Star trek mucy one 3.3

Murcy one
The residential part of the crew nicknamed the family area was sealed of from the operational part of the station. One of decurtas officers nicknamed that section the west wing.
Bevily and deana were hanging out with there kids. Rene and natasa. “I expected this mission to be non stop chaos but it has been kinda dull'”bevily said.
“Ita strange. There were a string if deaths then nothing ! Do you think its run its course ?”deana asked.
“I can’t believe it has. It makes no sense that it would but it seams that way. I hope so. Although it has been smal on the scale of outbreak. People have lost there lives. We can’t lose sight of that! ” bevily said.
“I sence something else is brothering you! “Deana said.”i wish you did not have emthathic abilities some days. Will had a reputation does it brother you ?”she asked.
Deana chuckled. “At times yes. Every relationship deals with bagege. Some more then orthers. ” She said.
” decurtas to captain picard!”he said. “Go ahead commander!”she said. “Your needed in the command deck. Prority one!”he said. “I will be right there!”she said.
“Well i don’t need emphathic abulitt to know he is spooked.that does not happen often!”bevily said.
Command center
“There was a similar case lanser four. It matches what happened hear to a t captain!” Com officer said.
“Lanser four is on the orther side of the qudrent! “The holographic doctor comented.”has anyone that has been on lanser been hear or vice versa recently ?” Commander primman said. “Negitive to both questiones sir!”a tech said.
” How many have been afected?”ramora asked. “Only one so far! ” another tech said. “I want that planet placed on qurentine. Jabera i can’t spare the whole station but take the uss pastur check it out. Remora go with her!”picard said. “You got it bevily!”rumora said.
“I recomend we put out a federation wide warning. It will probably spark a panic but i see no orther options !”primman said. “Your right. Do it !”bevily said. The com oficer quickly complied.
Uss kepler
Each time she studied the data. She had flashbacks.she remembered being on uss mcbanga during the war. “Doctor the area is sicure. Your clear to procede!” The captain said.
She remembered beaming down. She saw a marine in the black field uniform. He was scouting at her. She could not make it out. “No! Get out of hear!”the sergent said. He fell to the groundn his last word was the quikening.
She woke up. She started to hyperventilate. “Its ok nick. You can do this! “She said to herself ausibly. She took a deep breath.
“Bridge to dr. Granger!”captain daren said.”go ahead captain!”she said.”a message came in for you from murcy one.there has been one case on lanser three!”she said.
“Oh my word its spread!”She said.”i am sending you what we have!”darren said. “Thank you sir!i will look it over!”she said. What is this she wondered. What was going on?
Uss pastur
Rumora and jibera entered the bridge. “We are all gused up and ready to go when you are! ” captain forest said. Rumora looked at jabera. “Lets do it!” Rumora said. “You got it! Stand by for hyper jump!” The captain said.
The vortex opened,the pastur entered the vortex. The ship headed inside. Then the ship left the vortex and excited the vortex.
Planet lanser three
  Dr. Rumora and jebera beamed to the planet. “The patcient has been placed in satus. Just as you sugested. It has slowed down the virus or whatever it is!” Doctor zurbel said.
“There have been no orther cases?”jebera asked. “No but we are looking. ” doctor tomlin said.
“We are not taking any thing for granted!” Zurbel said. “I can understand that! I agree!” Rumora said.
  Uss Kepler
“Medical log,dr. Nicole granger reporting we have what apeared to be an outbreak. The syimptoms are a cough folowed by death. Except for three every one who is efected by it dies.  The age range is 25 to 80. The victom are human, alien,hybreds. They are from all different walks of life. They were from different region. There are one case of a couple but many have never met. All are non native. ” she said
“There is no strife. Things were good. There was no warning. What is this? “She said.
She decided to look over the biograthies. Some were star fleet,some were professionals,some tourest, some visitors some retieres.
“Computer display federations center for dease control file on the quickining. “Granger said.she looked it over.
“The qucking is designed for maxium casulties. This is designed for minium casulties. This may not be a virus or bio terror but a murder perhaps . “She said.
“Computor are there any similar life experiences,anything similar ?”she asked. “Sutch an anyilisis will take time!” The computer said. ” Procede!”she said.
On earth bill was going crazy. He dosed off while reading a Klingon comic book. He was in the federation council chamber. He was being given some kind of award. Then he saw people die around him. Not every one. Certen in the chamber. A very small group compared to the multitude of people from several worlds in and out of the federations.
