star trek survivors part three

The Scott ship entered the hanger deck. “Mr Kirk this is Lady marvick and Richard daystorm. They supervised the project !”pike explained.”you built this. Ship in secret in a nebula ?”kirk asked,”we had no choice. We could not let the zyindi find out about this !”pike said.”you knew about this ?”kirk asked.”I learned about it a few hours before you did!”pike said.”it was kept very quiet, aside form the president and a few others ,only the construction team knew !”Richard said.

“There are others being built.we plan to evac humanity to another planet !”larry said,”we. Will be hunted just as. Before !”kirk said,”we hope to get beyond zyindi space.have you heard of the great barrier?”Richard asked “wait a minute ! Are you crazy ?the great barieer cannot be breached !”kirk said.”we beleve it can .we are hoping that the zyindi share that fear.if we traveled put side our  galaxy we may be safe !”Richard said.”it seam extreme!”kirk said.”humanity is on the verge of extinction Jim!is there such a thing ?”Carole asked.”it is a chance !”Gary Mitchell said,

“What is the plan ?”kirk asked.”we lunch with several transport and heavy crusher .we will have to take back roads if you will be a long journey.we hope to arrive at the great barrier.the crew will go into suspended animation. All non essential power will be transfered to powering breaking thrusters. The crew will awake after the flotilla is safely pass the barrier !”pike said. “If we fail that will be the end of humanity.we. will go the way of. The zyindi avians!” kirk said.”yea pretty much !”lary said.”that does. Not brother you ?”kirk asked.”of course It does. Humanity has been under a death sentence for a hundred yeas now. “Lary said.

“We don’t know what beyond the. Barier ?”kirk said,”is this crazy irrational yea but I don’t have a better one!”doctor daystorrm said. “Do you kid?”marvack said. Kirk knew he did not. He hated that he did not. As. A kid. He played soldier v zyindi,all kids did.human hallways won but not this time.

I.p base

“The evidence is compelling!” Section chief gratorieli an efrosiien said.”It it. Is. True then both sides had. Been played. Both sides. Have been fighting the wrong enemy !”spock said.”the zyindi won’t believe this evidence.they will say we are lying !” Thelev an aid said. “We risk them going to war with us ?”shares said, .”they have avoided it in the past.”Spock said.’the enemy is the race behind the expense !”thalin said.”the i.p is not a military it is a police force. We do not have the means to wage a war.if we did we would have to fight a war in two front !”thelev said.

“The expense will expend . We have. Little time.we may not have time now!”Spock said. “I will contact my superiors!”the section chief said.he coonacted I.o head quarters on betazed. They got back to him. He. Sent fort Spock.

“Sir !”Spock said,”Spock. I need you to get the female to betazed. She must tell her story to I.p bored of regents. The zyindi have a diplomatic office there,may by we can convince them to switch sides.we canot deal with this but maybe others can.we are requesting help form Vulcan high command ,and the andorian imperial guard.”gratoreli said.”I see. I have reservations about the Hugh command.vulcans are. Not quite as they were.they have verd away form the teaching of surek. “Spock said.”they are our only chance Spock !”the. Chief said.”very well !”

On Vulcan sarek went to the vulcan high command in the capital. Sarek views not to ever set foot in the building. There had been quite the conflict between those who identified as followers of surek and the high that all changed .

“I never expected to see you! “Commander sybok said.”nor did I!”he said.”I know of thy loss. !”he said.”this conflict cannot endure for ever !”sarek said.”Vulcan intelligence has located a zyindi ship is near the varidien system. I have tried. To get high command to authorize a strike.”sybok said.”I may be able to help with that.”sarek said.”you would agree to a strike?”sybok asked.”we canot bury our heads in the sand and hope that this goes away.”sarek said.”indeed! Are you really behind this ?”sybok asked.”yes I am !”he said. “Very well.”sybok said.

“I knew some day you would fall prey to one stand up for what they believe in not forever. Every one is slain by there own ideology.”sybok said.”you really want to gloat ? “Sarek said.”you always treated me liked I was nothing.I am right !”sybok said.”wait I cannot do this.this is not what she would have wanted !”he said.”I need your support. If you signed on to it even tpau could not object !”he said.he walked away.

End of part three


star trek Cassandra origins part three

Freighter lighting

“Hello josh !”she said.”I know this look, your up to something, “he said.”I’m always up to something !”she said.”yes me I know that.”he said.”look I have been given a star fleet commission and a ship. The ship is small and old and was just in a battle but if I can get a hot shot engineer ,I can get it together !”she said.”I’m happy for you me !”he said.”I would like you to come with me.”she said.

