star trek preservation part 6

Rokerie prison 

Kelsey wore the green prison uniform with black stripes.she decided as she reflected that it was not the worst prison issue uniform she. Had ever worn.they always seam to use drab colors. That was except for the federation. senses they wanted prison to be hospital fort sick minds, that pervaded there entire philosophy of criminology including prison atire. Great she thought , she was reviewing prison clothing. She must be bored.

 Her roommate was a native rokerie.she had a bad habit of snoring.she also laughed at reading  material at odd times. Kelsy considered asulting her so she could end up in solitary and get some peace and quiet.she was not sure  they  had solitary. They might just resort to schoting unruly would not surprise her in the least.shee had bean in tight sports before.she was woried she might be stuck hear for a. While.

“We are not outside rokerie space !”talera reported.”pilot all stop!”vash ordered.”all stop aye!”boheka said,”OK hear comes the fun part! You all know our jobs let’s get it done!”she said.

“The vessel is holding position on the other side of the. Border!”a sensor tecknician said, “curious! Keep a close eye on them!I don’t like this one bit!”thee border post commander said.”aye sir!”the tek said.”they are planning something! I know it !”he said.

“They will be monitoring us. The whole time! Talera said.”we will have to make this count !”Reese said.”that we will MR. Reese !”they entered the shartle bay. “The shartles and fighters are prepped and ready!”remen engineer engleerk said.”this won’t be easy !”romulin bochra said.”let’s go kick some rekeerie but!”vash said.”I am not following but OK!”the portal said.

“Two shartles and figjter escorts are ready to lunch !”Rebecca said.”OK!open shartle and fighter bay doors!”talera said. The fighter and shartle lunched.he vessels emitted some kind of dampening field.

“All ships are out !”bochra said.”OK let’s stick to the plan hear we go !”vash said,the shartles gota distence form the Maine vessel.”we are At the location !”karlita said.the. shartles got to a distance away from the mother ship.”we are at the location !”karlita said.”hold position !”she ordered.”we are at all stop!”bochra said.”open the vortex !”shed ordered. The shartle and fighter emitted an energy field. The field created a subspace vortex.

“Why did I agree to this ?”brunt asked.”as I recall you did not ! “Kalina said.”yes I know ! ‘Brunt said.” You can’t leave people behind!”kalina said.”i am my ownn. It is a dog eat dog world !it was either her or me!”brunt said.”I can’t not agree with that philosophy !”she said.”its better then victory is life !”brunt said.”the vortek is open this is it !”ivilek said.”that’s our window let’s go in!”kalina said.the ships entered the vortex. 

“I am experiencing difficulty with the scanners !”the technician said.”had the vessel made any moves?”the base commander asked.”negative ! All is as it was !”the technician said. “Something is up. They are up to something,I don’t like it!”the commander said. He could not prove that they were up to anything but he was sure that they was.

Over the Planet the vortex opened. The fighters deployed several jamming devices. The devices blocked any further communications . He fighters returned inside the vortex.”jammers in place !”the portal reported.”now for phase two!”she said.

The vessels  excited the vortex. the vessel fires multiple volleys on the missile complex that protected the prison. Thee shields fluctuated for a few seconds. It was long enough to get a team aboard. The strike team were able to gain access to the facility. 

“Scan fort human life signs !”vash ordered.”this way!”Reese said. They were fired on, they returned fire.the portal stunned several with his staff. Brunt dodged  several hits. He really disliked this. He was not a. Fighter . He was not a lover but even less so a. Warrior. They advanced on the enemy forces. They hooped to get closer.

Reese and bocra were the first to get to kelay and her roommate.”we are hear to reuse you!”Reese said.”you must be from the preserver service !”she said,”we are!we need to be going !”bochra said.”come on !”kelay said to her roommate. No one wanted to argue.  “We got her and a guest !”Reese said reluctantly.” oh well come on!”vash said. 

They were fitted on. Several fitted back. They kept on moving. They made it outside. They were fired on. They fired back. “Beam us up!”the captain said.”I can’t get a lock on you!”englerk said.”let me goes they are jamming us !”vash said. “We will have to comes closer !”kallita said.the vessel went to the atmosphere. They fired on the ships. The ships returned fire.”we are tail being jammed !”the remen said.

“I have an idea but is risky !”karlita said. She took the shartle down.the. fighters provided cover, the scout ship did not fully land but enough.the hatch opened.the crew pilled in.when the last was on bored,the ship lifted off.

The ships were hit left and right.”we have to risk opening a vortex !”vash said.the vessels. Emitted the field.the. vortex opened, the ships went inside.the enemy vessels fired on the vortex.then the vessels made it. Out,”we are  ow. Outside of rokeerie space !” The vessels returned to the other ship and  went to warp.