She saw a women in a veil. She looked like she was dresed for a funeral. He pulled the veil. It was the borg queen. “Resistence is futile . This is the day of reconing. No esape!no hope! ” then he woke up.
Bill decided to return to the ship. He was playing basketball in the gyim. Chubukah came in. They played several rounds of basketball. Until olsen fell asleep . Chewie kept playing.
  Granger fell asleep waiting.the sound of the computer roused her out of her lathergy. ” Comonality found !”the computor said. She looked it over. “Oh my!” She said.
End of part three

Star trek casandra 15.7

  The older man sent the go order. He knew it was over for hin. All he cared about was the safety of his extended family. As long as that worked whatever happened to him,he was happy.
The alarm was trigered. The sicurity arived. He charged at the gaurds. The officers fired on the aging aristocrat. The man fell to his death.
The casandra and the escort vessel took advantage of the mas power outage all over the planet. The vessels went to warp.  Niles was very nervous. He kneq the stakes. He knew what was being asked of him. He would not disipoint. He would get the crew and guest home.
  The minute sacera emurged on the transporter beam, she was put on a bio bed and wisked off to sickbay.
Lucy was taken to sick bay as well. The medical staf got to work preping the two patcients for the treatments.  then they began the treatment.
The ships got out of orbit of romulous and remus easily enough due to the distraction. Mia and the crew knew that it would only get them so far.
  On the Lexington ,despite his better judgement,commadore robert Wesley ordered his ships to cross into the romulin side of the nutral zone.
The federation ships were able to advance into rihansu space. The romulans were not perpaired for the invasion. The federation was able to gain control of romulan space.
The field primus was very angery. Once again he was out smarted by star fleet. He could order his fleet to retake the area. He believed he could pull it off. At what price! He would get revenge but perhaps another day.
“We are being hailed !”the com officer said. “On screen !”the primus said. On the view screen was displayed the image of Wesley.
“Attention commander romulin fleet. This is commadore robert Wesley of star fleet. We are not interested in holding on to this teritory. We would be happy to return to the boundries of the old treaty that ended the conflict a hundred years ago. We demand that you alow the casandra and escorts to leave romulin space. “Wesley said.
” You can’t do it!”an oficer said.”you don’t understand the universe do you? “The primus said.
The primus went to the screen. “We will agree to your terms! “The primus said.”a wise choice!”Wesley said.
“Now ariving at the fleet!”tyler said. “lets Join the fleet!”mia ordered. The federation fleet made an orderly withdrawl from romulan space.
“Commanders log, before noble kyilile died he sent a formal confession to the preator with evidence clearing the federation of any wrong doing. The preator has ended all operations. The crisis is over. The federation has granted asulum to the kyililes”
“I am pleased to report that sacera is responding well to treatments thus far. Doctor shal is confident she will recover but has a long road ahead. She will have to receve further treatment for a time. ”
“The casandra is heading for star base 12 where i will turn myself in for formal discipline. I am going to fight for my crew. I will try to take full responsibility for what ocured!”
Megen and tyler entered.mis wore the green uniform dress. She was styling her hair. “Full braid i would have gone with a simple poney tail!” Tyler said. ” man i hope i don’t get sent to tentulous. ” mia said.
“Ready ?”meg said. “I think so!”mia said. They walked out of the qurters.
Office of mandez
“I have spoken with star fleet command and given it a lot of thought. I was wrong. I should have listened to my gut. I don’t like that your default was to go off on your own.i should put you on report. That could hamper your getting the command of a constution class vessel next year. That would be a shame.  What i am going to do is have you releved of duty for three weeks and confined to qurters during that time.  I am going to write a report but not submit it
Keep your nouse cleen for six miunths. The report vanises. Can you stay out of trouble for six mounths?”he asked.
“Yes sir! I can!”she said.”then i will consider the matter closed.  On a personal note i am sory for my action. I did what was expedient not what was best for my personale. I mised the people factor on this one. “He said. “Thank you sir! “She said. “You do have a bright future marea. “He said. “Thank you sir!”she said.
“So can i have visators while i am confined?”she asked. “I will leave that to the discretion of the chief of sicurity! ” mandez said. “Fair enough! “She said.”I’m sure if you get too bored andrea will lend you some of her andorien romance novels !”he said.
Mia went right to her qurters. Three weeks. Well it is better then tentilous she thought. The chime rang she opened the door.
“Lucy! How is sicura?”mia asked. “She is responding to the treatments. She is going to be ok!”lucy said. “Good ! I am glad to hear it!”mia said.
