Star trek people part 6

Kathy woke up. She was disoriented at first. She began to remember what had happened. Zarden took the memories from her mind. He knew where she was from!
What would he do with this information ? She knew it would not be for good. It would be only for his good not any one else’s. He had to be stoped. Though she had for a short time tempted by his advances,she knew that she had to stop him. She decided to go find laurie.
Laurie had done quite a bit of walking around and visiting various stores. She got tired of it and decided to back track and find kathy.
Finaly they ran into eachorher.”you had me woried kath! This was a dangerous game. It a wounder you were not burned !”she said.”i kinda was. He is a madman. I see that now. I wish it did not take as long as it did to relialize it!” She said.
“As least you do now ! Its good to have you back!” Laurie said.”its good to be back. “Kathy said.”we should find the orthers !”laurie said.”agreed!”kathy said.
  The team did some reconisance. They saw that the hanger bay was usualy manned by six crewman. There was one entrence and it had two porters.
Finaly after a while the teams were reunited. They had a lot of notes to compare.
” You don’t think they will let us leave?”kathy asked.”i think the door only swings one way!” Jesica said. ” you never tried to leave?”laurie asked.”no! We have not bean hear that long well at least from our perspective !” Miller said.
“We suspect that it was designed to be some kind of musume. It may even be outside time. “Juralia said. “I don’t think that we were brought hear by the management. ” Kajita said.
“Oh no! I think i know who brought us hear. It is not good. “Kathy said. “Your thinking zarden is behind this?” Laurie asked.”sounds like him. He seams the type. !” Kathy said.
She explaned the mind meld.”you mind melded with him?” One of millers crew asked.” He knocked me out first ! ” kathy said. “You let your gaurd down! You should never do that with zarden!”miller said. ” I know. I have been vanurable sense brad and i broke up. I can’t change it now. We have to keep him from getting out of hear and find a way to get back ourselves !” Kathy said.
” How do we accomplish that?”kajita asked.”i have a few ideas. We can handle this!” Kathy said. Odd in a way she was the leader even though this was all her fault. Someone had to do it. No one challenged her. She was the leader.
Kathy went to the managers office.”we are ready to leave!” Kathy said.”there is much of the station you have not seen!”brakat said.”mayby we will come back at some point!”kajita said. ” I’m sory i can’t let you leave !” The administrator declared. ” Ok lets cut to the case. We know you are determined to make us stay. Why?” Kathy asked.
” You don’t understand all that is going on. There is much you do not understand !”ende said. “Do you care to enlighten us ?”Jessica asked. ” Why not ? What difference does it make now?”the peace officer asked.
The administrator thought it over. ” Very well! Nothing hear is as quite as it apears!  We are those that the universe has nicknamed the preservers. This site was intended to preserve various people. “Braket said.
“This is a self contaned poket. We refer to it as echo time. Those in hear except for you have been perpaired. They can’t leave !”ende said.”that’s why miller and his crew never tried to leave. ” Jesica said.
” Why do i think you interfered more then your leting on?”jurulia asked. ” In some cases we removed certen people before there time !” Braket said.
“In the cases of captian miller,he would have been killed by the romulans. ” Ende said. ” What about zarden?” Kathy asked.
“Zarden is a different case. Had we not displaced him he would have orginized the forces oposed to surek. Surek would have been killed. Vulcan would have become an empire. You would not have recognized the 24th century !”braket said.
” Why is zarden determined to return to the universe. Was he not perpared?” Jurulia said.”it did not work for him. He is the only one. We do not know why !”ende said.
“Our only option is to to keep everyone in.I’m sory you canot be permitted to leave !”braket said. “We were not perpaired. Can we even survive hear?”kathy asked. ” I don’t know !” Ende said.
“We are not going to give up are we?” Jurulis asked.”not at all !” Kathy said. Kathy had a was dangerous but doable. It would meen going against the preservers and zarden.
To be continued