“I should never trust furengi !”kelsy said. She had changed into civilian clothing. ” I have had similar experiences !”vash said.”I can see that we have Haas many similar experiences!” she said.”more. Then you realize.”she did not understand but decided to drop it, she was referring to Picard. “Thank you for saving me !”she said,”can you open the obelisk ?”she asked.”of course !”she said.

She entered the access code.the obelisk opened. “Sate your identity !”a figure said.”I am portal 147 !”he said.”my people have stayed away for along time,now it is time foe us to return.hear is a map come find us !”he looked it over.”it is like a scavenger hunt!”the portal said. “Bridge to vash!”shed went over to the comm panel .”go ahead !”she said.”we have received a distress call .it is preserver code. Code sos then the words four lights !”talera said.”madded !”she said.

To be continued 

star trek of gods and con man part 8

“Commanders log,with the help of the Garland ships,we have subdued the ship commanded by ming.being true to his. Nature he had another trick up his. Sleeve,he has unleashed some kind of creature inside the relic. We are all in danger “

“The energy is increasing !”Carlos said.”it will tear that ship apart !”Tyler said.”that ship has cryonic capability.I recommend ringing it!”Tracy suggested.” why?”harry said.”loss if life is not heasiary hear. Besides we want them to stand trial!”Tracy said.”good thinking!”Mia said.Carlos was able to sneek into the ships computer and froze the crew,

The creature came out of the ship. It rammed into the Cassandra.the vessel temporary lost gravity.everything was. Jostled around.Tracy fell into mud annd kept moving.Eliot and crosgrove were knocked off of there seats.Carlos stugled to stay in his seat.thee ship stopped and gravity was restored.

“Target that thing !”Mia said.”targarted !”Eliot said,”fire!”she said.the ship fired on the creature. Thee creutre was dazed for a moment. “Are you go into fire some more?”harry asked.”hold on harry!  We may be able to communicate with him. Convince him to stand. Down !”she said,

“He is heading right for us !”Tyler said.”reinforce shields!” Mia ordered.any non esenntial power was transsfered to shields. “Evasive munuvers !”she. Ordered.the ship tried to move away. The creature headed for the was going. To ram it again.the. commander ordered the ship to fire on the creture.the phasers hut. The creture. The weapons did little good against the creature.

It tail came at them. The vessel fired on the still came at them.thee creature rqmmed into the cadandra.the shop spun out of control.panels were exploding, Eliot and Cosgrove were knocked out.Tracy checked both officers.they were alive.ensing Katie web a relief officer was going to take the helm but Mia told Tracy to do it and mud took navigator,

The vesel tried to back up. “Hear we go again!”Tyler said,the creature rammed into the ship.the ship was tossed to and of the garland  ship fitted on the creture.the creature headed for the vessel.the casandra fired on the ship.the Cassandra got as close as it could and fired multiple projectiles at the creature.the garland ship folowed fired multiple times.

“Thee creature is still heading for the garland vessel!”Tyler said.”take us. I side !”she said.”are. You crazy? Your not Jonah !”mud said.”comidore stone is right you are thee universe most annoying !do it!”she. Ordered.”he said that !”mud said,”aye sir hear we go!”she said. The Cassandra went.inside the creture.

“This is fascinating.this creture has an advanced anatomy and physiology !I could  study this for hours !”Tyler said.”we will have. To compare notes if we make it out of hear in one peace !”Megan said.”excuse me not to interupt but we are inside a malevolent space. Breast about to became part if. The digestive syistom !”mud said.”man harry your sch a downer !”miar said,

“I believe I have found a sentive spot !”Tyler said.”target it and. Fire !”thee commander ordered. Tracy adjusted her Sansors and fired on the creature,the creature stopped,it seamed to writhe in pain. The Garland ship fired on the creature. “The creature is stopping !”tyler said,”get UA out of. Hear !”she. Ordered.

The vessel went at high speads pass thee managed. To get out of the creature,thee creature had stood.”wait I have an idea! “Tracy said.”well don’t leave. Us hanging ?we don’t stand on ceremony hear!”she said, “why bit lure it. Into the nebula !”she said.”good thinking !”mia said,

The cadandra fired multiple shots on the fired then ran.thee garland vessels fired as well.the Cassandra ran to the nebula.the. garland ships got. Out of. The way.  “We are still being pursued !”Tyler said,”come on take the bait!”Mia said,

The creature hit the ship,the ship servived this kept going.”we are getting closer to the nebula !”harry said,”just a little bit more !”the commander said. The frigate was just. Outside the nebula.the ship ran  inside,the creature followed.then the Cassandra flowed it.he creature became interested in something else.