“I heard what you did. Thank you!”she said. ” Look your family ! I was not going to abandon you. “She said.”it meens a lot!”she said. “I was glad to do it!”mia said. They huged.
The end
Next up
When a rougue Klingon ship schots down an alterien star liner tensions increase between altair and the Klingon empire.

Star trek murcy one 3.2

“Medical operations log,medical rescue station murcy one is perpairing to leave for baur six. Some short of viral outbreak had seemed to befal the planet. Much to my shagrin we are hyper jump to the planet and cooerdinate the rescue and relief efort. ”
“All decks report ready!”the com tech said. ” All decks stand by for hyper jump!”decurtas said. Then he gave the order.
A vortex opened up. The floating base went inside. The doorway was closed. The station jumped. The gateway opened. The station was relased.
“We are clear!”a com tech said. “Hold position !”decurtas orderd.”obit acheved!”an officer reported. “Begin operations !”bevily said.
Central hospital
Keffer citty
“Uh are you the doctor?”governor jackson asked.”yes i am. My reputation must precede itself!”the holigram said.”to tell you the truth i never heard of you. I am just going by the information form star fleet medical. “The governor said.”of course!”he said. His ego was deflated a little bit. At least it apeared that way.
They entered the complex infecious desease complex. “Where are the patcients? “The dr. Picard asked. “They are all dead! “Dr. Thorsen said.”all? How many are we talking ?”jesica steal asked.” 47 Hear. We have 200 infections. All fatal. There was no time to do any efective treatment!”dr. Anes said.
“I don’t meen to sound morbid but that’s a low number of deaths. “Picard said.” That has crosed our minds doctor!” Doctor robin thorsen said.
“I want to begin autopsy at once. I am declaring a planet wide qaurentine!” Picard said. “Of course. My wife and kids are scared out of there whits! Is there fear justified!”the governor asked. “Until we know more. My answer would have to be yes! “The hologram said.
The door opened. “We found these two! They were in the woods. They are stil alive!”lt. Commander priman said. “Lets hury! We don’t have a lot of time!” Picard said.
They were placed on the bio bed.the medical teams got to work. The team hoped to save these lives.
“Medical operations log,we have been forced to place keith caelon and ana marie hafinecker into satus. The satus has slowed down the virus but unless. A cure or a way to treat it is found they will moslikly be dead in a week. There have been no new cases as if yet. The area is on high alert. The planet is under a sate of emurgentcy. ”
The doctor looked over the data on the cyro tubes.”ops to the doctor”the tech said. “Go ahead!”he said.”you have an incoming message !”decurtas said.”i realy don’t have time.i am under thw gun well my patcient is! “He said. “It is a doctor nicole granger. She says it is urgent!” Decurtas said.
He decided to take the call. Granger was ofered the head of infectious desease but had already acepted the post on the kepler.
“Hello dr!”he said. “Look doctor i heard about the situation on beur six. I treated an ourbreak of the quicking during the war. Could it be artificily created?”she asked.
“It shows some similerity to the quicking but it does meet the full cetera. We have not ruled it in or out as far as being created. We have not had the time to do an investigation of that magnitude. I would love to send you what we have. I would love to have you consult on this!”he said.
“Things are prety mellow on the kepler right now. I would be happy to look it over! “Nicole said.”excellent i will send it over right away!”the hologram said.
“I will look it over and when i have something i will inform you! “She said.”very good! I am glad your looking in on this! “”The doctor said. “We will be in touch!”she said.
Lt. Commander primman was on sight providing sucurity. People were gathering at the site. They wanted answers. None were forthcoming.
“Why are we unable to leave? I have important cargo!”a freighter captain asked.”until we have learned the nature of this virus no one can leave. “Picard said.
The population including guest were nervous agitated. With no new cases in several hours,people werr getting more nervous. Every one was wating for the next shoe to drop.
Murcy one conference room.
“Ok this is what we know! This was taken from the ministry of transportation. “The doctor said.
  At the ministry building, a midle aged man in a 24th century business suit is at his desk. He was drinking cofee. He was reading reports. Sudenly he started coufing.
“Computor freze program'”the doctor said. The image stoped. “In every case there are no warning signs,a person feals fine then without warning, starts coufing. “Doctor jabera said.
“It start out smal then far in every case the subject dies within ten minutes of showing syimption except for the two in the park!” Doctor ogora said.
” Do we have any idea what this desease is?”dr. R’mor asked. “Not yet! Basically the subject body is overwhelmed. It is subjected to a multiple sensations.the body can’t respond so it shuts down. It is almost like a biological emp or the breen enurgy weapon!” Dr. Marton said.
