Star trek casandra 13.4

Mia calmed down. She slept for a while. After a while,jill a techician monitored mia. After a while she determined that she might be able to return to her room.
Josh decided to be brave and enter the cage of the liones. D and warren stood by. A tech named carlos opened the door.
“Ok me!we are going to try this again! “Josh said.  She was very clustrophobic. She was releved to be out of there. She would trade one room for another. Besides she wanted to be free. She wanted to be back on her ship in the right time. Until that it did not matter where she was.
She returned to her room. “Hey how long will you be out of the blue room this time?” Her roomate katie prentice asked.
“Do you think I’m crazy?” She asked. “Your in a mental hospital . I asume everyone is crazy!” She said. “Do you really think I’m crazy?”mia asked. “Well i don’t know you well enouth mia but i got to say starship commander?it is out there!”she said.
“Its real. I was there. It was real!”mia said. ” It may just seam real! You want it to be real. Every one wants to be a hero. You can do good in the hear and now! Its real. Its all you have?”katie said.
“what if this is the ilusion ? What is that ia real?”mia said. “Every one who us dilusional thinks the dilusion is real. Why are you any different ?” She asked. “I am happy sucesfull hear i am a failure with no hope!”she said.
“Right now! It may not always be! It could change. Your young.this could be the outlier,this may be the deviation not the road!”katie said.
Mia entered the mess hall. She saw luriah. She sat next to her. “Luruah! Please tell me you know who you are!”mia asked. “Of course i do. My name is lurisa!”she said. “You are a seranian ! You were wrongfully imprisoned by your government !”mia said.
“Those two should not be together !” Niles a gaurd said. “No it might do some good!” Abby said. “I will folow your lead doctor !”niles said. “Its odd her stories are very detailed. They are not part of any star trek episodes !”abby said.
“You know this how?” Niles asked.”no coment!”abby answered. “Oh ok! “He said.
Ray had a crush on tracy but she had no interest in him whatsoever. Although he was one of the more normal people in hear which in itself is a little crazy.
Rana was talking to shaylah. Sayla was one of the crew replacements. Was it her mind. She had not sean musgrove or thorlan yet. Not that she would recognize thorlan not in blue andorian form.
After dinner was over, mia looked around and saw andrea.she was in a catitonic sate. “Andi. Its mia! Something is very wrong. I need your help!” Mia said.
There was no response from her. Mia had no idea what was wrong with her. She was woried. Why was she out of it. Was it an important clue. She had no idea.
She had to get out of hear.she had no idea how.
Abby decided to say goodnight to mia before she left. “Mia i hope we can become friends !”abby said. “You don’t want that. Your determined to break me. Why is so vital that i denounce the starship and all that goes with it?” She asked.
“Because it is not real! It is not healthy ! “She said. “You came abored a short time ago. Just before the cambera mission ! Are you an alien replicant !”mia asked. “What like commadore manandez in the managerie?” Abby asked “are you an alien?”mia asked.
Mia was able to atempt a Vulcan neck pinch. She never saw it coming. She fell to the ground.she grabed the key card and was able to open the door.
She dragged the knocked out abby to the room. She changed into abby’s cloths. Katie was at a season. This bought her some time.
She went to the front gate. Lukily nugusaki the man at the front door had been out for twi days and had not met abby yet. She found abbys car and was able to hotwire it and leave. With luck it would be a while until they realized she was gone.
It dawned on her. Where would she go?