“We are. Not being followed !”Carlos said,”good work everyone !”Mia said,the ship went to a full stop .”begin damage control !”she shal began to do her work on the injured crew. “Harry let Katie take over!”the commander ordered.”I was getting used to this !”he said.he then got up after Mia gave him a dirty look.

“Commanders log,there is some damage but the. Damage was negligible and can be easy fixed,there were no  fatalities and injures were light.ensign James Donald Eliot and Lt cosgrove have been taken to sick bay. They are doing well, while the crew of the Orion vessel have been taken into custody.mung us bit among  them.I suspect that he has gotten away.we have. Not seen the last of him, comendation to Lt Tyler,doctor shal,ensibg muzar bastiata ,Cosgrove Eliot web yeoman Prentice and civilian advisor Tracy diargio and harry mud.”

“The relic has been taken into will need to be examoned,the two worlds have argued to have it taken to Garland five.the planet has relations with both worlds.both worlds will work on the examination process, I hope that the two words can wrether this storm and grow stronger because of. It,”

“You did good !”Cosgrove said.”thank you!”Tracy said.”you should cobsuider a carer in star fleet ?”Eliot said,”I will think it over. “You should!your a natural !”Megan saiid back in the blue uniform. “Sir !mud is gone !”Tyler said,”I am bit surprised!” Mia said.

Later on

Tracy looked out a window. She stared at the stars.”great view ?”Mia asked,”it is !”Tracy said,”you did good today !”the commander said,”is there hope for mud ?”Tracy asked.”there is but he has to want to change.right biw he does bot want to.”she said,”what did he mean by your protigae ?”she asked,”it is an old joke . At tentilous mud said I was on the road he was on, you have alit if talents you can avoid the mistakes of. Mud or even me . You have to want to!”she said,”I know !”Tracy said.

Later on

Tyler and Mia entered the turbo lift.”look Andrea I have been doing. Some thinking I asked Megan to be my child godmother I would to be her back up and . Co god. Parent,. There is. No one I would rather have at my child side then the two of you!”she said.”I am honored beyond what I can express,I gladly accept thank you!”Tyler said.

They enteted tee bridge.”you sure you want to do this?”shall asked,”I do meg!”mia said,”your on! “Raina said,”attention crew we are. About to get. Underway,before we do I have an some it ma bit be a surprise .to others it may come as a total shock.I a. Expecting a child.I will cntinue my duties until the. Time nears for her to arrive. Then I plan on taking maternity leave and then resuning my duties after that.!”the chanke was closed.

“That’s done!”she said.”all decks stand ready !”raina said.”you have the corse navigator ?”she asked,”I do indeed !”Eliot said,”punch it Cosgrove !”she said,the ship went to warp.

The end

Next up

The Cassandra is. Ambushed after answering a distres call and bordered .one of the commandos have a conecfion to Mia.

star trek of gods and con man part 7

“This was all done to lure us hear ?”president Gregory asked.”if true this is quite an elaborate association attempt !”president Trevor said.”yes sir. I believe it is a plot to start a massive war. The goal was to prevent the energy deal!”mia said. “Its about business. Not. Politics or even religion but greed!”Trevor said.”that is the size of it mr president !”Mia said. “If nothing else he is creative!”president Gregory said.”that he is !”Mia said. “He must be stopped !”Trevor said.”he must pay for this !”Gregory said.”I need your help !”the commander said.”you will have it !”Trevor said.

Later on 

“I don’t know ming personally but he. Is rumored to be of orion royalty.there. is. No evidence of that. He is the galatic underground he is feared .no one dares to mess with him. He believes all is. Fair in love for war and he loves war..he is at war with any one who gets in his way “Tracy said.”how do you know so much about this. Something as young and attractive as you should not. Know these things !”harry said.”she is a work in protigae you could say!”mis said.

“Is her asestment correct ?”Tyler asked.”it is Lt. I would add ming is shared argent ,egotistical a meglomeniac on the highest order. Crossing him is never a good idea. Walk away mia.his plot has been exposed.let the Garland sector deal with it. You have no dog in this fight !”he said.”we Need to match him. We need to equalize him nutrilize him. “Mia said.”there is. No way!”hary said,”I think there is.we are. About to have an old fashioned shoot out !”she said.

“His could you have lost mud?”ming asked.”I’m sorry!”the tiberon said.”your sorry! Our whole plan is shot to grethor and all you can say is your sorry? “Mind asked.”they were relentless !”the tiberon answered.”abort the. Mission, return to the safe house.we will discus it further when I arrive !”he said.”yes of course!”the aid said. There was a sound of. Resignation in his voice,the image faded. 