“Nothing like it has ever been encountered in the federation or any other qudrent alience !” Dr. Rougal said.
“This is a new medical phynomina!”captain forest observed. “Posibly but i don’t want to assume that. This could be something that was observed in the past or it could a mutated form of an excisting malidy. ” Dr. Picard said.
“Do we have a profile of who gets infected?”picard asked.”so far the infected have been from age 24 on,male or female. All of the subject are either non natives or native who moved back”jabera reported.
“Your sure about that?” Primman asked. ” yes i am commander!”jabera said. “No children . An adult desease ! “Sereta said.
“Well lets try to nip whatever it is in the bud as quickly as we can!”Picard said.
The meating was ajurned. “Oh captain! I spoke to dr. Granger on the kepler. She is looking into the case!”the doctor said.
“The Kepler ! That’s nela daren’s ship!”she said. “Is there a problem?”he asked.”no! The more hands the marier! “Dr. Picard said. “Your sure your ok with it?”the doctor asked. “Of course! “She said.
Jackman maine
Commander olsen had a hard time getting to sleep . The house was way too qiet. Vasala was at a confrence off planet.she brought the baby. Romulons mostly brest feed there babies so vasala took hanah with her.
This made olsen very bored. He tried to get some sleep . He finally fell asleep . He wished he had not.
In his dream, he was in a wooded area. It was like a forest.he was walking. Then he saw thunder and ligning. He had to dodge it. It was attacking him.
Then he heard a vioce.
“You can’t esape! “The vioce said.olsen kept runing. “If you reject our love,death is the result!” Then he was struck by the lightning. He saw a figure step out of the shadows. It was the borg queen. Then he woke up in a cold swet.
He did not dare to go back to sleep . He played some Klingon hip hop. It failed to calm in. He went outside.
He saw his farther. “Your stil up?”he asked. “I got to feed the chickens ! You look like heck you ok?” His dad asked.”not sure yet!”olsen said.
“Your getting the nightmeres again ?”he asked.”it might just be because vas is gone! What if i am relapsing?”he said. “Your job you go from zero to one hundred in a few minutes and back. Your sub conscicous might just be figuring all this out!” His dad said.
“It took a lot of convincing for star fleet to let go back to active duty. What if i can’t hack it. Vasala can adapt. If she could not be a scientist she would jump into something else and suceed in it. I can’t. If i can’t be in star fleet i don’t know what i would do!”olsen said.
“Look son this may not meen what you think it meens. Don’t swet it. “He said.
Nicole could not stop reading. She tried to sleep but went back to reading the files the holographic doctor sent. It reminded her of the quickening. As she read nothing about it made sense.
She began to suspect this was not naturaly acuring. She did not think it was a freek acurence.she suspected that this was some kind of crime. The question was who was behind it and why? Was this only the beginning.
Planet lansher four
A man and his wife was walking there dog. They were engaging in idol chit chat. All of a suden the man stoped.
“Dale are you ok?”She asked. “Yea i think so. I am just a little winded. I gues i am getting old! “He said.
All of a sudden he started coughing and whezing. Then he just colasped. His wife screaned.
End of part two

Star trek casandra 15.6

“Captain’s log i have alowed commander circut to temporary take custody of the casandra in order to pull off a ruise in order to get to romulous. We are curently on course for the home world. ”
Qurters of mia
“Are you really hanging out in your qurters and giving the romulan who started a war for his own aganda free reign of our ship?” Megen said.
“Hello pregnant lady meg! I am not too concerned. They need us for there plan to work!”mia said.”you sure this is a good idea?”meg asked.”no but i want lucy back. I want to help her sister. Look i don’t agree with what he did. He will answer for it.that is not the isue right now! “Mia said.
“You have done some prety crazy things but this takes the cakes. ” Meg said.
“I know. Sometimes you have to go with your gut. Sometimes it meens doing crazy things.”mia said.
“When i first met you after thay sking acident an alarm went off danger danger !i did not listen! ” she said.
“Meg next to josh you and andrea are my best friends. I value your council meg! “She said.”i know !despite you always getting me into trouble you are my best friend. I am glad we are friends. One of these days you are going to have to do it my way!”she said. She chuckled and said ok.
” Now entering rihansu prime air space commander!” The romulan at navigation said.”cut power to engines. All stop!” The commander said. “Cuting power! “The helm officer said.
