Star trek casandra 18.2

Chief enginer ray sparks had been conducting routine maintinance on the engines when the ship was hit by the energy wave. The only warning was a call from the bridge to brace for impact. the crew had been jostled about.
Ray tried to atend to the needs of the whole crew but he did find himself very concerned for the safty of tracy.
The engineering crew got to work right away. Ray went to com bridge. “Bridge what are you doing to my ship?”he asked.
“we were hit by an energy wave. We think it might have been some wayward experiment but we are not sure. We are beginning damage control asessments and procedures. “Tyler said. “Well i had this ship at almost peak eficientcy andrea. If i spend the next week redoing all i have done i am not going to be happy !” Ray said. “I will do all i can to help make that not happen !” She said.
“He is cranky!”rana said. “The worse thing is that i have seen him crankier! ” tyler said. The door opened, josh entered.
“Josh! Meg took mia to sickbay.she was hit by the energy wave.she could walk on her own power. Meg was concerned!” Tyler said.
“Wait!  that happened during the impact ?” Josh asked. “Yes why?”tyler asked. “A few minutes after the impact i saw mia. She was in the coridor. She was acting kind of loopy! Well more then usual !”josh said.
“That’s imposible. You sure you saw her?”tyler said.”if i was hulicinating i want it to be like a Vulcan gorn hybred riding a pagases or something more imanginitive andrea!”josh said.
Rebecca and katie had been in the cargo bay. They were part of the damage control team so they got right to work. They began reparing revealed circuts or other melities they could detect. All in all the casandra wrethered the storm quite well.
  Rebecca had sucesfully repaired one if the circuts. She was putting the finish touches. Suddenly she felt something cold on her.
she knew it was a phaser. Why was someone pounting a phaser at her. Had they been borded.she was prety sure it was star fleet isue. While perhaps a crewman went space happy. In star fleet it is praticaly unheard of but it does happen. Perhaps the inpact of  the energy wave served as a final straw.
Rebecca tried to remain calm.she would try to utilize her traning. “Don’t move!” The vioce said.
This was odd Rebecca thought. She recognized the vioce. It was mia. “Mia just put down the weapon!” She said.
This made her very angery. “How do you know my name? I never seen her in my life!”she declared. “Mia its me rebeca. Are you ok?”Rebecca said.
“Look i don’t know you? Where am i?” She demanded to know . “Your on the casandra!” She answered. “Star fleet ship. What did you do with my ship?”she asked. “Your ship?”she said in a confused tone. ” The freighter lightning. Where is it? ” She asked.
Katie heard the comotion. She ran to beck. Then she saw what was going on. She observed for a moment. She decided to stelthfully gang up on mia.
She asumed that mia had some kind of mental break. Katie knew that mia had experienced her share of trama especially the death of her parents when she was young. Perhaps the presue was too much. Right now she needed to be pacified.
Katie charged her and got the phaser. Rebecca lightly pushed her. “Mia we can talk about this!” Katie said.
Mia ran away. They tried to catch up with her but it was too late. She was gone. 
“Took you long enough katie!” Rebecca said. “I did want to exaserbate the situation . Agitated sate plus phaser is a bad combination i had to be careful. I was not going to let anything happen beck” she said.
“She did not know who we were! “Katie said. “I know . It does not make any sense. Could it be some kind of silective memory loss?” Rebecca said. “Maybe we better call it in!” She said. “I hate to. I really don’t want to end her carer. She is the reason i am stil hear. “She said. “Andrea and megen wil know what to do!” Katie said. “Ok!”she said.
Megen and julie scaned mia. “You know meg i think you just like pocking and proding me !”mia said. “You were just struck by an energy wave. Your carying my god daughter i can’t be too careful !”megen said. “I am not from a family that develops super powers by impact from interstellar bodies!” Mia said.
Josh entered. He ran over to her ans huged her. “You got to be more careful me! You keep giving me a scare!”josh said. “Look I’m fine. Meg is just overeacting! ” mia said.
“No I’m not overeacting. You as usual are undereacting. The scans show no lasting adverse efects to you or the baby. ” megen said.
“See i told ya!”mia said. ” well i would wrether err on the side of qaution !”megen said. “Your right ! ” mia said.
“Bridge to sickbay!”Tyler said ” go ahead andrea!” Megan said. “is mia with you?”Tyler asked. “Of course she is. After what happened i don’t want to let her out of my sight!”meg answered. “That’s what i thought ! “Tyler said.
“Andi what’s going on?”mia asked. ” She was with you the whole time?” Tyler asked. “Yes we went from the bridge straight to sickbay!” Meg said. “Andi what is going on?” Mia asked. ” Rebecca and katie claim that you waring civilian clothing asulted Rebecca. Katie subdued you but you fled!” Tyler said.
“That’s not possible. My whole staf can atest that she has been hear!” Megan said. “If it were just Rebecca ,i might think this was some prank or something but katie? In a time like this? No way! Tyler said.
“I had a similar situation ! I saw mia when she was on the bridge. “Josh said. “I cannot be in two places at once. can i?” She said. “What if you were?” Megan said. “There are two of me?”she asked.”mayby more then that!”josh said. “Great!”she said.
End of part two