Star trek preservation part five

Victor felt the impact from the hostle ships. “Damage reports on multiple decks!”the science officer said.
Victor believed that they would win this battle. Nicky had outsmarted him again. He had trouble believing that he had been in love with her once.
He had to regroup. They had to fall back and reorginize. “Order all ships to fall back ! We will try again !”he said.
“The anti preservation forces are leaving the area!”belinda said. “We will fight again I’m sure!” Nicky said. “You act like that is a bad thing!” Belinda said. “War is as obsolete as we are in danger of becoming ! What’s happened to us! We were idealest!” Nicky said. “Our ideals died a slow and pain full death as will we if we don’t win this thing !” Belinda said.
“What is left to win! We have destroy half the galaxy . Only a fool rules in a burning house!” Nicky said. “Its all we have left!” Sulivan said.
Preserver vessel
Conference room
“Kalina i can’t believe you use houdinis!”nicky said. “It was the reason we won this battle!”kalina said. “They will turn around and use it against us! “Nicky said. “They will!”kalina said. “Are we trying to fight to our mutual distiction. It seams like we stoped caring. Like we have nothing left to lI’ve for. We are stuck!”nicky said.
“We won this battle because of the mines. I am not waging a war for mutual asured destruction. I want to win. This is a war for the ages. Whoever win will decide the fate of the universe for the next hundred years or more. We have to go extreme. “Kalina said.
“I can’t believe this. My friends have all gone bizerk. “Nicky said.”nicky i know this is not what you wanted for your daughter. It is what we have to deal with. ” Kalina said.
Later on
Qurters of nicky
Her five year old had falen asleep on the couch. The chime rang. She gave permission to enter. The door opened, it was paul.
“Kalina is spiting nutonium !”paul said. ” I’m sure she is. “Nicky said. “We have to get creative if we want to win this!”paul said.”we are going to spending the first fithty years cleaning up the environmentle toxin  before we can even think of rebuilding! “She said.
“Nick you can’t save him!one day it will come down to him or you!”he said. “Paul i stil love him.he is stil there he has to be!”she said. “He is gone nick. You can’t save him. He is on the true path and unless you join too he will kill you if ypu get a chance. This is the apocalypse. This is the big epic battle. The one that determines the future. Its kill or be killed. If that is unpalitible I’m sorry!”he said.
“There are always posibilities. I can’t believe the only answer is violence! We can do better! ” she said.
“Nick i understand what your goung though. We are beyond the point of no return. We are racing towards a big turning point. You want to reunite be a famuly rebuild,create a new earth plant a garden. That is not going to happen. The best we can hope is to survive lobg enough to salvage what we have left. “Paul said.
She hoped he was wrong but she had no reason to believe he was. This was a dangerous universe. It would get more so.
Victor ship
“We will atempt to reorganize and hit them again !”victor said. ” There is something i need of you!”the figure said. “Anything !i am on the one true path! ” victor said. “Something had happened to nicky. She is a threat to the one true path. I had hoped that she would join us but that is no longer an option.  Her continuation thretends us all. She must be eliminationated! “The figure said.
“I am on the one true path. It will be done! ” he said. “If we win thus battle. There will be an unprecedented era of peace. “The figure said. ” It will be done!”victor said.
End of part five

