”he said. ” You let me sleep in?”she asked.”you seamed really tired. Things are prety qiet right now. If the bridge needed you they will erned it me!” He said.
“I will not argue with you there! I will take it!” She said.
She sat down at the table.
“I am hoping for a few quet days ,even if it is a few. No rougue Klingons,no romulin intregue,no lightng cretures! Yea I’m not holding my breath!”She said. “You need to take some time off. Your a scout ship c.o not a super hero?” He said. “You don’t think i am a super hero?” She asked. “Even super hiroes need time off me! Your no different ! I know these negociations were taxing! “Josh said.
“I know ! I will take time off when the baby comes!”she said.”your going to be a mom then in the near future a starship captain. You need to slow down!”he said. “I will! You are right! I meen it!” She said. “I will hold you to it!”he said. “I know you will and you should !”she said.
She eat and then they talked for a while. She started to feel weird. She felt qusey. She ran to the bathroom.
“Its way past morning sickness yoy ok?”he asked. “I have no idea j ! “She said. “we had better get you to sickbay!” Josh said.
“J its probably nothing !” She said. “Regulation specificaly sate that after an extended stay on an alien world ,any unusual syimptoms or behavor must be reported!” He said. “Are you really quoting regs to me j?”she asked. “Yes i am! Come on!”he said. She took his hand.
She entered. “What’s going on?”josh asked . “A lot of crewman seam to be striken with a strange virus, all of them were at the after nogociation event! Julie said. “Let me gues you too!” Meg asked . “Mia seams to have it! I have not shown syimptoms yet!” Josh said.
“I want every one there that night in sickbay asap. I want dr. Renert down hear. Sense i was amoung the landing party i had beter not supervise the treatment and investigation. “Meg said. ” I have the bridge send for every one!”julie said. “Good. We will have to run multiple test. We have a smal staf! Can i have your permission to deputize non medical staf?”meg asked . “Use whoever you need!” Mia said. “Thank you!”mia said.
Alien ship
“On course. We will be in intercept range in a few houers!”the weapons officer said. “Excellent ! They will never know what hit them!” The commander said.
End of part three

Star trek kepler rissa part three

Uss Kepler
“So how are you planing to spend your leave? ” dr. Granger asked. ” i am going with commander Dylan by shartle . We are going to t
rack  the course of the asteroid ,”bates said.
“Your working on your time off?”dr. Granger asked. ” I am really curious. This is quite a mystery! Where did the asteroid come from ? “Bates said.
“It gives you a chance to spend time with commander Dylan !” Granger said. “Funy nicky! We are both professionals. We are strictly about business “bates said. “Oh ok!”she said.
“What are your plans ?” Bates asked granger. “I don’t really have any! “She said. “Oh ok!” Bates said. “Going down to the serface?” Hanah asked. “Not planing on it! I am not puritenical like bill but rissa is not  really my cup of ractigino !”she said. “I see ! “Bates said.
  Turbo lift
“You ok icheb?”bill asked. “I think so!”the young x borg drone said. “The rumor is true?”olsen asked. “We are planing on getting together tonight at one of her favorite cafaes on the planet!”he said.
“Nervous?” He asked. “A little ! I have never been on a date!”icheb said. “Never?”he asked. “On voyager,every one was older then me. Seven of nine mentored me. My time was hevily controled. At the academy i focused on my studies. I did not atend any of the dances. I got asked out at the sadie hawkens dance but i declined! ” icheb said. ” You are more of a nurd then i am. “He said.
“I figured i would be signal all my life. The fact that my whole excistence was for the perpose if being a weapon,a trogin horse had an afect on me. Now  riela and i seam to be headed towards a romantic relationship. Unfortunately i have no idea what i am doing !” He said.
“It sounds like a cliche and it probably is but be yourself !”Olson said. “Strange i am not quite who i am. I have been so focused on my work then i have not really developed a personality!” Icheb said. “It will happen. After i was fried from the colective,i had to rediscover myself ,in many ways reinvent myself ! “Olson said.
The door opened,the two said good byes then went in oposite directions.
“Your sure bill is ok with this?”karena asked. “He is ok with it! I apreciate this!” Vassala said. “I am excited to spend some qality time with my goddaughter. Besides risa is not my thing. Star fleet would perfer i keep a low profile!”she said.
“I know rissa is not the ideal place for us to have a romantic getaway but i’m woried him. He has become more distent latly! More reserve,isolated even from me! I am hoping we can bond reconect!”vasala said.
” i stil dont see what you see in him! He is a fine person but you make him out to be the patrone saint of vortivor! ” karena said.
“He is to me! In unimatrix zero he forced me to keep fighting,to not give up. When i woke up free it was knowing that he was out there that enersized me. I know its hard to understand ! This is important to me!” Vasala said. “Alright ! I wish you luck!” Karena said. “Thank you!”she said.
In his qurters,bill was packing up . He found the pad with the resignation letter. He heard the door oprn,he hastily sat it down on the table.
Vasala came in. Bill seamed all akward and nervous. “What is that?” She said. “Nothing !”he said. She took the pad. “Resignation letter?”she asked. ” I wrote it right after the incident with dr. Picard. ” He said. “Why haven’t you deleted it? “She said.” No reason !”he said. “Are you stil thinking of resigning ?”she asked. “There is an extremely dimished chance of that now but it is stil on the table ! “Bill said.”why were you hiding it from me?”she asked. “I knew that you would be upset!”he said. ” I wish you had not hid it from me! ” she said.
  The jinai vessel had arived. Soren went to the transporter room and beamed over right away.
“Why the delay?”derit asked. “Delay? I came right away!” Soren said. “That is not fully acurate !”derit said. “Not fully but it was an aceptible amount of time between your arival and my beaming abored!”she said. “Folow me!”derit said.
Confrence room
” Your continued service in star fleet is of great concern to us! “Derit said. “I have distinguished myself as a pilot and a scientist. I have brought hornor to my people ! I believe i have contributed much to jinai society in our bid to play a biger role in the galaxy ! ” soren said.
” The policy of engagement is a political policy. I am concerned with the esence of what it meens to be janai! That is why you are hear!”derit said.
“Do you question my esence as a janai?”soren asked. “That is yet to be seen !” Derit responded.
Chubakah took a walk on the planet. The people on the planet were not sure how to react to him. Most kept a safe distence.  he liked to take in the country side.
“Who are you?”a furengi asked . The wookie growled at him.”i don’t think i have encountered your world. What race is it?”the furengi asked.
Chubukah seamed to ignore him. The furengi male was not detered. ” You remind me of someone i know! Your not a lurien “he said. The man kept following him. Chubakah tried to get away.
Quark was not one to give up easily . After a while something else grabed his atention so he moved on. Chewie got away.
Lt. Rhodes was waring civian clothing as she roamed the planet.  “Let me see,your star fleet ?”a risian male said. ” your stereotyping me just because i am a human ?”she said. “You have the star fleet swager!”the male said. “So that’s it? ” she said. “I’m right your in star fleet?”he asked . “Yes I’m sandra!”she said. “Tagon!”He said.”its good to meat you!” She said.
  captain daren had rented a cabin in a remote area. She had checked out the acoustic before hand. She started playing. She was pleased with it.
On the ship granger began to look over files on the quckining. While the dominion war was over.the dominion had returned to the gama qudrent. She stil wanted to learn all she could about this ailment. Her six year old son and four year daughter were taking a nap. She buried herself in her work.
Hanah met commander dylen. “Ready?” Dylan said. “Lets do it commander!” She said smiling .they headed to the shartle bay.
End of part three