Murcy one episode four part two

floating hospital base “mercy one”
Office of chief counselor deana rycer
The door opened, vulcan women in a standard isue star fleet science uniform entered.”lt. sherava ! “Deana said. ” yes mam!”the Vulcan said.
She invited her to sit. she did it. “Can i get you anything ! She asked. “No mam i am fine!” She said. “What’s on your mind lt?”she asked.
” I have had dificulty concintrating. At first it could be dismished. It has goten more serious. I have found it difficult to maintain non emotion. I don’t know if it is psychilogical or medical. I figured you might know how to coordinate  this! “She said.
“Your afraid its bendi syindrome? ” she asked. “I am very young for it to be bandi hoever there are exceptions to principles we see as rules. I do not think it is bandi but i do not feel comfortible being dogmatic on that. “She said.
“You have come to the right place.  I think we need to rule out the odvius and move from there. I am going to set up some testing. At the same time i would like to do psychological profile at the same time. I want to consider both until they can be ruled out. “Deana said.
“Ok i can agree to that!”she said.”lets get started!”deana agreed.she quickly agreed. They got started.
The transport vessel came out of warp and prepared to dock. On the command center,the holographic doctor who served as head of medical operations entered. “I heard we are about to take on a new patcient?” He asked.
“Yes we are! Crel moset?” Bevily said. “Oh!”he said. The doctor had been awhare of the cardesien doctor but did not know the details. That was until he enlisted the help of a holographic version of moset.after learning about his actions. The doctor deleted the program after the intended perpose was complete.
“Vesel has requested permission to dock ! “Decurtas said. “Permission granted!” Picard said.the vessel headed into the docking bay. The vessel acheved docking. “Docking complete !” Thr tech said.
” Clear them to bring in the patcient. “Bevily picard said. “Sending !”the com tech said.”alright ! Have the emergentcy section move in!”bev said.
“So what is his isue?” Doctor asked. “Well apearently he colapsed in his cell while on the ship was on route to a hearing on rigal ten. They decided to bring him hear!”she said. “Do we know what caused it?”the doctor asked.”not yet!” Bev said.
Dr. Jabera head of the emergentcy division headed to the airlock. Nurse steal was present as well. The doctor had been informed of the patcient.
She tried to mentaly prepare her self for her new patcient. “You ok jabera?”steal asked.” I’m ok! I think!”she said.
The airlock opened, crel was in a mobile gurney. The m one orderlies took over the moving of the patcient. The er team began there work.
Rimora came to her queters, she saw that there pet targ was sick. Terence as clark named him was his constent companion.while rimora always tolerated the targ,she understood how important he was to her husband. She snaped to ataction. She had him beemed to the vetinary section of the station. she was woried but not sure if it was for the creture or clark.
End of part two