Star trek people part 3

“So you are not a fan of surek?”kathy asked.”he is wrong about vulcan. We need reform. We have become violent. We do need to exert control over our passions but represion is not the answer. There are better ways. Vulcans are superior and should act like it !”zarden said. “There are many who would disagree with you. “Kathy said.”they are fools and will be remembered for that! Well until they are forgotten !”he said.
“I have always admired surek anf the vulcans.i do not want to embrace non enotion but surek legacy lives on. It has inspired many. “She said.”it has promoted weakness and has made the universe unsafe. The andoriens have already taken advantage of it .the universe must be governed by force!”zarden said.
“If you use force other will do the same. Violence breads violence. Control can only he mantaned if you can mantain it. “She said. “Evry one wants to rule the galxsy. It is the contest that keeps the universe from blowing up! Think of the wars that have occured. Yet the universe goes on. As it with our farthers so it is today!”he said.
“Are you a violent man?”she asked.”i do not kil easily but i consider all options and refuse to limit myself . “He said. “Do you at least consider it a last options ?” “She asked.
“I am not a monster. I did what i did out of nesesity. My time is a violent time driven by violent man and at times violent women. When i return i will make it right. “He said.
“So we can be in a lab and this is all a hilucination ?”kajita asked.”would we having the same hilucination ?”jesica asked.”we could be or only one of us is?”jurulia said. ” or this could be a hologram or perhaps we are in some thing like the delta triangle.” Kajita said. ” I think i am ready to leave !”jesica said. “I just hope we can leave!”kajita said.”we can leave. If i have to i will fight my way out !”jurilia said.
“So what do you do when your not visiting way ward space stations?”zarden asked. “I am in school. I am traning to be a lawer!”she said.
“On vulcal we once had superb lawers. The law was a noble professon. The lawers now are corupt. They serve there favorite mind lord until they get a better offer!” Zarden said.
“Why the law?”he asked.”i had two passions goung up to be a lawyer and to be a space explorer. The law won out!”she said.”why not be a military lawer?”he asked.”i tried that! It did not go well !” Kathy said.”i see” zarden said.
” Some day i will lead vulcan. After i am able to unite the planet and defeat the mind lords i can reintroduce a reformed judiciary. Mayby you can be a judge. My world could use someone like you. I could use someone like you!”he said.
A part of her was tempted to acept his offer. This was not right.this was not her. She believed in the founding principles of the federation.she beleved in fredom,representitive government and the rule of law. This man would not respect any of those things. That she knew. She would resist his advances. She had to. The universe depended on it. That she knew.
Laurie was very concerned. He gave her the creaps. She did not trust him at all. She had no idea why kathy even brotherd to give him the time of day. Laurie did not feal that he had earned it.
” Kath we should be moving on.there is much more of the station to see. “Laurie said.” Why don’t you go on. I will catch up with you later. “Kathy said.”we realy should not split up kath.” She said.”there is nothing to wory up. This station is one of the safest in the qudrent. ” He said.
“It was a mistake to let her go.perhaps i was not thinking straght. Perhaps i was not in my right mind. I wanted to hear this man out. I am not sure why but i did. A part of me wanted to find something in him that was worth redeming. Mayby he could be tamed.perhaps i could change him. I should have known better but i did hesitate. I am not proud of it. I am simply sating what hapened. I am trying to understand it.
Laurie did not want to leave me.she was probibly right. I probibly should have listened but i did not. She reluctantly agried to move on. We agreed to meat up later. I convinced myself that he would not get the best of me. Luckily he never did. He came far too close. He came much closer then he should have.
Laurie felt bad about leaving her.she could not stand to be around him another second.she realy hoped that they would be leaving soon. She was ready to be back on earth. She had been away long enough. Any where away from this place would due.
They would eat and then they would start walking around the station again. They wanted to know more about this mysterious place. The more they learned about it the more mysterious it was. It seamed to garner more questions then answers. It would get even more mysterious.
“Excuse me you are a kalandon is that corect?”jesica asked.”yes i am ! I am not familar with your race !”he said. ” we are from a distence !”she said. “Why do you come hear?”he asked.”we were in the neighborhood! We decided to check it out ! “She said.
“Curiousity. You must be a younger race !you will grow out of it in time. “He said.”i hope that is not a sign of muterity. “She said.
Juralia senced someone was coming at her. She lunged for them. She tackled the would be asalient to the ground. “Let me go!” He insisted. Several of his cohorts came to his defense. So did her freinds.
Station security came by. “What is going on hear!”the peace officer asked. ” The Klingon butcherd a civilon population on archanis ! We were seaking a peace full resolution !”he said.
“Why are you defending her?”a female said. They old wore old styile star fleet uniforms. “Juralia is our friend!”jesica said.”a freind. With klingons!”another Female said.
“We do not tolerate violent acts. War is for out there not hear. If you canot behave you will be spend time in our detention ficility. “The officer said.
” i am sory officer. I do respect your stance and intend to abide by it ! ” jesica said.
“Captain miller you canot pick a fight with every race that ever harmed you !” He said. “Klingon. Do not belong hear !”he said.” He did provoke the attack. Do you wish to file a grevence?” The officer asked.”no i do not !”she said.”alright. I will consider the mater closed. “With that they moved on.
“Miller there was a captain ben miller of uss clark. His ship vanised during the conflict of 2240s. The Klingon denied destroying it. ” Jesica said.” Could this be some kind of alien musime? There are stories of the preservers! We know there is the enigmatic aliens who recruted gary seven .” Jurulia said.”did we come hear on our own will or were we lured hear? “Kajita said. “If we were brought hear can we leave?”jesica said.”we could be stuck in an intergalatic shoping mall all our lives ?” Jurulia asked. “Thats a scary thought!”kajita said. ” lets not jump to conclusion besides just because that is there intent does not meen it will be what happen! The best laid plans of mice and furengi ” jessica said. “We can’t give up or give in. “Jurilia said. They all agreed. They would leave hear in one peace.
“It is confirmed we did not bring these people hear !”endi said.”then if we did not who did?”braket asked. “Who do you think ?”the peace officer said.”how did he get acess to our equipment ? “Another asked.”he is very resorcefull !” The peace officer said. ” It was a mistake bringing him hear!”a female doctor said. ” we should terminate him? “Endi said.”no!that is in violation of our mandate !”brakat said.
” If he has aces to our technology it represents an unprecidented threat to the future! “The peace officer said.
They were on alert. An unsuspecting universe had no idea of the danger that was out there.
End of part four