Star trek casandra poison part two

“Marea! You are a most worthy oponent!” The secritary general said. “As are you mr. Secritary! “Marea said.
“I have enjoyed these fastivities but i am not much of a night owil as you humans say! I am going to retire. If we negociate a trade agrement or alience ,i hope you will conduct it!”he said.”all the best mr. Secratary!” She said.
“‘Count me out! Andrea your conducting the next negocoations with these people !”mia said. “Me i think the caost is clear and protical has been satisfied !”he said. “Man i hope so! Ok i am going back up in the ship and to bed!” She said.
She fliped open the comuninicator and activated it. “Bolt to casandra! Two to beam up!” She said. “Enerzizing now!”chief nagusaki said. The two were wisked away back to the casandra.
” Im glad you came!”eliot said. “I am glad i could come as well! Katie said. She smiled. ” You know we have not been on a real date?”he said. “We need to ramedy that!”she said. “Yes we do! Before i know it you will be at officer canidate school and i will be hear. “He said. “I will hury back!”she said. “Good'” he said.
” so i hear you usually avoided these things?”chrisy asked. “Yes i did. I would like to. Now but it is much beter with you hear! ” niles said. “You never were much for pompt and circumstances! ” She said. “No i was not! I gues i will habe learn to love it or tolerate it if i want to command a starship!”niles said.”you do want to be a command officer?”she asked. “You heard? My carer got stalled a bit. I never stoped wanting it but things got in the way!” He said. “I stil think you make a great captain one day!”she said.
  ” Your woried about that varience in the engine coming back?”tracy said. “No trace i am confident we fixed it!”ray said. “You seam nervous. We were thorough. Your engines can servive without you for a short time! ” tracy said. “Alright !”he said. “You know when i get back?i am going to check it?”ray said. “I figured!”she said. She laughed.
“I think it might be time to get back to the casandra!”meg said. “You want to check up on beck?”tyler said. “No of course not!” Megen said. “I am ready to get back to the ship myself !”she said. “Let me gues ! You picked up a new andorian romance novel when you were at sb 12?”she asked. “Yea!”she said.
  The door opened,megen entered. ” the ship stil in one peace?”megan asked.”well the orbit started to decay but orther then that.. yes its fine!”Rebecca said.
“Its gone very well!”erin said. “I just wanted to check! Cary on!”megen said. Megen left the room. “They are not all going to check up on me are they? I am going to get a complex!”Rebecca said . “St first there are going to be sceptical . You stop it by proving them wrong. You keep exceling!”erin said. “Its weird i use to see my dad and not want any part of it. Now i don’t know. “Rebecca said. “You have done fine!”she said.
In the qurters,mia went right to sleep. Josh suspected she was exchausted. She had been though a lot.
Tyler was reading. She was enjoying the new book. She started to feel weird. She got up. She felt dizzy. She went into the smal bathroom.
Lucy hated hospital. She always had. This was not normal. She decided she had to go to sickbay. As she was walking,she fainted.
Aby was walking though thr coridor. She found lucy. She checked for a pulse.she was alive just psssed out.she went over to a com unit. “I need a medic on crew deck!”she said.
End of part two