“We are being hailed!”the com officer said. “On screen!”circut said.
“Preator! I bring you greatings from the rihansu vessels casandra. They were atempting a rescue mission of there comrade when we captured them. I present them as a present to the emparor!”circut said.
“Good work commander. You have brought hournor to your family ! Please transfer all files to the central net!”the preator said. “Agried!”he said.
Mia entered. Her apearence was altered to look romulan.”i always thought you would make a convincing romulan!  “Megen said.”i don’t know meg,your prety convincing yourself. “Mia said. “She is right!”julie said.”your one to talk jules!”meg said.
“Bridge to mia its time! “Circut said. “Lets go do something irational ilogical and in really bad taste!”mia said. “You enjoy getting my targ don’t you?” Meg asked .”yes i do!”mia said.
Transporter room
“Coordinstes set ! Who is realy in charge?”nugusaki asked.”doesint matter!”mia said. Mia,meg, julie and circut got on to the pad. “Enerzize chief!” Mia ordered.
Nagusaki activated the controls. The team was turned into energy and then were beamed away. They were sent to the planet.
Family esate of kyililes.
Outside ki bartan.
   The team emurged in the family home. “Son! You did it? “His farther said.
“I am a doctor! Please take me to the patcient! “Meg said.”this way!’shavelle said.
Meg and julie followed the young romulan into the bed room that had turned into a hospital room. There was equipment every where.
“Lucy! “Meg said. They huged.”i should be mad at you! I can’t. I just so happy to see you !”meg said.
“I asume your the patcient! “Meg said. ” I am ! I’m sucera!” She said. ” im megen. You realy want to admit to being lucy’s sister?”megen said. “She is kiding.we are realy freinds!”lucy said.
Megen began to scan the patcient. Julie aided the scaning process. Every one else stayed out of the way.
After the test on sucera,then they began tests on lucy. Megen went to find mia.
“Mia! We need to begin treatments right away! I meen right away. I’m thinking the second we arive back on casandra!”she said. “Meg we are going to have to claw our way back to the federation. This is not a good time!”she said.
“Mia its that dire. You know i er on the side of the patcient. I think she has a good chance. We have to go now! ” megen said.
Mia motioned for the uncle and his son. ” It is risky given the fire fight we will face! We have to start treatments right away. I would. Perfer to wait till we arive at a star base but we don’t have that option !”mia said.
“You had better get going!”the uncle said. “Arent you coming farther?”he asked. ” no! When i began these course of events,i knew i took myself at a point of no return. I can help you esape!”he said. “The plan was for us all to defect!”circut said. “I am afraid that was never the plan! You will head up the family now. Get them to safty! “He said.”i will! ” he said.
“Mia to nagusaki. Begin beam up!”mia said.
The head of the kyilile family sunk into the romulan central comunications ficillity. He had atained acess code to the com net. He knew this was a suiside mission . It was fos his family . He had disabled the power.
“We have the go order!”rana said. “Order all ships to go. Punch it niles!”she said.
Uss Lexington
” I got a request form lt. Bolt but it is a little odd!”the com officer said. Comadore wesly looked it over.”have you met lt commander bolt?”he asked .”no sir!”he said.”are we going to do it?”he asked.”yes we are.GOd help us if she is wrong!”
End of part six

Star trek murcy one 3.1

Star trek murcy one
“The plugue”
Prevusly on murcy one
Murcy one is a floating hospital base capible of warp drive. In extreme emurgintcies the vesel is deployed to the scene to coordinate emurgintcy relief. The station uses experimental hyper jump technology.
The station has employed some of the most experienced and talented medical personele in the federation.
Planet bauer six
Remote colony in federation space.
In a wooded area, there were lush trees. There were tall tries. It was a lovly day. The sun was out. There was a slight breze.
All was calm. All was sirene. Then the calm was broken up.two people walked in. There was a male and female. The man wore a blue casuel jacket and gray paints. She wore a black sweter pink shirt and a black skirt.
He was very happy,gitty really. The female was more reserve. They were holding hands.
“I’m finally happy . It has been a long time! “She said. He huged her. “I Know what you meen. We can move beyond all that!”he said.
“I hope so!” She said. “Look i am glad we found eachorther again. I don’t want to lose you this time!”he said.
“I don’t want that either! “She said.he got on one knee. “OH my gosh!”She said. “Anna marie will you mary me?”keith asked. “Yes!yes i will!”she said.
She huged him. They kissed.he placed the ring on her finger. “Its real gold well at least that’s what the furengi murchent said! “Keith said. “I don’t want to know!” She said.