star trek people part three

“the station was huge. it seamed that the station was mostly businesses. it seamed that that was its only function. there was all kinds of shops. there was clothing stores,sporting goods,technology,you name it they had it. there was all kinds of cultural stores as well. there was stores that catered to Klingon,cardesiens even Vulcan. it seamed very pleasant but i still had a lot of misgivings about this place. “

“you can stay hear as long as you wish. we don’t close !”endi said.”not even for kayless day!”brakat said.”a little administrator humor. he is famous for that!”the aid said.”or infamous as the case may be!”the administrator said.they all laughed. “after the tour we were left alone. i was concerned about having us split up. if the others had misgivings of there own they did not communicate it to me.  “

“we went to the Klingon store first. “i never liked Klingon fashion! i get your warriors but does everything in your society have to reflect that?”kajita asked. “i prefer it to cardesien fashion. you over do everything. i swear your people garden in what most people ware to a sate dinner !” she said. “well hello there. you must be new hear ?’ a male said.”we are ?are you the proprietor of this establishment ?”Kathy asked. “indeed i am. i am verek from krios. i know its odd for someone form a world which was once subjugated by the klingons to embrace there culture. i look for opportunity where i can find it.  believe it or not  selling to klingons is a vibrant business!” he said.

“this is quite a group! “a customer asked.”it is quite diverse and a bit unusual. “the kriosien said. “good freinds are hard to come by. its something works it works!”Laurie said.”we welcome all well maybe not the Borg or the dominion but you get what i mean!”the shopkeeper said.they all laughed.