“Oh no! Me I am not star fleet material.”he said.”I need you.most of my crew will be seasoned officers.I need someone I trust at my. Side.”she said.”I am happy that you can go off on little adventures but its bit for me!”he said,”please don’t make me beg.”she said.”I want to be offices no petty officer el crapo “he said.”Lt is the. Best i can do!”she said.”me really?I can’t say no can I?he said.”you can say no nut I know you won’t “she said.

“What will my post be ?”he asked.”chief of security !”she said.”red shirt ! I had no idea that you wanted to get rid of me !”he said,”it is a. Myth that red shirted crewman die at a faster rate then any other crewman !”she said,”do you know how many red shirt it takes to change a light bulb ?”he asked.”they all dead before they can get to the light bulb !”she said.”can I be medical officer ?”she said,”you! You don’t have the greatest bed side  manor.look I don’t stand in ceremony. You can ware blue or yellow if you want,”she said,”I am going to be able to say no am I?”he asked.”no!”she said.”alright I will do it !”he said.

University of Altair

The planet was changing.after years of civil war a peace agreement was signed. Between the factions. A constitution was agreed on which created a central government,elections were planed in the coming mouths.a once dark situation seamed to be hopeful.

Rayman spark was once a man of adventure.he had decided he was too old fort that. He decided to embrace academia. He had left the old days behind and now was ready to live a quiet life.he had just finished his class and was now going to his. Office.

“Professor sparks !you have an incoming transmission form a Maria bolt !”the secretary said.”I will take it in hear!”he said.the message was transferred .he activated the screen. “Professor sparks, I am Maria bolt Donald bolt daughter !”she said,”I remember when you were just a little thing .how can I help you ?”he said.”I have been given command of. The Cassandra .it has just been in battle . I need a top engineer !”she said,”my star fleet days are long over. I am an academic now!”he said.”I will give you chief engineer Lt commander . “She said.”how bad of shape is it?”he asked,”it had had better days!”she said.”send me all of the information .I will read it on my way to then star base !”he said.”I already have !”she said,”I can’t believe I am doing this “he said.”thank you sparky.look forward to seeing you !”he said.

“Sparky?”he thought to himself.he was not sure what he thought of that.he would let it go.he could not believe he said yes.he would need to get his affairs in order. Chief engineer. This was going to be a hard task. This commander bolt would want the moon and would expect him to deliver it.he did like a challenge.


Chief Nagasaki got the order to beam commander bolt and Lt Anderson aboard.they emerged on the pad. “Welcome aboard commander!”he said.”I understand the senior officer aboard is Lt Sanderson ?”she asked.”yes she is on the bridge.she would have. Greeted you but she did not want to leave the bridge .we are at base but we are basically in a time of war !”he said. “Of course !”she said.

The door opened, they entered the bridge.”commanding officer on the bridge !”yeoman Katie prentis said. “As you were !”mia said.”commander its good to meat you.I’m Lt Lucy Sanderson ships helm officer.this is tom miles navigator .”she said.”its good to meat you. I understand your farther is one of the founding farther of the federation !”she said.”I am trying to earn my own way. I try not to mention it “she said.”I can understand that !”she said.

Mia looked around the bridge. She was not much, she was born the prettiest ship. To her it was home, she knew she could make a go of this. She would get a top notch ship and make could be done. She looked at the center chair.this was hers now.

She went to her quarters . The Cassandra did not have officers for command staff. Except for the c.m.o .she used her quarters as her. Office.she and. The first officer were the only ones who got there own rooms,they were very small.not much bigger then her cell on tantilous. Oh well.

She looked thorough star fleet files.she was keeping most of the crew that served under captain McFarland. There were several gaps.she needed a com officer,a computer officer,a medical officer and a science officer. She figured she found them.

The door rang,she said to come.”mam I’m ensign rana mizar. “She said,”in understand you just graduated from the academy !”she said.”yes I did.”she. Said.”high honors .look i need a com officer.I like to offer it to you !”she said,”me? I am new in star fleet there must be more qualified candidates?”she asked.”you think your up to it ?”she. Asked.”I would love to have the chance to prove it ?”rana said.”the job is yours if you want it !”mia said,”thank you commander !”raina said.

She excited and another man entered. Ensign Carlos Bastia entered.”Carlos !”she said.”yes mam!”he said.”look I need a computer officer. I want you to head it up!”she said.”me? I am new to to the fleet !”he said.”I know.I want fresh ideas,I have some older experienced officers . I also want some newer officers as well. “She said.”alright I accept !”he said.