The ship rocked back and forth.the ship expereincced massive turbulence.ming was not happy !he. Pounded the com panel violently.”report!”he ordered.”we were. Hit by spacial charges from outside the nebula.”the. Bridge watch commander said.”they are trying to force us out !”his brother torben said.”who is out there ?”ming asked. “Federation scout ship Cassandra !”the duty officer asked. Ming. Laughed .”a frigate commanded by a little girl! Perfect ! “Ming said. “Any other vessels ?”he asked.”negative!”the officer said.

“They ate on course for the egress !”Tyler said.”that easy ?”Prentice asked.”hardly ! “Mia said.”there vessel has 17 phaser banks and 9 photon torpedo bays. It conserves as much power as it can!”tyler said.”the vessel has cleared the nebula ! It is now. In weapons range but so are we !”Eliot said.”hold location crosgrove!”Mia ordered.”aye sir !”she said.

“We are being hailed !”rana said.”open hailing frequency!” the commander ordered.”your on Mia!” ranna said.on the screen showed ming in the command. Chair on his bridge.”you cannot defeat me! I am bigger,stronger better then you !”ming said.

“I can’t let you go !you have caused this much hate and discontent fort your own gain !”she said,”I go where I wish! I do what I wish !”he closed the channel, “he has set course away form this sector !”Carlos reported.”pursue !”she ordered.”aye sir!”Eliot said.”Mia this is crazy you can’t win !”mud said.

“She is following us !”the helm said.”I knew she would.the Cassandra followed the vessel. “Fire !”ming said.”we have incoming !”Tyler said.”shields up brace for impact !”the commander ordered. The ship tried to dodge the fire.they were hit but only the top of the nichelle. 

The Cassandra then went as close to the enemy vessel as it could. The Cassandra activated the deflector dish and hit it with radiation. It fired. It increased the potency of the phasers. The vessel structural intregrety began to fail..the vessel fired on the Cassandra .

“Shields holding !”Tyler said.”return fire !”she said. The vessel fired on the ship. Ming’s vessel was weekend but still in good. Shape. The vessel fired. On the Cassandra. “Shields weekoning but we are. OK !”Eliot said. 

“They are backing off !”the sensor officer said.”or course they  are!they know they cannot defeat us! They put on a good. Show but its over!”ming said. He ordered his ship to procede to the safe house. The garland ship arrived.”they order us to surrender !”the com officer said.”this is neutral space !”ming said,”we are out numbered!”he. Ordered his brother to take command. The brother signaled the surrender.

” The ship has surrendered !”rana said.”then its over ?”Prentice asked.”it can’t be !this is way too easy !”Megan said.”it is curious !”Tyler said.”move us in closer !”she ordered .Cosgrove and Eliot did as ordered.

Ming went to the science lab. He opened the relic form the fore field vault.”you want it cone and get. It!”he said.he took it out of the. Vault. “Detecting an energy emissions form the is from the relic.we have trouble !”Tyler said,

To be continued 



star trek preservation part 5

Gull madred watched the view screen was they neared the planet and the other preserver ship.”sir !there are life. Signs on the planet. It is from the orbiting ship!”the science officer said.”federation types they are so interested in investigation discovery. science will end. There civilization. Knowledge is so overrated !”he said. 

“Raise shields protect yourself !”the doctor said.”sir if we do we won’t be able to get. You back!”the man in charge said.”we will take cover.defend yourself !”he said.”very well!”the bridge officer said.

“There shields are up!thee weapons officer said.”hail them!”the gul said,”your on excelentcy !”the comunications officer said. “We are being hailed !”the communications officer said.”on screen!”doctor Paul renelds said.on the screen the bridge was displayed.”we are  Evenly matched.we have a slight advantage !”the alien commander declared.”what is that?”Paul asked,”your people are on the weapons. Charged at you form getting them out !”he said.”what do you want ?”Paul asked.

“I know about this secret force your creating. I have learned much.there are some fillies I cannot access. I want the code to the. Master file ,fills will gicce it. To me!”he said.”I doing negotiate under phaser fire !”Paul said.”give me the code or I level the  plannet!”the commander said.

“The answer is. No !”Paul said.”very well. Say good by to your people on the serfice !”he said.he ordered his gunner to target the area where the team was. “They have been targeted !”katelin the science officer said.”take us into a defensive stance with the planet !”Paul ordered.the vessel went in betreen the. Enemy vessel and the planet.

“They are trying to protect the planet from us!”thee science officer said.”openn fire !”he saiid.the vessel fired a projectile like plasma hit the preserver vessel.”shields holding !”the science officer saiid.”return fire !”Paul ordered.the preserver vessel returned fire on thee. Rogue ship. The damage was minimal, the preserver vessel fired several more. Berage.