“we spent quite a lot of time at the Klingon store.then we spent some time at a store for cardesiens. jurilia was not a big fan of it but fair was fair,she did not protest too much. while at an andorien store i saw something i did not expect to see. it took me totally by surprise. i was not even sure i had really seen it. “is that what i think it is?’i asked to Laurie. “black on one side.white on the other. its a member of the cheron species.”Laurie said.

the cheron species had all but vanished by the time humanity ventured out into space. they had been a major player in the intergalactic scene.  the dominant class had subjugated the other class.the two classes eventually wiped each other out. cheron is now a dead world. it was used by the romulans as a staging area during the romulan war before the founding of the federation. kirk and the enterprise encountered two survivors. they returned to the home world. there fate after that was unknown.

Kathy ans Laurie ran to the man. they ran as fast as they could. finally they met up with him. “excuse me what species are you?”laurie asked. she was not always the most tactful.   “i am a cheron !”he said.”i was not aware that your species was stil around !”she said. Laurie had probably said more then she should.”what are you talking about ?my planet has problems but i cant believe they will lead to our destruction. “he said.

“at that point i knew we were in deep targ poop. not that i was not sure before.something was off. what it was i did not know.i was not sure if we should investigate or leave. perhaps we should go and inform star fleet or the federation science council. let them deal with it. i just did not know!

“how long have you been on this station ?’she asked.”a few days. i came across it by accident. i was trying to avoid nusican space. they can get pretty nasty and that is when they are in a good mood. “he said. “I have learned that the hard way many have !”Laurie said.

“Why were you near musician space?”Laurie asked.”  I am a bit of a wanderer. I was curious. What brought you hear ?”he asked.” We just left musician space !”Kathy said.”what were you doing on nusica ? Is. It barely safe for natives !”he said. “We were observing there justice syistom !”she said.”I was not aware they had one !”he said. “They have a lot of improvements in the last few years. The federation has worked closely with them to do just that !”Kathy said.”what’s the federation?” He asked.

“How is it you have never heard of the united federation of planets ?”Laurie said.”he has been out in the rim no doubt!”Kathy said. “I shifted the. Conversation away from the federation. I suspected he might be from the past. How. He got hear is. No clear. What is also not clear is where is hear ? Did we cross over into a different dimension without knowing it. How do we get back. The other question in my mind was can we get back? Were we trapped ? I really hoped not !”
“Something very odd is going on hear!”kathy said.”what do we do kath!”laurie asked. “I don’t know yet. I want to do some more investigating !” Kathy said.
“That was a mistake. I knew it was. I should have ran like heck and never look back but i did not. “

We split up,Laurie and I were group. Kajita,juralia and Jessica were another.we went in one direction while team 2 went in the opposite. We saw a Vulcan fortune teller. He identified himself was zarden.I introduced myself and Laurie. He did no seam to know of our world. I decided not to mention the federation, I had no idea who he was. He could be an alien made to look like a Vulcan of he could be a hologram or android with much the same goal.I could not take that risk.

“I can tell your fortune !”the Vulcan said.”you will do a mind is not that magical !”Kathy said.”I don’t need to meld ! You were on a path. It was clear,consice and complete. Now you have abandoned that path and are on a different one !”zarden said.”I have heard that vulcans can only read minds if there in direct physical contact!”Kathy asked.

“I have heard that our abilities atripied .I am sad to hear that. I do not have that particular flaw!”he said.”you are not a student of surek are you?”she asked.”hardly ! I do not believe that there should be any limitations on our abilities. Peace is weakness but I digress !”Kathy had a sick feeling in her stomach.

In the food court, the second team were looking it over.”look at this ! You have a clalandon restaurant, an iconian and t,kon. All races that have died out !they all look very much alive and authentic !”Jessica commented.”where are we?is this a holographic representation?are we in a lab some where and this is all in our. Head ? Is this like the cage on fellow four or the date taker on veins or the repair station archer investigated ? “Juralia asked.”it could be any of those things !”kajita said. They were all concerned .something was not right.

End of part three

star trek Casandra invasion part 7

“commodore’s log, under a flag of truce i am beaming aboard the alien flagship to meat with there grand commander.i am hopeful that this can be resolved peacefully.  i am bringing the commanding officer of the Casandra and the governor of nova 3. the next few minutes may change the course of history for this sector. i have a lot of fear and trepidation but i have had that this entire mission”

the chief activated the controls. within a few seconds they were on the alien command ship. the team was taken to a confrence room. they exchanged pleasantries. “shall we get to the point?'”the commander said.”very well commander !”Wesley ordered.”we know that you have been to this world before. “mia said,”what is your claim to this world?”Wesley asked. “long ago our ancestors lived in a far off Galaxy.”he said.

