Star trek murcy one part three

Captain tom keller waited in a wating area designated for the e.r. they had several.magines. he read risa’s people. Then the door opened. Doctor ogora entered.
He recognized her and she could tell that she recognized hI’m. He remembered that fatefull day.
He saw in his minds eye,doctor crusher and igora inside the mourgue. It was ogora who opened up the pennel. He saw his cousign clearly. ” close it up!”his freind ben cortez who would later be called bio hazard ben said.
“I’m so sory lt!”crusher said.”thank you. I will be speaking to her perents but i am sure they will want her remains returned to earth. ” Keller said.”that can be aranged !”bevily said.
“Captian keller!” Ogora said.”uh in sory.i got lost in thought. We always seam to meat in less then ideal circumstances !”he said.
“I am hoping that this one will go better then the last one.this is a far different circumstance!”she said. “I hope so!how is she?” Keller asked. “Well she seamed to be particialy is like only part of her in this space time continum!”ogora said.”what is causing this?”he asked.”we don’t know yet. We will use every resource we have. “Ogora said.”thank you!”he said.
“This is tough on you?”she asked.”yes it is. “He said.”we are not giving up! Neither should you!”she said.
Uss pastur. Bridge
Captian clark entered with doctor r’mor.”you did not have to go yourself. What is the point of being head of flight operations if you don’t deligate ?”she asked.” Someone has to keep you out of trouble !”he said.”me !”she said
“We don’t know who these could be a botched invasion !”clark said.”you will protect me?”she asked.”count on it!”he said.
“We have been clared to depart !”the tactical officet said.”alright clear all mornings !”the.captain ordered. The morings were deactivated. The ship then moved away form the morings.then the vessel went to warp.
Control center
“Can i help you sir?”commander decurtas asked.”yes i was hoping to say hello to captian picard or is it captain crusher?”he asked .”decurtas to bevily? “He said.”go ahead tony !”bevily said.”captain keller wishes to see you!”he said.”send him in!”she said.the door opened, he enteted.
Doctor crusher got up and shock his hand.” Tom its good to see you!”she said.”and you ! “Keller said.”i promise we will take good care of your fiencae !”she said.
“I apreciate that. She is very special to me!”he said.” We will do every thing we can. First you then cortez.i thought you two were confirmed blechors!” She said.”i thought you would never remary or have more kids. Picard is a Lucky man ! ” keller said. “I think i am the lucky one !”she said.
” Doctor ogora to er!”a vioce over said.”camy!”he said. They got up.
End of part three

Casandra episode 2 part three

The pinkish field was once a smal dot. Now it covered half a sector. It was not done expanding stil had a lot of growing to do.
Casandra bridge
“Hold position niles!”mia ordered. Niles and eliot stoped the ship. “We are in a holding paturn !”niles said.
“I Have a visual on the phinomina !”thorlan reported. “Lets see it!”mia ordered. On the screen was the enimetic phynomina.
“It is not like anything that has been acounted before !” Thorlan said.”we are on the verge of a scientific breakthough. Prety good for a bunch of x slaves!”lucy comented. “I recomend we go in further !”thorlan said.”mia i am all for science but this is a little dangerous ! I would hate to be destoyed on our first week!”sparky said.
“Sory thorlan but safty first !”mia said.”if course!”he sais.he tried to contain his disaopountment. He feared he was not taken seriously because he was non teran and because he chalanged her for command of the ship. He tried to let it go.
Inside the field,there was a presence. There were multiple presences. They saw the casandra. They were able to scan it.