“Commanders log, the Cassandra is getting ready to lunch. The repairs are going  forward.the ship needs a full shake down but with the current crises ,that can’t be spared. Much of the ships problems will have to be solved on route.while most of the roster is filled out but I have one more important post yet to fill “

Science vessel Bacon

Mia entered the sick bay. She looked around for shall.”meg!”she said,she hugged her old friend.”I heard you were on a deep space mission ?”mia said,”we were . We were charting space born life. Forms.with the Klingon situation, we were ordered to put back to port. We are not equipped to handle a battle situation !””she said.”I see. “She said.”why are. You hear ?”sh he. Said,”I am the new c.o of the Cassandra !”she said.”I heard some rumors to that effect ! Congrats !”she said.”thanks. I don’t know if I am cut out to be in star fleet but we will see “she said.”you will do great.this is where you belong !”she said.

“We will see !”she said.”I am happy for you. You have a lit of potential even if others can’t see it or you yourself can’t see it !”she said.”you always said that. Form when we first met when i hurt my leg skiing to when I was in tantilous  I was not sure I believed you !”she said.”I am glad your hear !”meg said,”look I need a medical officer. Will you take over medical?”she asked.”your asking me to your c.m.o ?”she asked.”i need the best. I could use a friend and it would be nice to be in authority over you for a change . I would like someone to keep me straight !”she said.

”  assume the sick bay is. Small and cramped !”she said.”the whole ship is like that !”she said.”I would still be the chief !”she said.”you got it !”she said.”alright I will do it !”she said. “I hoped you would!”she said.

“They gave the Cassandra to some freighter captain with a criminal record !”Lt Tyler said,”she has been cured. The record is purged.she Haas. Been out. In the frontier . She has. Contacts all over ! Even has some in the Klingon empire !”mandez said,”can she be do we know she is. Not a klingon agent ?”Tyler asked.”she is clean Andrea.the decision has. Been made!”he said.”I wanted that ship.I am ready to command a ship.”she said.

“The Nelson is available. You can have it if you want it !”mandez said.”it is a tug. It is. Birthed at a. Star base until a ship is injured.I want to be. Out there .”she said.”that is the best I can do !”he said.”I want the. First officer post on the Cassandra . I will be watching her. Closely. When she meses up,I will clean up the mess !”Tyler said.”you really want to transfer to Cassandra as number two?”he asked.”I am not commanding a tug Joe !”she said.”alright I will have t convince commander bolt to take you on. I think she was learning towards giving the post to sanderson but OK!”he said. “Thank you!”she said.

Manndez was worried about putting those two together. There was already an explosive situation in space,he would hate to see one inside a ship.he hoped that it would short itself out.he hoped he did not regret this but tine would tell.

End of part three


star trek survivors part 2

Star trek survivors part two

The commander of the insects was old. He was more of a figure head now, to the zyindi insectoid,commander dollum was a hero.he considered himself a failure. Several humans had escaped and were rebuilding .he believed that they would try to wipe out his rape as he believed that tried to do. His days were numbered. He wanted to complete his work before he left this world .

The door opened.” grand farther !”commander sedrek said.”hello my honored grand son !”he said.”one of my bounty hunters killed a human on Vulcan,she was thee wife of a prominent diplomat!”he said,”the vukcans have always tried to straddle the fense in this conflict “he said. ” I have received intelligence on an underground rail road operation to smuggle humans to an unknown location. I am going to investigate it”the younger man said,”find them !”he said.

“Your action are troubling sarek . It is unlike thee !”tpau said.”forgive me. I am finding it difficult to handle the events of the last few days !”sarek said.”I can forgive you.the zyindi will not give up there vendetta. if you embrace there hatred you will become them!”she said.”I know. The zyindi have bee come hatred.”he said.”you have a not match there not go down that road !”she said.”there was a time I would have agreed with thee.” Sarek said.

Near the expanse

The ships doctor looked her over. “She is of no race I am familiar with !”the doctor said. “I see. “Spock said. He went over to her.”I am Lt Spock of the intergalactic police star naval guard “he said.”my name is jera. I have form an another dimension. I have come to warn you!”she said.”warn us of what ?”thaelin asked. “My people have been working on a plan for a hundred year s now.”she said.”what is this plan ?”Spock said.”they are trying to transform space so that it is more to our liking.”she said.

“A prelude to an invasion “Spock said.”why is the zyindi aiding you?”arex asked, ” they lied to them.they have convinced them that in the future you will wipe them up.they are trying to beat you there first !”she said.”there hatred of humans is illogical ,irrational and it is destroying them !”Spock said.