Star trek casandra 18.3

Star trek casandra
“Too many mia’s”
Prevusly on star trek casabdra
  Marea bolt parents were killed when she was young. She was raised by foster families. She joined star fleet academy but droped out.
She was placed in a rehab colony.she eventually commanded a freighter.
During the brief Klingon war,she joined star fleet. She was asigned as c.o of the casandra. After the war, she retaned her comision.
“I want to do a baby shower for mia and chrisy. “Megen said. “We have to plan it without them finding out! Chrisy won’t be hard. Mia she seams to have a noise for this!”tyler said. “I know. We can make it work!”megen said. “Absolutely ! Count me in!”tyler said. “Excellent i hoped you would sign up! I figured you would !”megen said.”Should we invite abby?”tyler asked .”i would . Eventually they will be the best of friends !” Megen said.
They entered the turbo lift. “Who will be the best of friends ? ” mia said.” Oh um rebeca and katie!” Tyler said.”i think they are friends now!”she said.
The door opened, “commander on the bridge!” Erin said.”how does she always do that? Its like she is every where. ” megen said.
“Lt i am detecting an energy wave. It is heading right for us. “Thorlan reported. “Shields ! Shields !” Mia ordered. Musgrove and eliot tried to raise the shields before the impact.
The energy wave struck the ship. The bridge was hit. The whole ship roled to the other side. Every one in chair s except fot thorlan fell off.
the andorian was able to hold on. Then every fell to the ground. They were jostled every witch way. Then the wave headed inside the ship and hit mia. Tyler grabed her. The wave passed.
The ship regained gravity and musgrove and eliot took the ship to full stop. Mia got up. Megan took her tricorder and scaned her.
“You ok?”megan as she frantically scaned her.”yea i am ok. A little schock up but i feel ok! ” mia said. “Both you and the baby seam fine. No unusual readings. I want to get you to sick bay on the double!”megan said. “You will get no argument from me!”she said.
“What was that?” Tyler asked. “I believe it may have been some kind of experiment run amock. It is localized energy. “Thorlan said. “I find to predict where its going!”tyler said.
Josh was glad the excitement was over. He decided to head for the bridge. To his suprise he saw mia. He expected her to be on the bridge.
“Me i thought you would be on the bridge! ” Josh asked.”i am in the cargo bay today. I am only a crewman!”she said.
“Ok! Then i outrank you!”he said playfuly. “Of course sir!”she said.”i order you confined to qurters!”he said. “Right away chief!” She said. She left. “Ok that was weird!” Josh said. Then he stoped. She did not look pregnant. What was going on?
End of part one

Star trek murcy one 4.1

Star trek murcy one
Episode four “war criminal”
  rougal had a long and busy day. He was happy to return to his home in the self sealed resident section of the base.
Rougal came in to his qurters. He opened the door. He looked foward to crashing. He saw what he did not expect to see. His farther held his grandson and his grand daughter was nearby.
“Farther, i was not expecting you! !”rougal said. “I was in the area on council business so i decided to stop in for a bit!”kotan padar said.
“I told him he was welcome any time!”serata said. Sereta was closse with both of rougal farther. Sereta comunicated with both on a fairly regular bases. He figured that was the case.  Rougal did not want him not in his life but it was stil difficult.
“I asume your tired. Sireta said you have been working for 11 houers. Don’t let me stop you from sleaping i can catch up with you later!” kotan said.
He stayed up for a few minutes then he went to the qurters. He crahsed almost imidiately.
Dr. Jabera played springball after her shift. She never went right to sleep after completing her shift. She played springball in order to wind down. She usually played with primman.
“I don’t know if your iff your game or if i am extremely off!”primman said. “You will catch up with me?” Jabera said. “Your trying to patrinize me?”he said. “No george!”she said. “I will win this game!”he said. Shw smiled and he served.
“I can’t believe you talked me into runing the quid!”clark said.”i want you to keep in shape. I would hate for you to let your self go!” Rimora said. “I thought i maried a romulan not a cyborg !” He said. “ITS good for you! “She said. He laughed.
Operations center
” Bev! We have an incoming ship. They say they have a medical emurgentcy. “Commander decurtas said. ” What is the nature of the emurcentcy?” Bevily asked. “They have a patcient with a fevor and other syimptoms! Oh gosh!”decurtas said. ” What is it tony?” Bevily asked. “The patcient is crel moset!” Decurtas said.
End of part one
Captain bevily picard md
Commanding officer
Holigraphic doctor : head of medical operations
Commander decurtas station operations officer.
Dr. Jabera emurgincy medical
Dr. Alysia ogora general medicine
Dr. Marton surgical operations
Lt commander jesica stein head nurse
Lt. Commander George primman : security chief
Dr. Rimora r’mor
Dr. Rougal
Dr. Sereta pediatric
Commander deana rycer counselor
and captain clark forest