Star trek mercy one part two

A few moments erlier
Hospital base mercy one
Office of alysa ogora powel
“Hi alyssa !”doctor martin said.”when bevily ofered me this post she never told me hzrw much paper work was involved !”she said.
“Yoy get used to it!”marton said.”i have been hear a few days. I have done more paper work then anything else!”she said.”it wil get exciting soon enough! On my first week we had survivors of a super nova. Believe me when it comes and it will you will savior every minute of boredom !”he said. “Your probably right .it does not seam it!”she said.
“how are the kids ajusting to life on mercy one!”he asked.”.they like it. I think this was a good move for suzy and noah!”she said.
Command operations center
While this was a floating hospital in space,there were many non medical post that neaded to be filled. It was a star base with a medical trist. Comander decurtas was the senior non medical officer on the station.
“Commander,we have an incoming vessel at high warp,it is the nighthawk a scout vessel attached to the u.s.s huriozon !”the sansor officer said. ” its captain keller. He has a medical emergentcy.his asociate is non responsive!” The com oficer said.
“Command deck to e.r !”decurtas said.”go ahead tony!”ogora said. “Lis we have an incoming patcient she is 21 human years ardaren.she had a case of food poison but is now in a catitonic sate!”decurtas said.”we are preping now’so much for the lull!”she said.”told ya!”he said.
The emurgentcy response team scrambled to the airlock. The hatch was opened. Dr ogora ans her team entered the cockpit. One of the nurses took out her tricorder and scaned the patcient. “I am detecting the presence of toxix substence but she is not totally in the space time continum !”nurse steal reported.
The doctor ordered the patcient placed on an anti grav screcher.she would be beamed to the er using a pacient only transporter. Within second she was beamed to the e.r.
Doctor rougal was doing his rounds . He went into a room of a bojoren girl. “Hi ! Your looking a lot better today!” He said. “I feal better!”she said. He looked over her readings.”your readings are where they should be !” He said.
He went over to her perents.”i want to keep her for observation for a few days. If things stay like this,she may be discharged in a week. It may take a few mounths for her to be at a hundred percent !”he said.
“That’s good news!”the morther said. “Thank you!”the farther said.”we are proud of this facility! We seak to ofer the best care in the galaxy !”he said.”you have done so for us!”the mom said.
“Can i ask you something ?”the morther asked.”of course!”he said.”you ware a bajoren eat ring are you pary bajoren?”she asked.” No but i was raised by bojorens for a few years before my birth farther was found.i have a deep respect for bajoren culture. My wife is bajoren and my children are of both worlds.”he said.”we apreciate all you have done!”the farther said.
The office of doctor rumora r’mor was filled with human and romulan culture. She liked to colect stuff animals and there was many in the room. She had pictures of her husband and kids. She had pictures of her extended family. “Doctor r’more can you come to my office ?”the holographic doctor said.
” The u.s.s churchill discovered an unknown ship adrift. The crew are non humanoid. They seam to be suffering from an unknown afliction. They have asked our help. As head of interspecies medicine this seamed up your aly!” The doctor said.
“I would be happy to go !when do we go? “She asked.”we are gasing up the pastur now!”captain clark forest said.”sounds good!”she said.
End of part two

Casandra episode 2 part two

“Detecting energy emision!”thorlan said. “We should investigate it!” Lucy said.”we are not exploers !we are esaped slaves. We don’t have time to probe every speck of space dust !”eliot said.
“This could be a danger to us! I understand the sentiment but i think we need to check this one out !” Josh said.
“Niles take us there !”mia ordered. Niles activated the hyperport. The vessel headed towards the energy emisons.
  The brig was small. Inside the cell was a bed and a toilet. That was it. The cell had a bar made of a medel that resembled iron but was way more powerful. There was also a secondary force field that just in case. There was no way out.
Tyler was a bit claustrophobic. She hated this confinement.she just wanted out. She did not regret her actions.
She was convinced she did the right thing helping this crew.she wanted them to make it. Even if she was stuck hear for a while,it was worth it.
In the mess hall, katy the asistent to the captain sat at a table in the corner.she sat by herself.
She was qiet and reserve. Her roomate was a free spirit. It was not that they did not get along but they had little in common and little to talk about.
The door opened, megan the ships doctor entered. She decided to reach out to the young aid.
“May i join you?”megan asked.”alright !”she said. “You have done well in your post!”megan commented. “I hope so!”she said. ” This is a learning curve for us all. You will figure it out!” Megan said.
Mia did not want to have an office. There was a captain’s personal office near the bridge.she decided not to use it. Rebeca wanted to meat with her. She took her over to a corner of the bridge.
” I was happy to join you in escaping from slavery and oppresion but i do not wish to be of a crew. I wish to leave!”she said.
“Where would you go?” Mia asked. ” I am a follower of the yelow i will seak out others!” She said.
” Look it is not safe yet. Lets put some distence between us and the slavers first then we will see!”mia said.”i am a supporter of down philosophy. I do not wish to be hear !”she said.
“I did not free you to be enslaved again. You can do as you wish but please give us time to get deaper into non aligned space. Then i will permit you to leave !”mia said. ” I make no pledge!” She said. Then she walked off.
“You ok?”lucy asked.”this will be a dificult transistion. We have some who can’t acept fredim,some who won’t acept order. I don’t want be a dictator or mesianic. I wanted to create something . Mayby i fell into my own cult of personality. I am of low thought. I want the crew to be able to persue there own destiny. We are stil not out of danger. Mayby i am being unfair!”mia said.
“This is a difficult time. I see what you are saying but we need to get futher away from the slavers!” Lucy said.
” Now entering the reigion !”eliot reported. “Take us out of hyperport!” Mia ordered. The engines were deactivated.”hyperport disengaged !”niles reported.
” Oh my !” Your not going to beleve this!”thorlan said. On the screen displayed a pinkish field. They were in danger.
End of part two