Star trek casandra 13.3

After her episode,mia was brought into the sicure room for agitated patcients. The room was smal. It was paded of course . There was no bed,no furniture.
While in that respect it was a safe room. It made an agitated person more agitated. There was no orther recourse. She screamed and yelled for a while.
  After a while she calmed down. She got kinda bored. She was not alowed anything in the room.she wished she knew where she was. She wanted to be back on the ship. Back where every one knew her.
She wished she could write this down. She had rotinly journaled from her teen years to her brief tenure at the academy, her time on tentilous,frighter then on the casandra. She could not hear.
She tried to remember where she had been before waking up hear wherever ‘hear’ was.  The casandra had granted asilum to luriah. Then they were on patrol. It was inside federation space. She went to bed and then woke up hear. Unless there is a gap in her memory.
She finally decided to relax. What else could she do? At the moment she was stuck hear. Until she found a way to get out,that was how it was.
She fell asleep. She slept fairly soundly. She had been tired. The next morning she awoke. She was sadened that she woke up stil hear. She was not too suprised. She figured that this would be where she would end up.
  The door opened, josh came in. “I have breakfast. Promise you won’t try to deck me!”josh said.”you know i can!”she said. He put it down then left.
After abby went in. “Hello mia!”abby said. “Are you the real abby?”mia said.”who else would i be?” She asked.
“An alien pretending to be could be a robot,a holographic projection,a pysick projection of some short. This could be a drug induced hilucination.”abby said.
“Well i was not expecting sutch a detailed explination but ok. “She said. “Whitch is it ab?”mia asked.
“Well i am a human i can asure you.  Some of my co workers have discribed me as michanical. I am real. I am curias how you knew who i am!”she said.
” You are a member of my crew. You are ships psiciatrist !”she said. “Why do you gravitate towards star trek. It was a show that aired fithty years ago. “Abby said.
” you believe i made this all up?”mia said.” On star trek women played a smal role. Nichele nicoles almost left because she felt her contribution to the show was saying hailing frequencies oppen or aye sir. Yet you claim to be a comanding officer of scoit ship casandra wich you seamed to have made up. There is no casandra in the show! “Abby said.
“I did not make it up. I am senior officer of the casandra! I have bean for a few mounths now. Ever sense the organiens stoped the war!” Mia said.
“Erand of murcy!i know the episode!” She said. ” It is not an episode. It really happened! “She said.
“I can show you the episode. I asure you it was an episode of a tv show. It is not real!”abby said.
  ” Why do you need me to admit that this is a dilusion? “She asked. ” it is unhealthy. It is holding you back. It is your way of not deeling with trama in life. It is an esape. Its irational!”abby said.
“Hear i have no future. I am a failure. Washed out of colege!the army! Did some jail time but no hope not really. Why would i embrace that?”mia asked.
“Because it is real. You can improve this. The other will never be true. Its says hear you insist your pregnant yet every medical test says your not!”abby said.
“What are you talking about?”mia said. Abby was not expecting this. Mia realy seemed to be schocked. Abby was not expecting this.
“You have insisted that your pregnant yet your not. ” abby said.”i can’t believe this. I am pregnant. I felt her. “She said.
She was horified. Has something happened to her? This was worse then anything that has happened erlier. This was a nightmere except that it might be real.
“You want all this to be real. You want to be sucesfull. You want to make history. You want to be important. This fantasy life is not the way. It won’t give you the results you want. I promise you that!”she said.
“It is real. I will stop this plot. Whoever is involved will pay for this!”mia said.
“Don’t you see. The dilusion is making you angery. It is fighting to live. The adiction is the message. It is fighting to survive like a perisite. Your fighting for the invader. The only way to be cured is to give it up!”abby said
“No never!”she went crazy. Josh came in and sedated her. That ended the intervue.
“Its serious . I am not sure how to help her! “Abby said. “There are times that i am not sure she can be helped!” Megan said. “How can you do it and not burn out?”abby asked. “It is not always easy. You do it because you feal its important . You never know what semingly insugnificant coment could undo this gestalt she has built. Many is a house of cards,we don’t know the wining fomula. We are not promished a solution but we work hard hoping something happens with no asurence that it will! ” megan said.
“It is so sad. I wish i had a magic wound that will instently cure our patcients!” Abby said. “We all do. We can’t give up!”megan said.
End of part three

Star trek preservation part four

The ships broke formation. The anti preserver fleet charged weapons. “They are charging weapons!” Bochra reported.
“Do the same!”Nicky ordered. Bochra presed a few keys on his pad. All phaser and quntrum torpedo banks activated. “Weapons standing by!” Bochra reported. A cardesian vessel loyal to nicky got off the first schot. The gallor class fired off a full voley of torpedoes. The hostile ships returned fire. The battle was in full swing.
The anti preserver ships were hiting whatever they could. The goal of the preserver fleet was to stop the destroyers ability to make war. Destroy the staging area.
The gallor clasd vesel managed to destroy two enemy frigates. An enemy fighter rammed into the cardesien vessel. The vessel was cut in two. The command section was destroyed by a miradorn raider.
One of the loyal ships fired on the base. The ship got of a few scots before a yaridien war ship destroyed it.
So much death and destruction. This was not the universe nicky hoped to raise her daughter in. It was a dark universe full of dispair. It would probably get worse.
How could this have been prevented. Could all of this had bean stoped. Surely it did not have to be this way.
A jemhedar vessel commanded by kalina took risk many would not. The jemheder ran where founders fear to tred. The vessel hit the station’s shield emitor. The ships then beamed a bunch of houdinies on to the station.
The anti personal mines were in place. The alied warship hit the station with phasers torpedoes and every thing else they had. The weapons detonated the mines. The explosions resonated thoughout the station. Within a short time the station exploded.
“Houdinies are outlawed by kitomer three!”nicky said.”kitomer three faided to dust long ago!”bochra said. “Either we servivie or they do. This is war!”paul said.
Every one had changed. Her friends had hardened. Years of war and destruction. Some how she had to restore them back to who they were. She had to restore the galaxy.
“Whats to stop them from using the hodinis ?”she asked.”they already have!”belinda said. She vividly remembered the day ivilek was killed in a raid led bu victor. She had never forgave him and never would.
The eliment of suprise worked in nicky’s favor. She had become a good tactician. She had excellent commanders. Victor had become a brute,a bully. His stratigy was death by a thousand slashes. She wore him out.
Victor knew he could not win. He decided to score some kind of victory .”oh nick there a time holding you was my sole joy in life. That time has come and gone! “He said.
The ship headed for the flag. He was going to atempt a colision course. The ship came for her. The ship veered away at just the right time. Kalina’s ship hit victors. The ship was wounded but not destroyed.
She was glad that he was not dead. She did not want it to end that way. She was woried how it would end.
End of part four