Star trek casandra 17.7

“Commanders log,all atempts to remove the microbes from the hermies have failed. We dare not atempt to remove them from the crew of the hermies. We stil do not know there nature! We don’t know what if any long term afect they will have on the crew. ”
Sick bay
“None of the crew shows any ill efects. The health is consistent with what it was when they were last examoned. “Megen said.
“We have no record of anything like this recorded in this sector or any where else?”mia asked.
“No i checked and rechecked !I found nothing !” Tyler said. “I think its localized to this sector. This area was hardly travaled. My gues is that is why we have not heard of more of these incidents. “Mia said.
“I am brothered by the course corection. The story is plausible. This whole time i don’t know! It does not mesh! Tyler said.
” What if that’s our key. I hate to do this!”mia said. She went over to a com pannel. “Mia to doctor daner!” She said. ” Abby hear! “She said. “Can you drop by sickbay ?”mia asked. “On my way! “She said.
Abby entered the sickbay. “What can you tell me about the c.o of the hermies?” Mia said.
“Craig hendrix, he has a mastors digree in space astrogation from the university of alpha cinterie. He has commanded the hermies for eight years. ” Abby said.
“Any psychilogical problem ?” Megan said. “Ten years ago he was abored the ss delphi. They were conducting a servey of planet near hear. He was the only survivor. He was under a pychologest care after but was cleared to fly by his employer and by the federation transportation safty administration. “Abby said.
“Computer on!”mia said. “Working ! ” the michinical but feminine vioce said. ” Computor details on the destruction of ss delphi” mia said.
“Ss delphi, private exploration and reserch vessel owned and operated by university of alpha cinterie. In 2257, vesel disapered near amon four! One esape pod recovered. Ships first officer craig hendrix lone servivor. He had no memory of what had occured!” The computer said.
“Amon five is near hear. “Tyler said. “Ok i am going to think out loud for a minute. The delphi comes in contact with these microbes. Somehow by coincidence or design hendrix esapes. We have no idea that these cretures excist. Hendrix is cleared for duty becomes captain of the hermies. The parisite for lack of a better term lies dorment. Its trigered and he takes the ship into a place where the crerures are!” Mia said.
“Could this be the early stages of an invasion or an infiltration?”tyler asked. “Microbiotic warfare?”abby said. ” Could it be a survival instint? Some kind of biological imperitive? “Megan said. “Perhaps. It may just apear melevolent to us. Alright we need to talk to hendrix. He may not know who he is. This could be interesting !”she said.
Star base 12
   “Captain hendrix”mia said. “Lt. Commander bolt! “He said. “How are you feeling ?”megan asked. “Prety good ! It is good to be back. ” He said.
“You have had some rough times in your life?”mia said. “You could say that. You know about the Delphi ?”he said. “It is in your record. “Mia said.
“I don’t know what happened. It is bad luck i gues!”he said. “Would you conscent to a Vulcan mind meld? ” mia asked. “Why? Do you think it will provide new information ?”he said. “It may!”mia said. “Alright !”he said.
Star base 12
Medical complex
“Mr. Spock thank you for coming at sutch short notice!” Mandez said. “Sence we were in the neighborhood captain kirk was fine with premitng me to come hear!”spock said.”tell jim i owe him one!”mia said. “Of course!”the Vulcan said.
The Vulcan went into a room. He greated captain hendrix. Hendrix returned the greating. “Please sit!”spock said.spock placed his hand on him. “My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts!”spock said.
“The Delphi! What happened?”he asked. “We went into orbit of amon four. We detected some kind of energy. We were taken somewhere. It was blue light. Blue energy. I don’t know!”
The link was brokon. “Why have you done this?”hendrix asked. Mia and tyler and the commadore enter the room. ” who are you?”commidore asked.
“We are a colony. We seak to expand. We seak to understand. We are from a far off realm. We are on a pilgramage! “He said.
“Why bring our people to your realm?” Mandez asked. “It is the  only way to merge our people with yours. We know of no orther way yet!”he said.
” Are you a threat to us? ” mia asked. “Only if you interfear with our program!” The mouth peace said.
“Why am i not suprised?” “Mia asked. “Back off and things will be fine! “The man said.
Confrence room
Star base 12
“I am closing off the area around amon four and where the hermies vanished. It will be fully qaurentined. For now as long as we can keep the sector off limits we are safe. “Mandez said.