Star trek murcy one

“Captain’s log , while atending a diplomatic function on ronbandia when my fiencae  surcumbed to food poison. The doctors were able to stabolize her but she stil needs more attention. We are on route to the star fleet hospital base in murcy one !”
Captain tom keller reported. He was on the scout ship night hawk the oficial scout ship of the Prometheus class vessel uss herizon.
“Hun how are you feeling?”he asked. “I feal like i just got digested by the doomsday machine!”camerila said.
“I figured!”he said.”i wish i had known that ronbandien food was toxic to ardarens ! ” she said.”i.wish i had known that. I will be more carefull next time ! “He said .
“Next time your on your own !”she said.”deal. What about holographic virtuel avatar. You saved my but on this mission !”he said .”don’t you forget it!”she said. He lughed and said deal.
“Vessel is nearing airspace of hospital base murcy one!”the computer vioce anounced.
“What is this hospital base?”she asked.”there are eight of them all around the federation. “He said.
As he was talking she colapsed.he finally noticed. He went over to her.”camerila !cammy !” He pleaded.
He went over to the pilots chair.he activated the com unit.”murcy one this is captian tom keller abored the night hawk. Requesting emergentcy admisson. My co pilot has colapsed and is non responsive!”
“Night hawk this is murcy one control. I am activating the tractor beam. The emurgentcy unit is on there way!” Chief of operations decurtas said.
The vessel was tractered in. The vessel was brought into one of emergincy bays.
Chief of emergentcy medicine doctor alysia ogowa and her team was standing by. They went inside the craft.
Keller stood aside as they got to work. He was hopefull they coyld help her. He was afraid of losing her. He decided not to dwel on it too much.
End of prolougue
The crew of murcy one
Captain bevily crusher medical doctor. Station commander
Commander decurtas. Chief of operations . Seccond in command
The holographic doctor head of medical operations.
Doctor marton head surgon
Doctor Alyssa ogora head of emergency medicine
Deana rycer head counselor
Doctor jabaera
Lt comander george primman security chief
Nurse Jessica steal head nurse
Sub comander rumora r,mor head of interspecies medicine
Doctor rougal head of general madicine
Captain clark forest commander of flight operations

Casandra episode two

Episode two “walk in”

This is the non trek version of casandra.
Previously on casandra
A group of x slaves led by mia esape there slavery. They are aided by vampires who quickly try to double cross them.
One of the slaves,a half human?half slave turns on her companons. Despite her help mia toses her in the brig.
  The crew decides to hold an election for captain. Though the lion like creture thorlan tries to take over he is soundly defeted.
Now the ship fuly underway prepares to go deeper into space.
In a remote part of space there was nothing . Just stars. It was an unimportant sector.
In that vest desolate reigion,a smal dote apeared. The dote got a little bit bigger. Then it got even more bigger. Then a dot developed inside the dote. Then that dote got bigger.
The second dote looked like an eye. The eye began to oppen. Something was about to come out.
A large energy wave left the structure. It stoped. Every thing in this sector was about to change.
Cut to credets
The cast
Mia the slave turned captian
Andrea tyler half human half vampire
Megan the doctor
Josh the slave turned over sear who defected. Now in charge of weapons and sucurity.
Lucy second in command
Sparky enginer
Katy captain’s aid
Rebeca the young rougue
Niles the pilot
Eliot and bergelle co pilots
Rana comunications
And thorlan the lion