Star trek casandra 13.2

The whole floor heard her scream.she thought with all her might to esape. Josh tried to calm her.
“Me!you need to calm down. This is not helping any one!  “Josh said.”something is wrong j! This can’t be real. We must be on an alien planet. Mayby this is an elborate representation or this is in our heads or we are druged or minupulated!”she said.
“Do you know how many times i have heard that me? “Josh said. Another orderly opened the door and she was brought in. The door was sealed.
She wore the gray but was barefoot. She screamed at the top of her lungs. The room was sound proof so none of the orther patcients could hear her. The room was monitored by closed circut tv.
Office of dr. Shall
“I am sory you had to see the incident with mia!”megan said.”i understand ! I have sean enough patcients to know it has to be expected. “Abby said.
“I hope you stil want to work hear?”megan said.”i do! This facility has one a reputation as being one of the best of its kind in the whole sate of maine. I believe it is well earned”abby said.
“I am glad you feal that way. I think we are doing good hear. I gues i am a bit of an idealest. I don’t believe anyone is beyound help and certainly no one is beyond hope!” Megen said.
“Mental ilness is probably the least understood in our society. My sister liz was a pycologest but she snaped. She ran off with a patcient. They robbed banks.both were killed in a schootout with the police!”abby said.
“I read your fille of course. I heard you did not like to discuss it.”meg said. “Usually i don’t. I feel for mia. I know there is no uniform way to handle stress!”she said.
“No we try to help patcients though there situations. We can only lead them to a certain point. After that it is up to them!”megen said.
“What was the stressor that cause mia to gravitate towards science fiction fantasy world?”abby asked.
“Her farther loved star trek. It was a bound they shared. Her brother said she abandoned it completly when her perents died. She has worked odd job,she served briefly in the army but was given a discharge. She was in jail for petty theft. It was only for a mounth. She started her own bussiness. One day she incisted that she was a starship commander and all this was some aliwn munipulation or time traval or something. Her brother and you reconected a few years ago and he did an intervention!”megan said.
“When she is lucid i would like to talk to her!”she said. “Of course !a fresh face might do some good. I will arange it. ” Megan said.
Mia could not believe this. What was going on? It did look real.she considered the posibilities.perhaps she had gone back in time.
A year ago the enterprise while trying to esape the destruction of the planet psi 200 acidently went back in time giving the ship enough time to esape being caught in the planets wake.
A short time later,the enterprise was flung back in time to the 1960s. They acidently schot down an air force jet and took on the pilot. Then there is the gaurdien of foever.
Mayby she was looking into this too much. Mayby this was a kind of theater. It could all be in her head. Captain cristopher pike was traped in an alien cage. There anything he imagined would become a reality. She knew she had to esape.
Why were her friends, her crewmates part of this rouse?were they realy hear? Were they alien replicants or were they ilusions? She believed either they were copies or being controled somehow.
She would not give up! She would not go qietly into the night. She would fight them. She would win. She would esape.
Abby went into the mess hall. She decided to say hello to some of the patcients.
“This is one of our newest patcients!”megan said. “This is larissa !she is a purivien ambassador !”ray said. ” She is from puru maine! What is the difference? ” a patcient named rebecca said.
“I am a representive of the global fredom network. We fight tyranny in all its form. I am there ambassador warning the free world of the threat from the socialist hermozinized infanilized troops. They are behind every bad thing over the world !”she said.
“Your doing good work! ” ray said in a very sarcastic tone. Ray was an alcholic who were in a drunken stupor tried to comit suiside. His family had him involinterily commited. He was a bit of a b.a. everyone knew it.
This seamed to be an adventure for abby. She did not quite get that to the patcients,these were real isues. She was young. She would in time.
Megan took a break in her office.she turned on her tv. “In the news today. As republican sate senator ryian star begins his canadacy,questiones about his sister’s mentle heath are being scrutinized. While he has brought in republican kingmaker james komack to run his campaign !” Jesica Armstrong said.
“Our family is no stranger to heartache .  As a republican some automatically assume i have no heart. I understand life. I understand dificulty. I understand strugle and the importence of family “star said.
“Ryian is a comon man. He is not a carer politician . He did not come from an aristrocratic family. He did not have a silver spoon in his mouth. He is one of you!”komack said.
“While likly democratic oponent biddeford mayor lucy sanderson had this to say. “Ryan is a good man. He is kind and loving
He has couregiously cared for his family. I just happen to disagre with him on ways to help working familes in maine. The mental health if his family should not be an isure. “Sanderson said
Megen thought that this was interesting. She then turned off of the tv and got back to work.
End of part two