All of a. Sudden a large bolt out of no where hit the preserver ship.the vessel was gone, “what happened ?”the gull ordered.”I have no idea !”the science officer said,”it was bot us! Whatever did it was something other then us !”the wepons Officer said.”they have made many enemies perhaps !”the commander said.”it seems so!”the first officer said. “This. May be a blessing in disguise !”the. Gull said.

“I can’t raise the team !”Alisha said.”they could. Not have been destroyed not this easily !”a romulan Vulcan said.”normally I would agre but this madred is a cunning one.Nicki I want you to get the scientist to safety.he rest of us will get ready !”he said.”you can’t take on madred. I know humans enjoy an un precedented life span but. Your not quite a spring chicken my love !”nicki said.”you love to bring up my age don’t you ?”she said.”you could let the others do it !”she said.”I am the commander I have to protect them and you and our child !”he said.”I safe !”she said.”you two!”he said.they kissed and then moved out.

The scientist led. By Nicki headed for a cave. They had weapons and portable equipment. While victor’s team set up a defense perimeter. He knew that madred would was only a mater of time.he hoped that they would be ready for it. He. Hoped nick and her team could get as far away from the action. If madred had destroyed or hijacked the other ship.there was no lengths he would go to get what he wanted.what he wanted was ultimate power. 

The cardesian beamed down a large team.madred would not risk the. Mission to underlings,he personally led the team.aronson team got off the first schot. They returned fire. The cardesian wanted to advance.they did not want to over realm the whole team!they had one target in mind. 

They moved in. The team rushed the preserver away team. One of the guards saw a mistle lucnnher aimed at victor. The human make fires on the sniper,it was a rouse.several cardesian stormed the professor and beamed away, the ship lift orbit.

Near rohkeri space the frontier appears to be. Leaving the sector.they had a plan. They were not leaving without Kelsy. they would have her and would gain access to the obelisk. No matter what. 

“They are leaving our space !”a military officer said.”you don’t seam at ease?”the under minister if foreng affairs asked the under justice minister .”I’m not,not. At all. This vash does not seam to give up esaily.something is wrong !we have not seen the end of this not at all !”

End if part 5 



star trek sadie Hawkins dance

The sadie Hawkins dance , a dance where instead of the guys asking girls out to a dance it is. The. Other way around. The tradition got started Back in the 1930s, it began as a less formal dance.  It seamed odd that such a dance would find it way to star fleet academy. Every college and university have had there unusual traditions. It is not that out of the question that one would appear at an academy. 

The. Only reason we know that there is a Sadie Hawkins dance is an obscure reference made by data to Wesley in the fifth season episode “the game “. This is. One of the stories of that dance. This is a bit of an unusual one. 

Some are excited about the dance.others dried it. Some fear that theory won’t get asked out. Others want to avoid it all together. It made for a some. What tense atmosphere. The staf try to aliviate that but it does not always work that way, it is a low presure event but it does not always work that way.

Cadet Barry Davis walked tough the coridoors of the star fleet academy grounds. He avoided the whole Sadie Hawkins dance. He did not expect to have any one ask him to the. Dance. He was fairly introverted.he focused on his studies,not always out of devotion but nesesity. 

He had just left the computer lab and was heading back to his dorm. He saw a Vulcan female heading his way. He recognized her . She was in a. Few of his classes,the more scientifc ones. She seemed to be on some. Urgent mission, he was amused on how vulcans did things.everything had some logic to it. There was always a grand stratiggy to evrything they did.he imaged they marvaled at humans lack of motivation and planing for most actions, 

It was odd,humans and vulcans have Bean allies for almost three hundred years. Yet neither side really understood the other.of all of the founding worlds of the federation humans and vulcans were the closest.despite there diferences humans and vulcans had an unbreakable bound .it was nearly that way with the andorians and teleerite .in some. Ways the. Two species were polar opposites but hear they were. An unshakable alliance . 

To his surprise ,she approached him.”cadet Davis !”the female cadet asked.”yes cadet ?”h said .he. had heard her name once but could not remember it. “Suralla!”she said in response. “How can I help you cadet ?”he asked her. “Has any one asked you to the dance ?”she asked in a mater of fact tone.”no !no one has !”he said.” Will you consent to be my date ?”she asked. 

He thought it over rather quickly.”yes I will!”he said.”excellent .please be at Hernandez hall promptly at 1700. Please do not be tardy !”she said.”no of course not!”he said.”I look forward to it !”she said.”as do I !”he said.then they dispersed.

 He laughed to himself. It felt more like a business arrangement. That was how Vulcan were.well that was settled.he did not have to worry about not getting a date. He was glad of. That.he feard it might be a boring night.may by it would have been best to camp out in his. Room until it was over.he would not fret over might be fine. 