“Why are telling us this ?”thaelin said.” “Some of us disagree wit the operation. “It is difficult to trusts you !”Spock said.”I have nothing else to go on!”she said.”that is true .this could be a trap !”he said.”in case you have not noticed Lt.we are winning . “She said.

On the bridge.” do you believe her ?”arex said.”she does have several arguments that seams to verify her story.”he said.”your not totally convinced !”thalin said. “I don’t have enough evidence either way. I am going to report this to my superior !”he said.

On ceti alpha prime doctor Leonard McCoy and nurse chapel were. Busy with victims of earth qaukes and victim of the eels ,the only indigenous species.the creatures killed the patient but not before mailing them insane.McCoy was sick of this planet.

“Dawn it mark.we can’t stay hear!”McCoy said.”they know Len.”mark said,”I don’t care about the zyindi.this planet is doing way more harm then the zyindi ever dreamed of !”McCoy said.”I wish it were true !”Dr broyce said.”what are you talking about Phil ?”McCoy asked.”the zyindi are hunting humans every where.they have hired bounty hunters to hunt them.old young man women they don’t care.its no better out getting worse”piper said.”there has to be a solution ?”McCoy said.

Pike looked around the planet.the planet was dying.they could not survive hear. They could not survive out there. He was told to go to the capital. He went to the office of the president. “Mr president!”he said. “Chris we have an important mission for you ! One that could determine the future of mankind ! Are you in?”he asked.”I am in”

Kirk had completed his shift.he headed for his home.the small shack was made out of one of the older ships that transported survivors her.he saw someone waiting outside his door.”who are you ?”he asked.”Chris pike. I am planing to attempt a mission to save humanity .will you help me?he asked. “What are we going in?”he asked. “I have a ship.”pike said,

Kirk arrived at an air strip.he saw a scout ship.”thats our ship !”kirk said.”come on!”they went inside. He saw an Asian at the helm and another man.there was a third at another. He saw carol. The scout ship lunched.

They headed to a secret spot inside the mutura nebula. They saw a ship.”what is that ?”kirk said,”that Mr kirk is a. Star ship !”he said.

To be continued

star trek Cassandra origins part two

“Freighter log,s.s lightning , Maria j bolt in ship has just off loaded our cargo at the Sierra 16 outpost in neutral space. I have allowed my crew to get a brief time of R and R before setting off on another run . I too am glad to have some time to in wind before another job.I am hearing rumors of tensions between the federation and the Klingon empire.this could be problematic for trade”

Bolt was in the food court. She found a note in her tray.she read it had instructions for a meeting. She eat and then went to the corridor. “Hello mia it has been a long time !”he said.”drako it finally got. Out of that Vulcan prison !”she said,”you know what they do in a Vulcan prison ?”he asked.”meditate?”she said.”meditate and meditate and meditate.I felt like a monk !”he said.”ready to throw off emotion and embrace total logic?”she asked.”hardly!in bring you a message form hidakel.he wanted me to deliver this. I have not read it. I dont want to know !”he said.”thank you !”she said.

On the ship mia read over the message.there was a knock at the. Door. Sh he knew it was her severity man anderson. He Was the only one that knocked.she said to come in, the door opened. “Hello josh!”she said.”me,you have been quiet.we have not taken on any new cargo. What’s up?”he asked.”I got a message form hidakel !”she said.”the backwoods Klingon governor ?”he said ” perhaps look. He says that the head of. The empire called. The grand. Targ is dead , the grand vizier is the. New grand. Targ !”she said.

“The grand targ ?”josh asked,”yes.leg and said when kayless ascended to there after life or whatever he. Left his most trusted advisor as his vicker. the grand targ had continued to excist. He. Keeps a low profile.he does not live in the capital but lives In seclusion ,he only talks to the grannd. Vizier but he is in charge. This war is to consolidate power !”she said.”a war with the federation ?”he asked,”we fought a war to a stand off twenty years was a the black mark on the was the. First war they lost in a hundred. Years .the new grand targ was a fleet commander then.he wants to rewrite that wrong !”mia said.”what can we do about it ?”he asked.

“I am going to staar base 12 . I am going to inform star fleet ciommannd.”she said,”me this is. Not your lived in freighters out n deep space. You barely set foot in federation soil “he said.”in my heart I am a federation may not understand me but I am still her. Child.I won’t abandon her !”she said.”me you spent your whole life. Trying to be understood,trying to fit in.maybe you just don’t. Thats OK !”he said.”you could be right.I can hello and I have to “

“I understand many if you are. Not form the. Federation .some be long. To worlds hostile to star fleet.I have t return .I have information that may help the war effort,”she one not even her Orion pilot halak objected.she ordered the ship to leave the dock and head to the federation.