Star trek preservation part three

The anti preserver fleet used an old yaridien base as there staging area. Ships from hundreds of worlds were joing victor’s fleet.
“Kajita is wiling to join us but i fear if rougal brings bajor into the coilition she might bolt!” Boheca said. “One crisis at a time !”victor said. “Very well !”the cardesien said.
They entered the bridge. “We have detected an incoming fleet. It is the hostile fleet!”karlita said. ” Nicky!” Victor said. “Do we intercept?” Englerk asked.”it seams we are fated to meat again nick! Intercept!”he ordered.
The ships broke formation. The ships headed towards the preserver fleet. The two fleet would soon converge.
Preserver fleet
“They destroyer fleet has ploted an intercept course straght for us!” Sulivan reported.
“It seams we are going to meat again victor!”nicky said. She thought  of her last memory of him.
Qurters of the Aaronson.
She had woken up. She put on a bath robe over her night goan and went into the other room. “Hey sweetheart !”victor said. She kissed him.
“I wounder when you would get up!” Victor said. “I’m catching up on my ship knowing it might be a while before i get any sleep when the little one arives! That is not to mention we are in the middle of a gama qudrent and we have a romulin sleaper ship in the hanger of the fronter !it may be a while before i get any !”she said.
“I fear that myself !”victor said. She laughed and pretended to be a bit outwaged. They were rotinly playful.
“I am glad to see you awake!” He said. “I am glad to see you! I like these times that we can just hang out!”she said.
He huged her. She did love him.she remembered faling in love with him. It happened for her before it happened for him.he resisted it for a long time .she pushed until he was ready.
How could they now be enemies. As she looked over the last five years the universe fell apart. When the teran soler system was destroyed,the federation fell, the old worlds of the federation fell into chaos. Extremest movement developed. Cival war occured. Races like the breen and tholiens took advantage of it and carved up the reigions for themselves.
This led to doubts. The universe was literally faling apart. People wanted answers. Victor found that answer in the destroyers.
“We are now in hailing range !”belinda said. “On screen!”she said. Odd one of her last memories of him was of a loving nature. They had a tender moment. She woundered what his last memory was.
On the screen was the bridge of the flagship of the anti preserver coilition. “Nicole it has been a long time!” Victor said.
“The universe has had  way too much chaos vic. There does not need to be more ! ” she said.
“We can bring order ! We are the only ones who can!” Victor said. “I doubt that ! “Nicky said.
“Please nicole. Don’t do this! Dont go down this road!” “She said.”there is no orther road! I am on the true path. “He said.
The view screen faided. The ships began to break formation. The battle began.
End of part three