Drug dealer part seven

The station had been placed in a remote part of one of the most remart parts of the federation. The staf used every trick in the book to mask there signal. The ships were trying to keep star fleet from geting to the station.
A young non comisoned named katie prentice had detected the station. Now the fleet knew. They were planing on taking action.
Mia had put togather a plan. It wad hastily planed but she beleved it would be successful. The fleet would imidietly put the plan into motion.
None of idairs men were military tacticians. They were thugs. They were gangster. They dealt with brute force. While idair had a keen mind getting his commanders to get with the program was not easy. The other team took advantage of that fact.
The federation fleet made it look like they were looked like they were trying to set up a new formation. Idair took the bait and lunched a counter attack.
“Ok i know this goes counter to star fleet traning. We are about to fly without a net. These are gurila fighters. They fire at whatever they see. They don’t care if the goal is achevible. They hit it regardless . I want all ships to fire on the nearest hostile . We need to chip away at them. Death by a thosand phaser burns!”mia said.
At the station there were a few ships left to defend the stations. Many of the ships were salveged from junk yards or ships taken from abadoned battles or from materials brought on the some were obtaned by fteindly.governments. some by espenarge groups.linked to foregn  government .
They had limited resources but they had hoped to increase there influences. This station was a key to that.
“I am detecting some kind of energy reading!”a tech said.”where?”the station supervisor demanded to know.
The tech looked over the data. He check and checked. “It is right on top of us!”he reported. A vortex opened,the casandra fired on the station shield emitor.
The ship cut though just enough of the shields to create a crack. It was a chink in there armor.
Inside the station, there was a transporter beam. Security chief anderson emerged abord the base in a coridor.
The team moved out. They were quickly fired on. Josh and his team reterned fire on the enemy camandos.
“Sir our base is under attack. “A com tech anounced. “From where?”idair demanded to know.”unclear! It is one ship. It is the casandra!”he anounced. “Dawn it! The station canot fall!”idair said.”it is one ship”idchick said.”one ship? They have a plan ! The girl captain is toying with me! Never cross me!”idair said.
“We will fall back. Defend the station!”idair ordered.”we should remane hear !”idchick said.”i want.let the station fall!”idair said.”its one ship eron!
What can one little ship do? We should mantain the battlw hear. We can fight them to a stale mate. They will not use all there resources to mantain this sector of space. We ware them out,they will abandon it! I am sure of that!”idchick decalred.
“No ! We defend the station!”he insisted. The ships began to fall back. The ships were heading back to the outpost.
“Sir the enemy ships are retreating to the base !” The science officer said.” Have all ships persue!”mia ordered.
“Take us to the lead ship. Idair we have to stop meating this way!”mia declared.
The potempkon and three smaler ships sped up and caught up with the ship commanded by idair. The vessels fired on the flagship.
On the station there was a fire fight between the stat fleet and the smuglers. What the smuglers did not know was that the ground forces were a diverson.
Megan beamed down with prentice. They manged to get to a computor terminal. Luckily for the federation? Idair was a meglomaniac who wanted to control everyrthing. Mia was wiling to use it to her advantage.
Megan and two sicurity officers covered prentice while she worked. She atempted to hack into the computor. She atempted to gain acess to the central mainframe. She was being oposed at every turn. She would not let it get the best of her.
Idair tried to get back to the station. The federation fleet worked to prevent that from hapening. Mia employed a divide and conqur tactic. She tries to break up idairs forces into smal groups. Keep them held at bay long enough to put the next part of her plan in motion. So far it seamed to be working.
Finaly prentice was in the system.she tried to deactivate the shields and other computer system on the stations.
“Sir! One of the ships has brokon though our defences !”a tech said. While the commander was speaking the power went out.”what going on?”the commander demanded to know.
“The station power has kicked out. They are unable to swich to reserves!”the com tech said.
The ship that was near the station beamed ground trops to the station.
“Detecting more vessels. More star fleet ships!” The com tech said.”reinforcements!” Idair said. The new ships worked to block the enemy ships. While more ground troops emurged to take control of the station .
Idair wached as his mini empire crumbled. He did not want to wach it totaly erode.
He left the bridge.  The turbo lift closed. The lead ship exploded. Some of the ships got away. Some were captured. The crisises was over.
“Commander’s log, the station has bean captured by star fleet and sicured. Its fate is not yet known. While star fleet will share what we have learned with the Klingon and romulons and other nearby worlds. I am using my old frend hidakell as a go between. We have reterned to star base 11″
Star base 11
“Your star is rising marea. Rumer is your name is on the short list for a Mediterranean class vessel due to lunch next year !”stone said.
“I wish it was bit due to battle experience . I am pacifist. “She said.”we see that. I see that. “Stone said.”i just did not see a non military solution to this one! “Mia said.” You did good. You proved you were a leader. “Stone said.
The end
Next up
Non trek casandra
Aliens from a another dimension strikes the galaxsy.
Tyler is framed for murder