“I have a feeling that it wont last foever. These cretures will adapt. They will find a way to break though that limitation !” Mia said.
“As do i marea! “The commadore said. “I believe that hendrix is the key. I believe that hendrix may be a coordinator !”spock said.
“Could these cretures act like a bee colony. Could hendrix be a queen?” Megan said.
“It is a huge asumption? ” another captain said. “Yes but much of this investigation is speculation!”spock said.
“Alright ! I have an idea but it is risky !there is no asurence this will work. “Mia said. “Lets hear it!”mandez said.
  Hendrix was in the medical section of the base under close supervision. Aby entered.
“Hello abygail !” Hendrix said. “Are you hendrix or the creture?”aby asked. “At this point is there a diference? ” the man asked. “It does not seam it!” She said.
Abby took out a hypo spray and without thinking knocked him out.Anderson,duana and a few orthers rushed in. They draged him out of the room.
He woke up and tried to strugal. Abby hit him with another hypo spray. Finally they got him to a transporter.
Nugusakie beamed the security team and the captain abored. The coridor was cleared fully until the captain was placed into the qurters. Sicurity teams were placed outside the door.
The moment mia and her team were back abord,the casandra left orbit and headed to the q zone. The ship went at maximum warp.
The area near the qurters had a force field and a full sicurity contingency. They were secondary force fields as well. There were secondary gaurds as well.
Even that might not be enough. The hendrix creture was determined to break free of the prison they tried to force on him.
He called upon all the strength he could muster. The door opened. The force field was in place. Anderson and his team stood ready.
“Don’t try it!”josh said. The man tried to hit the force field. The man was struck. The man fell to the ground. Josh ordered his crew to hold the line.
The man got up. He tried to walk into the field. The man seamed to get stronger. Josh was very woried. The man was adapting.
The field disipated. Josh and his gaurds fired on him with there phasers.
The man fell. He got back up. They hit him again. The man got stronger wich each impact.
The ship continued on. “This is as close as i dare to go mia!”tyler said. “All stop eliot!” Mia ordered. “Helm answering all stop !” Eliot said. 
“Josh time to evict our guest!”Mia said. “Its about time. Fish and microbes stink after three days!”
They stuned the hendrix creture. They tried to pick him up. He fought back. Josh hit him with a hypo spray. 
They moved him and entered the transporter room. “Watch out neal we have a fiesty one! Josh warned him. “Why did this ship have to only have one transporter room?”he asked.
The man was placed on the pad.the chief activated the beam.
The hendrix beamed off. The hendrix creture was beamed inside the realm. “Transport complete !” Nagusaki said. “Get us out of hear ! ” mia ordered.eliot and warren took the ship to warp.
Mia hoped that this would work. The ship ran like heck. “Don’t stop until we get back to the star base!” Mia ordered. The two pilots took the ship as far as they could.
“Now in orbit of the base!”warren reported. “Asume standered orbit!”mia ordered. “I am not detecting the microbe abored!” Carlos said.
“Commanders log, the crew of the hermies has been declared free of the microbes. As has the hermies. It seams the microbes could not survive without hendrix. Are the microbes gone or just in some kind of inactive sate. The university of alpha cinterie has decided to scrap the hermies. It wil be piloted by remote into a remote sun. ”
“Is the threat of these microbes over. Is this just a pause. While christina niles has decided to take a leave of absence from the exploration agency. She and her husband want to spend more time together. ” Mia said.
“How are you doing ?” Josh asked. “You know every night i wake up and check make sure she is stil hear. I don’t see that changing in the near future!”Niles said. ” if it were me! I would do the same thing. ” Josh said. “As the days go by,mayby it will be less!”niles said.”it will pass. “Niles said.
Qurters of mia and josh
  “You think that chrisy is hear to stay? “Josh asked. “I think so. We may have to fight the microbe again. I suspect Niles will fight touth and nail if they try to get get back. You know j,i have seen a side of you i have not seen. “Mia said.
“If it were you i would fight just as hard. You and our child are more important to me then anything even my own life!” He said.
“I have doubted that j! I love you!”she said. “I love you!”she said.
The end
Next up
A mishap causes multiple mia to apear all over the ship. It is not just on the ship.