The time of the dance arrived.he decided to go retro.he replicated a tuxedo circa 1950s. He could. Not believe the time and effort he was putting into this. He felt that planing a bajoren _cardesian peace summit would be easier then this. He styled his. Hair. He could not believe he was doing this! He did not think it would lead to anything. Not that it needed to. A part of. Him considered backing out. Hey its one night. 

He was there a few minutes earlier.he did not want to be reprimanded for being late. That make him smirk. He found he was very nervous. Then she came. Out. She usually wore her hair in a severe bun. It was. utilitarian .it was typical Vulcan.not today. She had her hair braided. The dress was human style. She wore nail polish. She did not look like the same person he saw around campus. He tried to conceal a smile. 

“You look very nice. Tonight !”he said.the minute he said it he wanted to take it back. “Thank you you look quite acceptable yourself !”she said.”shall we ?”he said. They began to walk towards the dance hall.”I believe your forgetting something !”she said. He. Could not think of anything. He. Fought it over and then it came to him. He took her arm and placed in in his. They walked to the dance hall. 

The first song was a fast dance. He was not a great dancer.his partner was aka Vulcan. He did what came his surprise she seam to be into it.”you are. Nervous ?”she asked in a usual mater of fact tone.”I am. I have no idea how. To act. I am an illogical being involved in what could be argued an illogical event with a logical person. I don’t  want to ofend you.I fear it may be unavoidable !”he said. “I am a very blunt person barry.if I am offended I will say so. I dont want to you to walk on eag shells around. Me .I think I have the expression correctly .I am not easily offended. be yourself !”she said.”alright !”he said.

Then they came to a slow song.”do you want to sit this one out?”he asked.”no are you fatigued?” she said.”no I’m not!”he said.she knew why he said it but decided to be play full. He put his arms around. Her.”hold Mr closer !”she said. They danced. She was softer then he expected.he believed Vulcan’s to totally cold. He now learned that this was not the case.

“So why did you ask me out tonight? please don’t. Tell me it seamed the logical thing to do !”he asked.”I have observed you around the campus and at class. You seamed a. Sutible choice for a date !”she said.”you could have not attended the event .”he said.”I wish to experience all that is associated with the academy. Well not everything.I have big desire to steal the mascot form the university of alpha cinterie. Just being in the same sate as that animal is unsetiling!”she said,he. Laughed .”I’m sorry !”he said.”it was meant to be humorous I give you permission to laugh!”she said. 

“Since this is an event that us. Built around emotion and illogic, you could justify siting it out !”he said.”I could but I did not desire to. I wanted to attend !”she said.”I see. Did you make the right choice ?”he asked.”I did!”she looked. Him right in the eye when she said it. It was not the meager if fact tone but something different. ” I did too when I accepted !”he said.

He was not sure what to expect .a part of him dreaded it.he was sad when the night was over. Where would they go form hear. Would they .would this be like Cinderella .at midnight would everything go Back to the way it was.would it be like one if those alternate universe where the moment time restarts the other reality ceases to exist. He did not want that.

He walked her to her dorm. “I had a good night tonight !”he said.”I did too !”she said.”so what happens now?do we go our separate ways like this never happened !”he asked.”I don’t want that!”she admitted.”I dont either!”he. Said.”I am free at 1700 do you want to meat up then?”she said.”sounds great!”he said.he was about to leave her.”I believe that you are forgetting something!” she said.he considered it and then realized what it was. The good night kiss. He kissed her on the cheek. She turned it into a real one. On the lips . Then they dispersed.







star trek of gods and con man part six

“Commanders log, I have sent a team headed by first officer Tyler and security chief shall.there mission is to secure Harry mud who may be a hostage. In any cast his. Life is in jeopardy. as of now he is the only one who can shed light on an apparent plot to assassinate two key heads of sate in the Garland sector. I am concerned about sending my crew I too harms way but see no alternative in the matter.”

“You failed to kill Trevor and Gregory ?”ming said.”we did. Not know that they would call for the federation help.they have proved to be. Quite a nuisance !”the tiberon said.”we can salvage this!”the female said.”mud if you want to continue your miserable existence . You will do what I say. You will follow it to the letter?is. That clear ?”the orion asked.”quite clear !”mud replied. “You will over the object to Gregory free of charge! “Ming said.”he won’t accept. The man would see this as a betrayal of the peace process.”mud said.”yes but the clereks will not stand for. It. either he accept or risk riots in thee street,work stoppage sabotage. He wil have. No choice and the war will be. On!”ming said.

“You will do it wont you mud?”ming asked.”yes I will!”he said.”good choice .I knew you were smart!”he declared. “You will contact him right away!”the tiberon said.”very well!”mud responded. “I will have m war!”ming said.