Sudenly she fell to the ground. “Anna! Anna!” He tried to help her. Then he colapsed.
Murcy one
Central command
The office of the commanding officer opened,doctor bevily picard the c.o excited.
“Ok people ! We have a new mission ! There is a medical emurgentcy on the colony of baur six. It is a strange case. There seams to be some kind of plauge. As far as we can tell it is not air born but local responders have no idea what is causing it! We have been oficily called in!” Captain picard said.
“All hands this is commander decurtas! Stand by for hyper warp!” The comander said.
“I will have all units standing by! “The holographic doctor said. “I know we are a bit weary from the last mission but it seams is how it goes!”she said.
“I am sure we will adapt to whatever situation befalls us! ” the doctor said.  “I am sure of that as well!” Bev said.
Uss kepler
Dr. Nicole granger was siting in her office.  while some of the crew were suffering from bad reaction to the visit to the atomic universe. Things had quited down. She decided to do some paper work.
She took a break and scaned the news feed. She saw a story that sparked her attention. “This is jesica Armstrong with the federation news service with this breaking news! “She said.
“There is a strange sickness that seams to be inflicting some of the population of the colony. There seams to be no paturn. Tge victoms seam to be random!” The reporter said.
Nicky stoped in her tracks. Memories flooded back from the dominion war. She stoped a plot by the dominion to infect an alied force with the quickening. She got really agitated. She knew it was not the quicking but what was it?
End of part one
Captain bevily picard c.o
Commander decurtas operations officer second in command
Holographic doctor
Head of medical operations
Dr. Rougal general madicine
Dr. Jabera
Dr. Marton
Dr. Alysia ogora
Dr rougal sereta
Pediatric service
Deana rycer
Counseling services director
Lt commander george priman
Security and logistics
Lt commander jesica steal
Dr. Rumora r’mor
Head nurse
And captain clark forest
Special apearences
Captain daren
Comander olsen
Dr. Granger

Star trek casandra 15.5

“Commamders log while in romulan space we have had an unexpected development. We have been greated by a romulin commander who clamed to be the cousign of lucy sanderson. He wants to defect!” “Mia said in her log.
In the confrence room was mia,tyler,megan, rana,josh,ray, musgrove niles ,katie,abby and circut. “The war a hundred years ago is a swore point for my people especially the preator. He was a young man then,a lowly ulian. Many felt we were not ready to flex our muscles that far out. That government felt compelled at the time. They did not want to see another power developing so close to there border. They acted without thinking. My people are itching for a fight. The scouting mission erlier this year was suposed to be a prelude to a larger campaign but when commander t’len never reruned the plan was abandoned.the preator wants to do it right while there are more hardline eliments that to strike now !” Circut said.
“Several years back field primus tacael zanidor kalyile defected to stop what he feard would be a masive war that could cause death and devisation on both sides. His family was striped of all ranks and privleges including aristocratic title and any land we owned or managed.”he said.
“My cousin is dying !she has a rare blood desease. We believe lucy’s hybred cells may be able to treat the disorder. The preator rufused to let us contact the federation. My farther while not holding ant title or office of influence any longer due to tacael’s betrayl but he stil has alies in and out of the empire. “Circut said.
“We have beem feeding a false neritive that the federation is working to develop a delivery syistom for viral weapons that can be placed inside conventional photon torpedoes.we also created evidence that the federation is trying to create atomic weapons that can be used in space battles. We wanted to push the preator into a war!”he said.
“All this was staged? You faked evidence to start a war the very war our uncle wanted to prevent'”josh said.
” Look my farther is now head of our family . He could not sit by and let his neice die. He praticaly raised my two cousins . They are like sisters. The preator would not permit us to traval to the federation! He would not alow star fleet to come hear. We decided to take maters into our own hands! “He said.
“You did all this to save one manny will die ? One life for a thousand a million ?” Megen said.
“If it was your sister would you not do whatever it took to save her. This was a desperate act but we are desperate people !  Must the neads of the many always supercede the neads of the few or the one? Look once shacera is federation space and our deception is exposed the preator will be forced to end the war. If he does not i am certain that the emparer will interveign. The war will be over. “He said.
“Your playing a very dangerous game commander! Nothing ever goes as planed. There are always unseen forces,unintended consiquences! Your taking a big risk. “Tyler said.
“We have no chioce lt!”he said. “How do we get your family off romulous?”mia said. “The plan was that lucy capture would spark a responce from star fleet.we were hoping for a constitution class ship not an athena class scout ship!”he said.