Star trek casandra 17.6

“Commanders log we are heading back to the site of where the hermies first vanished. We are hoping to find out what happened.we have lunched a probe! We are wating for the results !”mia said.
“Odd they never detected a problem until just before it happened?!”Katie said.
“It is parculer! “Tyler said. “I am getting talemitry from the probe! ” carlos said.
“What do you got?”mia said. “I am detecting the same readings that the hermies detected just before they vanished. I have talemitry !” Carlos said.
“Did we get anything new?” Mia asked. Carlos checked his bord. “Negitive the dissapearence is almost identical to the the incident with the hermies!” Carlos reported.
“Something is doing this. What do we know about this sector of space?” Mia said.
“This area is a major transport hub for trade and comerce in and out of federation space. This particular area is not used freqently. It is a less direct route to any major locations!”tyler said.
“Do the logs specify why the ship went though hear?”mia asked. “Caling up the file now !”tyler said.
She looked it over. “It says the ship was trying to avoid an asteroid fragment. The fragment in question was in the area. It would have impacted them. “Tyler said.
“They avoid the asteroids and go though a remote area. Are there any mythology about this reigion?”mia said.
“Not that i am aware of and i usually hear them!” Tracy said. “Nothing in the records!”tyler said. ” what about history . Anything take place hear? Any big or minor event?”katie said.
” nothing ! It is a intergalatic dead end!” Tyler said. “Mia! The probe is back!” Carlos said.
“Have nugusaki beam it back abored. I want that looked over and rechecked. The answer is hear and i want it found yesterday !”she said.
Nagusaki beamed up the probe. Ray and tracy and the engineering team looked it over.the probe was in good shape. There did not seam to be any problems with it.
They disected  the probe peace by peace. “Ray i got something ! “Tracy said. “What do you got?” He asked. ” Look at this! This is not part of the original programing. ” Tracy said.
“What is it?” Ray said. ” i believe it is some kind of life form. At least with properties of a life form. “Tracy said.
On the base crissy had been given guest qarters on the base. Mia let Niles take some time off to be with his bride. Niles found himself checking thoughout the night making sure she was stil there. He felt silly for doing it but he understood why.
He did finally fall asleep. He woke up when chrisy started screaming. He held her.
“Hunie! What is it?”he asked. “I don’t know! It was a nightmere.i saw something ! It was hidious!”she said. “It was just a nightmere!” He said.
“Please tell me you got something ? ” Mia asked. “We do! We located something. We are not sure what it is!”ray said.”we are hoping you can help!”tracy said to megan. She took the contaner. She looked it over. “What do you think? “Mia said. “I would like to put it though my medical scanors!”megen said. “Go for it!” Mia said.
Megen took the substence to the sickbay and she and julie looked it over. They put it though every scaner she knew to use.
“Mia! We looked over the substence. It is a series of microbes. “Megan said. “How were they placed inside ?” Mia said. “That i don’t know. It was seamless. These cretures may be able to walk though matter. Perhaps the laws of physicks don’t aply or work differently there!”megen said.
“Do you think that it is in a different realm?” Mia asked. ” i am leaning that way !”megan said. “Is there a way to scan the crew for this life form?” She asked. ” i think so but it will take some work! “Megan said.
“Commamders log,we have returned to star base 12. Doctor shall is going to do some scans on the crew of the hermies while chief enginer sparks plans to look over the hermies. ”
Medical complex
” Is every thing ok?” Niles asked.”we want to do more test!” Megan said. “Do you think something is wrong ?”chrisy asked. “We don’t know yet!”megan said. Megan and julie began there scans.
Niles and chrisy waited.niles tried to be strong. He was scared spitless but could not show fear. He needed to be strong for her.
“What’s going on ?”Niles asked. ” well we located a series of microbes in you! We have found it in other crew of the hermies!”megan said.niles scezed her hand.
“It is dangerous?”chrisy asked. “The truth is that this is totally new teritory. We don’t know. The microbes do not apear to be contagious. Like i said we are in new ground!” Megan said.
Niles held on to her. “We are going to use every resource we have to solve this mystery! “Megan said.
Mia went in to her qurters. She started to cry. The door opened,it was josh. He huged her. “I wish i could solve this one! I wish i had super powers! I wish i could wave a magic wand and make it ok!”mia said.
“I know ! This is not over yet. We have not lost yet! We are stil in the game! We are and so is chrisy!” Josh said.
“Your right! I want the best for my crew. I never really believed in happy endings. Every one was so positive but not me. Sense joining the casandra i was beginning to questione that but now i don’t know!” Mia said.
“This is not over. Don’t lose hope! ” josh said.
The chime rang. She permited the guest to come in. ” The hermies is riddled with the microbes. ” Ray said. “It seams to attach itself to any thing animal vegitible or mineral. “Ray said. ” great!”mia said.
“I have more! We tried to remove the creture from the ship. We could not do it!” Tracy said. “They may be struck with the microbes!”ray said.
End of part six