“There were two species on our home world. A humanoid and a non humanoid. The two species have come to coexist and formed a joint culture.then the humanoid culture died out. The non humanoid left the planet and cam me to this world. There he using DNA from the humanoid reintroduced the species. We colonized many world. This planet became a shrine to us. We return every 200 years to hornor our progenitor. We have traveled for thirty years as what you call high warp! When we arrived we were shocked to see our home world infested with your people.this planet should be only have the progenitor living on it. Our people do not even live hear. It is his world. It should only be his world !”the commander said.

“You left no markers ! You had no warning !how were we to know ?”the governor asked.” This planet is not yours. It is not even ours. It is the progenitor. “The grand commander declared. “Why can’t we coexist?” the governor asked. “That is now how it woks. That is a violation of our laws!””the commander said.

” we will not tolerate infestation on this world!”the alien leader said.”this world is our home !we will not abandon it not without a fight ! “The governor said. “Calm down everyone ! I understand the difficulties associated with this. Do we really want to fight a war over this ? “Wesley asked. ” this is our planet !”the governor said.” This is the progenitor. he should be left in peace !”the commander said.

“Have we consulted the progenitor? Have we asked him what he thought ?”mia asked.” It is forbidden to talk to him.he is to be revered and left alone. “The commander said. ” I suggest we talk to him ask his thoughts !”mia asked.”you in feat our world now you break a capital law?you are pure evil!”the commander said.”I cannot negotiate with this thing!”the governor said. ” either we consult with your progenitor or I will end. The cease fire and will send for more ships. We will be in a sate of war !”he said.

” we have no way to contact him. “He said.”you have never contacted him?”mia asked.”there are legends! I have never taken them seriously. “The commander said. “If there is a way my crew will find it. They are good at that sort of thing !”she said.”if he wants ua gone do we have to leave ?”the governor said.”one step at a time governor!” Wesley said.
On the bridge of the casandra, mia entered. Beside the senor staf whi served on the bridge,megan,sparky were there and yeoman pretice.”ok you all have been mericle workers lately. I told the comadore your all experts at puling rabits out of your hats. Please don’t let me down !”mia said.
“I beleve with eva suits we can beam you beam you down. Beaming you back up may not be as easy !”sparky said. ” not quite what i wanted to hear sparky! ” mia said. ” What about sending a portible comm unit ? If ypy can’t bring mohamid to the mounton !”rana said. “Will the unit keep working ?”mia asked.”that thing will servive a thermal nuclear war !” Sparky said.”we will need it on before we transport it!”niles said.”lets get on it!”mia ordered.
Uss Lexington
“Begin transport!”Wesley ordered. The chief activated the beam. The device was beamed to the planets core. “We have talemitry!” The comm officer said. “On screen!”he ordered.
On the bridge the from of a humanoud apeared.”are you the progenitor ?”Wesley asked.”you could. Call me that. I have chosen to speak though this projection! It has been too long!”he said .
“I have so many questions. First your planet is being defilled!”the commander said.”yes i know . I have no problem sharing this world. I expected your people might colonize this world !”he said.”it is forbiden to live hear. Only short pilgrimages are permited!” The commander said. “I never isues that rule. Comidore Wesley the colony may remane !’the progenitor said. ” no this can’t be ! ” the leader said. “You canot be serious. This is blasphemy !”the leader said.
“You must not attack this word. Either come as gentleman or you are not welcome hear?”the figure said. The leader was very unhappy with all of this. “My ruling stands!”.the transmisson ended.
“As a show of good faith i demand your ships leave orbit. One ship may remane to pay homage but they canot have shields or wepons powered up!” He said. The commander thought it over. “No ! No truce!”he said. The ships powerd up.
Then a lighning bolt left the center of the planet. The bolt exploded ib space.”it missed!” Megan said.”i think that was intentional ?”mia said.”a warning schot!”tyler said. “The ships are withdrawing !”eliot said.
“So is it over!”the governor’s wife asked.”we will have to keep a close eye on this sector .yes we believe it is over!”Wesley said.” The nightmere is over! ” mia said. “Good!”she said.
“I was wrong about you marea!”Wesley said.”i apreciate that. It seams i was wrong about you bob!”she said.”you have a bright future ahead of you!”wesley said.
The end
Next up
The crew of the casandra takes on drug dealers using a remote sector of federation space.