Star trek casandra 13

Star trek casandra
13 ” Insane”
Prevusly on star trek casandra
During what looked like the beginning of a war with the Klingons,mia bolt a freighter captain volunteers to aid in the war efort and is made c.o of the scout ship casandra.
Lt. Andrea tyler who was on the short list to replace her insist on being asigned to the casandra. The two but heads inicialy.
Megen shal the medical officer knew mia. She serves as chief medical officer and well as an advisor and conscience.
Star fleet decided to begin asigning psichiratrist to there vessel. They asigned dr. Abby danner to the ship.
Tonights episode
The avalon institute, was a well known hospital for patcients with various mentle and orther related isues. It had all kinds of cases from drug adiction to dipresion to far more serious cases. All were non criminally insane.
Some wings were more sicure then others. The level of security depanded on the patcient.
In the tv room a bunch of patcients in gray hospital scrubs were watching tv. An orderly named josh came over.
“Hey!i am sory but i will need you to change the chanel!”josh said. “Come on josh. Its my favorite show!” Eliot said. “No star trek on this floor. “Josh said.
“I know all thanks to space cadet mia! “Ray said. “Goofball your not quite the picture of mentale stability !”tracy said. “Just turn it off please!”josh said.
Eliot changed the chanel. “Ok thank you. You know the rules. Don’t make me have to take away privledges. I really don’t want to!”josh said.
“Fine! “Ray said. Josh then walked around the room. He checked on one patcient. She was in a wheal chair. Unlike the other patcients was in a bathrobe and hospital gowan. She apered catitonic. “Hello amdrea!”he said. She blinked at him. She just sat there motionless. He made sure she was ok then moved on.
Outside a car pulled up and parked. The driver stoped the car and then got out. The driver went to the front desk. “I sm dr. Abbygail danner !”she said.
“Yes !i will tell doctor shall your hear! ” eirin the receptionest said. “Thank you!” She said.
Within a few minutes dr. Shall entered. “I’m dr. Megan shall ! Hospital administrator. “She said. “It is good to meat you!”she said.”i will give you a tour of the place!” She said.
  In a room a patcient woke up.she began to scream. She started yeiling. Nurse julie owens and orderlies waren and dee entered.
She was restraned. She fought agest it. She did every thing she could to get away. Several came in.
Nurse julie owens came in with orderlies warren and dee. every thing was fuzzy. She could barly make any one out.
“Where am i? “She said. “Come on mia!you know where you are. We are not playing this game!”owens said. “What are you talking about?  I demand to know where i am! Am i a prisoner?”she asked. “Mia ! Calm down now!”she said.
“Julie ?”she said. She finaly was able to see clearly. She recognized her. “Yes. Please calm down!”she said.
Dr. Shall and aby heard the sounds of screming. They ran into the room. Mia was kicking and trying to get away.
“She demands i release her!”julie said.”mia these restraints are for your own safty.”megan said.
“Meg if this is one of your pratical jokes it has gone way too far! “Mia said.
“Mia! You need to calm down!”shal said. “I should not be hear. Where us hear?this is not the casandra. Are we on a star base?”she said. “Mia we went over that! Your not a starship captain. “She said.
She got more agitated. Shall non verberly comunicated to abby to get a seditive. She got more and more unglued and agitated.
She saw abby. “You what’s going on abby. You finally snaped?”mia said.
She kicked and screamed. She was knocked out. “How did she know who i was?” Abby asked. “That i am not sure!”megan said.
“What’s wrong with her?”abby asked. “She sufers from dipreson,anxiety,dilisions. She gravitate to this belief that she is a starship captain. Her parents were killed in a plane crash when she was young. She and her brother were the only survivors. They lived from one foster care to another! Her dad was a big star trek fan. She gravitate to this dilusional fantasy! ” shal said.
” well it could be worse. She could be obsesed with Babylon five? Sorry !”julie said. “If she deal with this though fantasy and dilusion. How is her brother coping with all this?”abby asked.”he is runing for congress ! “Shal said.
“What do we do with her?”josh said. “Take her to the blue room. Up the seditives! “Shal said.
The orderlies moved her. The scene cut out.
End of part one.