“Baggers can’t be chosers commander!”mia said.
“You don’t happen to have a cloaking device with ya?”ray asked. “No it is new technology .only a few ships have it. It is a closely gaurded technology. My ship is a reserch vessel. It is only nominaly tied to the military. As is our sister ship! “He said.
“How do we get to romulous?” Niles asked. “Getting to romulous is the easy part. We can claim we capture you while you were on some reconisance mission. Getting out will be the hard part. We have called in every favor we have. I dont think we can count on much more help ! ” he said.
” Alright ! We will work on that part! You can get us to romulous?”mia said.”yes i can!”he said
“We are really doing this? We are going to help them?” Abby asked. “This is a mission of murcy. Sacera is lucy’s half sister,that makes her family . Lucy herself needs our help to get off romylous. Perhaps down the road this act of a star fleet crew bending over backwards to help a romulan stranger might be the catilist for peace!  I won’t ignore a call for help when it is in my power to do something . This is no different then answering a distress call. ” Mia said.
“Thank you lt. Commander. I do not minimize the risk you are taking. “The young commander said.
“Your farther and you will have to answer for your deception. That will be for another time! “Mia said. “If course. I am prepaired to face the consiquences of my actions!”he said.
“Ok people we are about to atempt a jail break and a hospital break!”mia said.
“Welcome to the big leages abby!”megen said. “No kiding. “She said.
Lucy was subjected to several test. Blood test, dna test and several others. Romulan medical technology was just about on par with federation technology.
“I’m sory for every thing we are puting you though!”sacera said.”don’t wory about it. I am happy to do it!”she said. “I can’t wait to be able to run again. It wil probably won’t be for a while!”she said. “I know some great places on earth,i will show you them!”she said. “Thank you.even if this does not work,i am glad i got to meat you!”she said.
Lucy grabed her sister’s hand.”this is going to work. I just met you. I don’t want to lose you. Besides i need a go between to nogiciate an armistice between me and shavele!”she said. “I will do my best!”she said.
In the nutral zone the romulin ships had advanced a short distence. The federation fleet was holding there own. While there was no formal decleration of war by either side a schoting war was in full force. No one could deny that.
The field primus was pleased so far with the battle. He was hoping for a swifter victory. He believed that he could gain the uper hand. He would get his revenge once and for all.
End of part five

Star trek atom part 7

“Captain’s log, we had been unable to contact or even realy see a life form. Now it seams that is changing.”
“I am captain nela darren from the vessel nearby! Darren said. “You are not from hear originaly are you?”the leader asked. “That is corect ! We are from a far away universe!”darren said. “Why did you come?”another said.
“We were curious. We wanted to know what it was like hear?”tate said. “I’m sory we fired on you! We mearly wanted to warn you off. We were quite concerned when you did not respond. “The leader said.
“We were unable to comunicate with you. Our technology is not functional hear!”daren said.
“I see! I am arneg captain of this vessel. We are from a planet near by!”he said .
“This area of space is totally foreign to us. We are quite fasinated by it!” Daren said.
“Your space is different from us?”arneg asked. “In some ways yes. In orther ways we are very similar. “Daren said.
Dr. Granger looked over the scans. “I don’t like having them in an unknown environment for this long without hearing from them for this long a time!”dr.granger said.
“It has been a bit long but do you think there is cause for panic?”olsen asked. “Not as of yet. We are in a totally new fronter bill. I have no idea!”nicole answered.
Chubakah grunted. “I dont think chewie is a fan of this atomic universe! ” soren said. “Where is your sence of adventure?”olsen asked . He was not impresed.
  Scout ship
“I am realy not feeling so good! “Riela said. “Your runing a fevor! ” icheb said.”i am not suprised! You think my species can’t handle this realm?”she asked.”maybe or mayby it is taking longer for you to ajust!”icheb said.”if our celular structure ajust?can it be unajusted?” Riela asked. “I don’t know! This is new teratory!”he said.
“To live with a gray sky?”riela said. “We don’t know what will happen !”icheb said.”i know!”riela said.
“What if I’m dying? ” riela asked.he grabed her hand. “Don’t talk like that! Your going to make it! “Icheb said.
The door opened,they saw a shadowy form. “Is that one of the aliens ?”icheb said. Riela recognized the form. “E its the away team? You can’t see them?”she asked. “No!””icheb answered.
“Captain something is happening. I think we are being transformed. Our structure is being altered to be able to live in this atomic universe. “Riela said.