star trek casandra invasion part 6

“Comadores log,we have five years to begin evacuation or they will detonate mines. If they detonated the mines the damage would be astonishing.  It is not the policy of the federation or star fleet to negotiate with terotists.i am curius as to why they did this. “
“You defied my direct orders lt commander. Your actions were clearly an act of insobordination! I should have you court marshaled. I nead commanders i can count on. In a batle i need to know. That my orders wont be second guised! ” Wesley said.
” I did defy you. I beleved i was right but you are corect. I am perpaired to offer my resignation! “Mia said.
“Wait !bob don’t do this! Your order wad wrong!”tyler said.”andrea don’t!”mia admonished.”i must say this! You have a bias against smaller ships. You almost never use medium class vesel or smaller in multi ship operations. Your order made no sence. If she had not done what she did we would stil be fighting this now! dont get rid of a good officer because of your short sitghtedness ! “Tyler said.
” sence you were brought on,your actions have been excempleary. Your thoughtfulnes has been used to avert many a disaster. You are in the best of star fleet traditions. I am concerned that you do seam to be at ease with defying the chain of command. In retrospect my actions may have not been best. I am writing a letter of reprimand but i am going to hold off on submitting it. I hope i don’t have to. ” Wesley said.
“Thank you sir ! “Mia said. ” andrea you did not want to serve under mia !things have changed!”he said.”things often do !”she said.
The two were dismissed. “Andrea you did not have to do that!”mia said.”yes i did. I think the fleet needs people like me and people like you. This fleet depends on diversity. I have learned that there is no one way to do star fleet. Star fleet is banefited by your continued presence in star fleet !”tyler said.”thank you!”mia said.
” this is our world ! We will not leave !”the governor said. ” I understand governor. I don’t want that. ” Wesley said.”have you determined if the mines realy exist ?” The planitary minister of defense asked. “We know this area has mines. There detonation proves that. We detected energy patern consistent with the mines ! ” Wesley said. ” I don’t want this sector ignited with devisation.” The governor said. “We don’t want that !”!he said.
On the casandra chief enginer spark had made a discovery. He ran to the bridge. He was almost out of breath when he arived.”sparky! What is it?”mia asked. ” i believe i have located most of the mines. “Sparky said.”good work.we will send it to the fleet commander !”Mia said. “That’s not all mia. I was curias how long the mines have been hear. The mines were 200 years old !”sparky said.
” Is that possible ?” Yeoman prentice asked. ” its possible unprobible but not out of the realm of posibility! ” Tyler said. ” Could this be prove there claim that we are an infestation ?’megan asked.”mayby. I need to speak with the comidore. Man he is really not going to like me now !” Mia said.
“What does this prove?”the governor asked.”they may have a claim on this world!”comidore Wesley said.” They are invaders,terorist. Now your sugesting we consider giving in to there demands?”the planitary defense minister said. “We need to consider everything !”wesley said.
“Lets say they do have a claim to our world?its 200 years old at least. This would set a bad precident? Humanity had colonized a lot of planets. Some may have been claimed by orther worlds. Will we simply give them uo every time someone makes a claim?” The justice minister asked. “I am not hear to make policy . It will be up to the federation council. ” Wesley said.
“Are you considering givng into there demands?” The lt governor asked. ” I don’t know yet.”wesley said.”that is not comforting !”the governor said. “I don’t relish the idea of negotiating at the baril of the gun. I am Not ruling anything in or out !”the comidore said.
“Bridge to comidore Wesley !”com officer said. He hit the com unit. “Wesley hear!”the comadore said. ” Its comander bolt she is asking to speak to you.her crew had made another discovery !”the oficer said.
” I did exstensive scans on the planet ! I detected odd readings. I did some more exstensive scans. I detected what i believe is some kind of life form !”tyler said. ” the planet was determined to be lifeless !” The science minister said.
“It was hiding. Its excist!”tyler said.”the creture seams to excist in the planets core. More then that i detected evidence of dna of the invaders !” Megan said. “What are you saying,these aliens were spawned by this creture ?”the governor said.”it apears so yes !” Mia said.
“Do you know how crazy that sounds?”the health minister asked. “There is much we do not understand about the universe. We canot asume that evryone will be like us? ” megan said. “If it can be proven that this is the garden spot of this race,it may boost there claim over this world!” Wesley said. “You would make us leave ?”the governor asked. “This may not be our world to claim governor !”Wesley declared. “My farther was born on this world. My kids were born on this world. They have no ties to any other world.”governor said.
“Are you sugesting that we pack up and leave ?”the parlimentry opisistion leader asked. ” I don’t know yet. If they have a lugitiment claim we may have no chioce !”Wesley said.”I don’t like this commadore” the governor said.