Star trek steps in both directions part 7

Deep space 9.
Turbo lift
“You did not tell me he is an admiral?” Bochra said. “He is a reer admiral. It is the first level in the admiralty. He commanded a starship. He came up from the ranks. He was called the fighting sulivan. He is one of the guys!”she said.
“I am a romulan. If he is old school ,he may stil harbor resentment against my people !” He said.
“He is not like that! Trust me it will be fine!”she said. “I hope so!” He said. They walked hand in hand. Macalia was with them.
” Why did you decide to leave star fleet?”sulivan asked. “It was not working for me?”she answered. “You had a 4.0 average. You were exceling. You were going to be the first lawer pilot. “He said.
“I stil may but just not in star fleet!” She said. “Was this your idea or your farther’s ” he asked.
Before she could answer, the chime rang. ” Save by the buz! “She thought to herself.
“Come in! ” the admiral said. The door opened, bochra and Rebecca and the daughter entered.
The admiral picked up his neace. She loved her uncle. “This is bochra!”she said. He schock his hand.
” Your the centurian that was moroned on galordencor with gordi laforge?”the admiral asked.”yes i was! “He said.
“That was the beginning of understanding between our two peoples at least for me ! “Bochra said.
” I paticipated in the battle of benzar. I was a liasion to admiral perden! ” sulivan said.
They traded war stories much to the relief of Rebecca the two seamed to hit it off.
Deep space 9
Ward room
” we are going to go to the beta qudrent. We are going to persue more clues!”vash said. “We will keep in touch! Please keep me aprised!” Admiral sulivan said.
“You have my word sir. We are on the same team. I am a federation citizen first and foremost. I will never forget that!”vash said.
“I know that! I aprecate that!” Vash said. “I wish you well. I hope you find what your looking for!”he said. “So do i!”she said.
Qurters of ivilek.
“Thank you for coming!” Ivilek said. ” of course. How can i help you?” The portel asked. “Is it posible that a faction of the hebitian may plot to destabolize cardesia even reconqur it or worst!”He asked .
“Desperate people do desperate things. Given what your people experienced,yes its posible. “The portal said.
“We call it on my planet the great exile! Even i have find myself upset over it. If an outside force nicky’s destroyers it is not outside the realm of posibility. I fear that that is there ultimate goal. The oposite of preserve. Destroy. We are going to have to work over time to stop this !”ivilek said.
“I am prepared to do some heavy lifting. I know you are as well. “The portal said.
“You think the preservers realy are out there? If so will they still want to preserve? “Ivilek asked.
“I am certain they do. I believe this is all part of there plan. They are working behind the scenes. We are at a crosroads but i believe it to be a positive one. A rising sun not a seting one!”the portel said. “I hope your right! ” ivilek said.
  “So! Are you really going to persue this?”englerk asked . “I am going to look for more evidence. It is odd that the only evidence is in one location . If i find evidence that this is our home! I won’t let it go!”turaf said.
“Where does forgiveness come in. If your right then it was a crime but that was so long ago. I tire of war,insurection. There must be a better way. I have seen it on the fronter and on romulous. Give miret and mirana a chance. Let this process play out. “He said.
“What happened to you? Where is your fire?”turaf said. “I saw what shinzon and his vice roy did. That was excesive. I want be like that. I believe violent opoisition could acheve our goals. That scares the heck out of me. I won’t do it!”he said.
“I don’t know you any more! ” tutaf said. “I hope you will see the light before it it too late!”he said.
“What is this about a new pasinger?”vash asked. “One of my operitives was looking for an important artifact. She found it so her duties are done. We will need her !” Portel said.
“It would have been nice to have advanced notice about personal changes! ” vash said.
“This is a change to my staf. “He said. “I did not know you had one!”vash said.
“We are ready when you are!”talera said. “Alright ! Drop all mornings! Take us out! Thusters only !”vash reported. The ship left the station. The vessel went to warp.
“Where is the discovery headed?’she asked. “A different mission !” The portel said. “Your really criptic today’!”vash said. “Yes i am!”the portel said.
Vash was in her qurters. The chime rang. “Come in!” She said. The door opened,a young women entered. “Anick?”she said.”hello morther!”
The end