“Why am i not being altered?”icheb asked. “It may take longer for you! “Riela said. “Tell him to get to the ship ! We might be unable to contact them.”darren said.
Icheb watched the forms leave the ship. The door closed. “I should be seditated. It might hold off the transformation !” She told him. “Ok! Look i know we tease eachorther profusely but i care about you deeply! I love you!”icheb said.”i know. I love you!” She said. “I had better sedate you before the metamorphosis is complete!”icheb said. “Your right procede!”she said. He took the hypospray and placed it on her soulder.
The scout ship left the ship. “The scout ship is heading back! ” bates reported. “I am only detecting two life is faint!” The officer at tactical reported.
“Only two?”granger asked .”confirmed nicky!”hanah said. The vessel opened the hanger bay.   The scout ship entered the private bay.
The hatch bursted open ,granger and her team rushed in.”her vitals are droping!”nicole said. “Even in satus?”icheb said. “Her phisiology may not be able to ajust to this realm ! “Granger said.
She scaned him. “You don’t seam to be afected. “She said to icheb. “Could it be a slower process for me?”he asked. “Maybe ! I find no evidence of change in you!” She told him.”could we have lost the away team?”olsen said. “Until i know more,there is a big risk of that bill!”she said.
“The ship seams to be shielding us from the afects of the transformation ! Will that continue to be the case? ” olsen asked . “You don’t want to hear this but i don’t know!” Bates said.
“Comander we should high tale it out of hear! Back to our real while we stil can.if we stil can!”karena said. “You really sugesting we abandon the captain and the rest of the team?”olsen asked.
“Survival is the most important . Maybe in this case the neads of the manu outweigh the neads of the few!”karena said.
“I am not there yet! ” olsen said.”if you fail to act you may never see you little girl again !”karena said. “I know that! “‘Olsen said.he was getting a little testy.
“Captain i wish to consult the borg database. It will require me to be linked with the colective but minimily!” Icheb said.
“I really don’t want to know the answer to this question but can you acess the colective from hear?” Granger asked.
“Yes i can!”he said.”do it. Hanah i want him under constent monitoring !” Olsen said. “Will do!”bates said.
Icheb hated doing this. There was ni orther option. The medical and enginers asisted him. “First sign of trouble I’m puling you out!”bates said.”alright!”he answered.
Icheb was conected to the alcove. Every thing was in place. Icheb felt himself go. “We are the borg!”the vioce said.
Icheb atempted to ignore the vioce. He focused on the task at hand. He atempted to acess the information.
“I have a solution but your not going to like it “icheb said.”your not sugesting we get asimilated are you?” Olsen asked. ” no but i am sugesting we use borg technology . Basicaly we create a non asimilation borg technology . We will freze the team. We will nead an asult team'”icheb said.
” i can lead it!” Karena said.olsen was reluctant to have her even on the  team but she was hear. He might as well utilize her. “Alright go!”he said.
The team consisted of karena,granger,chubakah and soren. They went over on the scout ship.
The team was equped with specialized sansors. “Alright the team will be lit up with a red highlight. Schoot when you see it. I know this goes against your training but it is the only way!” Karena said.
  Chubakah saw a red light form.he opened fire. The form was stuned. The form fell over. The wookie picked him up and led the form to the ship.
Soren fired on another. Now only one had to be found. The two were brought to the shartle.
“My people will come for me soon! ” darren said. ” Yes. It may not be possible for our universes to interact. At least nit yet!”arjec said.”we know your people exist! We will remember !”daren said. “We will remember you!perhaps one day we will meat again !”he said. She was hit.
“The scout ship is back! ” the officer at tactical reported. ” stand by to get us out of hear!”Olsen ordered.
The away team returned to the bridge. Chubakah took the helm,soren took ops.
“Ok activate the doorway! Lets hope this works!” Olsen said. The doorway was opened. The ship went to warp. The vessel schock back and forth. Bates monitored the sansors. The ship was holding together. This was all very scary. The ship presed on.
Space dock
“Mr. President the doorway is opening!” A tech said. “Lets help um out!” The science president said. The tech increased the power. The ship excited the doorway.
“Captain’s log i am happy to report that the ship has safly returned to our universe. We seam to be makng a full recovery. “Darren said.
“Hi!”icheb said .”did you mean what you said?”she asked. “Yes absolutely did you?”he asked.”yes!”she said . Icheb kised her.
The end
Next up
A crosover between the kepler and murcy one. The crews treat a plaugue on a federation colony.