“Frankly I don’t either governor. If they have a claim on this world we must consider it! ” Wesley said. ” what will you do next?”the Lt governor asked.”I plan to meet with the commander of the fleet but I wanted to meat with you first. I hope to have a peaceful resolution to all this. “Wesley said. “We hope that any resolution will include our feelings !”the governor said. “Of course ! You will be included in any discussions with them “Wesley said. “Good !”the governor said.

USS Lexington bridge

“Commodore message from the alien commander. They are wiling to meat under a flag of truce!”the communication officer said. “Let’s do this !”he said.

To be continued

Star trek casandra invasion part five

“Commanders log, although it took disobeying orders,we have manged to break the stand off. The enemy formation has fallen apart. The hope is that we can force them out of nova air space.”
“Two medium class vesel are hevily damaged. They are withdrawing !”the science officer anounced. “Don’t give them time to regroup.i want to seround that fleet!”wesley declared.
The federation fleet suronded the enemy fleet. There advantage was gone. They were no longer in the drivers seat. The comadore wanted the ships gone. He wanted them far away from nova five. Right now they were still too close for comfort.
The alien commander went off to a corner. He motoned for his first officer to join him. “Sodar this battle has not gone as planned. I don’t beleve we can capture and sicure this world!”he said.”i have concluded the same thing excellentcy! “Commander sodar said. “We canot give up. This misson is too importent !” The commander said. “There must be a way to turn this around!”the aid said.he thought about it.”perhaps there is!”he said.
“Sir vessels are powering down there weapons and shields. “The science officer said. “Could they be giving up?”the first officer asked.”i dont know.its possible! ” Wesley said.
“Sir we are being hailed.”the com officer said.”.on screen !”Wesley said. On the view screen was displayed the image of the bridge. “I am lord ezerban admiral of the expiditionary force for the unani inperial order. You have infested our world with your kind. Your evil inperialism sickens us. We demand you leave our world at once!”ezerban said.
“This is comadore robert wesley of united federation of planets. This world has been colonized by our people for over 120 years. If you have a clame on thks world there are proper chanels. Force and violence is not the way!”Wesley said.
“We will not sit idily by while you polute our planet! Leave at once!”the commander demanded.
“We will not negotiate at the barel of the gun! If you leave the area and are wiling to sit down peacefully we can discus the matter!”Wesley said.
“We di not negotiate with infestors. We have shown our lives to reclaming our world. We will pay any price to retreve it even at the exspence of our own lives ! Now a demenstration!”he said. He presed a button on an arm band.
In a nearby moon the moon exploded. The shock wave was felt by the fleet. It did not do perminent damage.
“This entire sector has been mined. We are wiling to engage in a dirty gerila war if nesisary. Do not doubt us. You have five hours to begin evacuation of the planet or we will detonate all of the remaning mines!”he said.
“We can discus this rationaly!”wesley said.”we will be rational with irational beings! Comply or perpare to face our worst!” He said.
End of part 5