Outside the complex the team emerged . They would. Have preferred to have beamed into the complex. They had a shield that prevented that. They had to do it the old fashioned way. “OK set up the charges !”Tyler ordered.

The crewman took out the charges and had them set up. They powered them up. “Ready at your command !”a crewman said. Sh he. Ordered the crew to back up. Then they detonated the charges. There was a. Small explosion.the team ran inside.

They were fired on by conglomerate security. The team fitted back.Megan saw a sniper. She calculated where the. Sniper was and. Fired. The sniper fell form his perch. They were fired on form all directions. They fired back. Megan took out her second pahser. She set it on over loud and threw it. The base security all made it to safety. The explosion allowed the team to advance further into the complex.

“Bridge to captain!” Cosgrove said.”go ahead !”Mia said.”we are detecting multiple weapons fire in thee complex!”the duty officer said.”understood keep a close eye on it !”mia ordered.”will do!”she said in response.” it. USB hard being. Back on the side lines ?”Tracy asked.”you have. No idea !”she said,”are you worried about them ?”Tracy asked.”more then you a know!this ship is a family.we have been together long.I already feel a connection to all of. He crew, yea it is tough. I hate that I can’t be with them!”she said.

The team kept moving into the compound. They located mud signature. luckily he was the only human in the complex well other then the. Landing party.they were fired on.they fired back. Tyler and shall fired on an emergency bulk head. It fell in place seperating the two groups of attackers form each other. They ran to the place where mud was.

One man attacked them.he was stunned .the team kept going. They arrived at the location, “story to barge in announced !”Tyler said. They fired on the hostiles. They were all stunned.”come on harry !”mud said.”now. Megan let’s not be hasty !”he said.”look your a pawn when your not useful they will kill you!”Tyler said.”I go with you I will end up in a panel colony again! I think I take my chances !”he said,

Then they were fired on. It was some kind of phaser grenade. they barely made one was harmed .”on second thought !”mud said.they ran and ran,the force field was still in place so they could not be beamed off of the complex.

Mud was getting tired.he was definitely not in shape.”we have to keep moving !”an aquatic officer said.”I am moving as fast as I can !”he protested.”we got another one !” A another crewman said. They dogged the projectile. They maintained fire.”I don’t suppose I can have a phaser?”mud asked.”not a chance. You might turn on us !”Tyler said.”your not the most friendly lot! “He said.

They kept moving. “I have an idea ?”Tyler said.”why do I think I am going to hate this ?”Megan asked.”you probably will!”Tyler said.she jumped out a window,the team followed.

” I have there signal !”Nagasaki declared.”beam um up chief!”mia. Ordered. Within a few seconds they were aboard.” are you out of. Your mind ?this lady is insane.she could have gotten all of us killed!i think she needs a mental evaluation !”mud said.”this lady saved. Your life mud. I want all of. You to report to sickbay.”she said.

“Except for a few scrapes they are fine!”doctor bellows said.”glad to hear it !”mia said. She went over to mud.”you have some explaining to do harry !”mia said.”well after my most recent incarseration I decided to go exploring.I acquired a sub standard vessel that crashed on a planet  and I was reussred by Ming, I owed him a lot of credits. He said he would forget the dept if I went along with thee plan !”he said.

“Is the relic a fake?”mia asked.”I have no idea ! “Mud said.”did you know ey planed to kill the two president ?”megan asked.”no all I was told was to present the relic and ofer to sell it !”he said.”if you did would you have sstll done it?”Tyler asked.”look miss Annie Oakley of star fleet this is neutral space. This is. The wold west. Civilized law does not apply hear !”mud declared. “Where is ming?”mia asked.”in a. Ship near by !he plans to give it for free to Gregory !”mud said.

“We will need to find him !”mia said.”can I go now?”he said.”no your not safe your stay in our protective custody !”Mia said.”then off. To a rehab colony !”mud said.”darn it harry!with all the opportunities in the federation why turn to crime?there are plenty of jobs. Crime has decreased every year in the federation. There are still throw backs why not better yourself. Your not an unintelligent man !”why “she said.

“I don’t know.its. who I am !”he said.”harry your one off the reason I am where I am today. You told me not Otto waste my life. You told me I still had time to make something of my life. Why can’t you ?”she said.”I like this life !”he said.”do you really ?”she asked.

Tyler and mia walked to the bridge.”what a waste !”mia said.”your not. Like him mia. Despite my erlier judgement of. You you are a. Person of high character. You will be a great mother !”Tyler said.”I hope she does not turn out like me !”mia said.”funny I hope she does . Whatever happens your hear. You defied the ods!”she said.

End of part six

star trek Cassandra of gods and conman part five

“Commanders log,the situation with our mission has taken some unusual and dramatic terns. We have discovered that Harcourt Fenton mud is doing the bidding of an unusual conglomerate. One with unclear origins and agenda. Then a suicide bomber tried to obstruct the proceedings.luckily no one was killed except for the. Bomber.who was he and why did he do this,was. This some kind of assassination attempt of one of. Both of the two important heads of sate in the garland sector.”

“Sit !”nurse Owens ordered.”I am fine !”Megan said.”sit that an order !”doctor bellows said.”can you order me frank I’m c.m.o!”she said.”right now. Your chief of security !”he said.”fine where do you learn to parse like that ?”she asked.”you!”he said.”yes of. Course !”she answered.

“Look i am fine I was of even near the event !”mia said.”you do what they say mia. Your carrying my god child!”she said.”fine ! By the way thank you for what you did.I plan on giving both of. You a commendation !”she said.”no problem !”Megan said.”happy to do it!”Tyler said.

They were all cleared and checked out for duty. “I want to have a briefing .see if we can figure all this out!”mia said.”good idea!”Megan said.”none of this makes sense.”she said.”mia your going to have to tone it down for a. While. At least until she is born!”she said.”I know. That hard for me.”mia said.

What do you think this is all about ?”Megan asked.”I think it Haas something to do with destabilizing the region.” Tyler said. “How so ?”prentise asked.”the cold war between the two planets is all but over. The two leaders have. Become friends. They have worked on many key issue of significance for both. There is talk of an energy agreement !”Tyler said.

“The federation is. Building Haas provided a new stability. Some times we do it directly other times a by product with almost nothing to do with us. Altair may be holding free elections for the first time. “Mia said.”peace and stability is good!”Prentice said.”not for everyone. Gangster,smugglers, arms merchants, mercenaries. Whole economies wiped out. “Mia said. “I want to find out about this conglomerate and i want to speak to met mud. “She said.

“Its. Over for me harry !”mia said.”it does not need to be. No!this is still are going to complete this program. you will be discharged and get in with you life. It will be aka good will make something of will have a will leave this life never to return !”he said.”what of you harry? “She asked him.”its too large for you have chance and you will.don’t fail me!”he said.

“You OK?”Tyler asked.”yea I’m fine Andrea!”she said. She got up.she. left the room,”you two have had a change of heart !”Megan asked.”I misjudged her. I saw only her unorthodox methods and failed to see the whole picture.recent events have forced me to evaluate my view of her!”Tyler said.”this ship need both of you. You both have something to add !”Megan said.

“This mission has taken its towl on her !”Tyler said. “It had dredged some old thing she would rather not dwel on. I can understand it !”she said.”do we have to protect her from herself ?”Tyler asked.”at times yea. That in our job description !”she said.”I need some romulan aisle !”she said.”we both do !”she answered.

In the briefing room, commander bolt,Lt shall,sparky,yeoman Prentice,Cosgrove,Elliot ,rana and bastita were present. “I looked into the conglomerate. As far as I can tell it is a front group for Alan orion gangster named Ming. Ming is well known tonne. Involved in every act of vice and crime, if its illegal imoral or unethical he is involved !”Tyler said.”does harry mud have any known relationship with him?”mia asked. “The intergalactic police wanted him to testify against him a few years ago. He refused !”Tyler said.

‘Does Ming have ties to ts. Sector ?”mia asked.”ming owns a transport company that ships the ore form one of the moons to garland. If. The energy agreement goes though , it will wipe out a key component of ming business.”bastita said.”alright. We need to find. Mud. “Mia said.”he may not want to be. Found !”Prentice said.”I am sure he does not. Oh well !”she said.


“You OK liv ?”she asked.”of course !”Prentice said.”you are not your usual chipper shelf. Whats up?”Mia asked.”well it. Is my roommate. She is an edenite !”she said.”she meditates !”she squid.”very loud at 2 in the morning !”she said,”I will see what I can do !”she said.”thank you mam mia!”bolt said.

She entered the bridge.” I have located mud ! He is in a compound owned by the conglomerate!”raina said.”good work. Ready to go get a fugitive ?”mia said.”you bet !”Megan said.”I would like. To help!”Tracy said.”not this time Tracy but you can monitor form the transsporter room!”she said.she smiled .

“You have to sit this one out mia !”Megan said.”Andrea will you go ?”she asked.”try and stop me!”she said. They excited the bridge and headed fort th. Transporter room. The turbo lift door closed.

Transporter room.

“Ready !”Nagasaki said.the team went on to the pad.the chief activated the beam, they were gone into had to be done.the truth had to be uncovered.

To be continued