Star base 12 

“So captian is the Carthage Being sent to the front lines ?”science officer Lt Andrea Tyler asked,”yes we will meat up with the fleet near sherman planet.we will be in an assistance role. Leave the heavy listing to the big boys”captain androvar said.”I hope we can back to being explorers !”Tyler said.”me too. I wish we could stop this.any attempt to stop war is seen as weakness by the confirms there ideology.”the captain said,”did you see the Cassandra put in to is Beijing repaired quickly.they hope to get it up and running soon,the captain is dead and. The first officer will require mounths of rehab !”he said.”Bret I am putting in for command .I knew this out you in a bad spot !”she said.”you are one of my best officers.I knew. The. Day would come.I will write you a closing recommendation.I don’t want to loose you, I fear your talents are wasted hear”he said,”I have mixed feelings about it !”she said,”I know !”he said.

“You came a long way to get this information to us !”commodore mandez said.”I know but I had to.”mia said.”do you trust this hudakel or thee courier ?”miss Piper an aid to mandez asked.”we have. Both used him before,.he is someone that you can’t fully trusts but he has proven use full before.I trust hudakel,he disliked. The excesses of the empire. He Haas stuck his neck out Manny times. A few years ago he stared down a thought admiral over a captured freighter wihh was not in Klingon space but was seized any ways !”she said,

“This is a play fort power ?”Piper said.”that is how it works.the Klingon empire is vikings,Mongols,Roman era barbarians meats the soviet union and Alexander the great all rolled into one “mia said. “We have to defeat them militerily ?”a captain who first name was Timothy asked.”I respect the fact that the mission of star fleet is. One of peace.though my record may say other wise  I am a pacifist at heart captain. You have to do what you did twenty years ago fight them to a stale mate. Humiliate them to the point they don’t want to do this again for a while ?”she said.”post pone a conflict for an other twenty years.are. you advocating a war without end ?”miss piper asked.”no. I dont know which way the wind is blowing with them.the federation does have the. Ability to defeat the empire in a. Massive dont want that and I don’t want that.the coast will be will be world war two times a thousand. Thee universe would be. In woukd change the very nature of star fleet and the federation just as the second world war altered earth”she said,

“What do we do ?”mandez said,”fight to a stand still. The empire is not interested in doomsday war . They want to win.they are not at scorched earth at least not the senior leadership! “She said.”it is still risky !”Timothy said.”welcome to the world of intergalactic politics !”she said.

Mia was in her quarters .”bridge to mia !”halaak said.”go ahead !”she said.”you have a. Message form admiral komack!”he said. She activated. It.”Joe mandez is quite taken with you !”he said.”he is of my type!”she said,”of course .you have been out there .places we have not.there is a rumor you spent a month and a few weeks in a Klingon prison.we need you.I could give you a commison !”he said.”me in star fleet. I tried did not work !”she said.”the academy did not showed a lot of. Promise “he said,”you tried to talk me out of leaving !”he said.”I remember .I tried. To talk you out  of leaving daystrom as well. “He said.

“I am not star  fleet material!”she said.”I don’t believe that and neither do you.”he said.”I want to command a ship !”she said.”wait I can get you a commission but a ship Maria come in!”he said.”you night my help .that is my price !”shed said.” The Cassandra is available. It is a frigate. Its was damaged . I will make you a Lt commander. “He said.”I can live with that.”she said,”welcome to star fleet commander !”he said,

To be continued 


star trek survivors

Star trek alternate lives


This is a parallel universe where the zyindi destroyed earth. This is set during the 2150s.

Planner Vulcan

Amanda wanted to see her husband at the space was dangerous .even on Vulcan, bounty hunters hired by the zyindi insectoid to find surviving humans. Even after a hundred years they still felt a strong hatred for humans. She wore a hood. She wore vulcan cloths and with the. Hood could pass off as a Vulcan, she saw the diplomatic shuttle land. She was excited to see her husband.

The craft landed at the port.the door opened and sarek excited the craft.he was with his aides and gaurd. She waited to see him. She went. Over to him,”it is not wise for you to be hear my wife !”he said.”I know .I missed. You. I desire to see you!”she said.she knew he might find it illogical but she did not care. “It is extremely agreeable to see you again my wife !”he said.there son was a member of the intergalactic police and was on the rim.

The two walked to where the Vulcan security minister was.”minister kotan!”he said.”ambassador sarek. !”he said.”I saw the void for myself.the. expense had engulfed three more sectors minister !”he said.”I had hoped that thy hypotheses was incorrect !”the minister said.”as had I minister !”sarek said.”could it be an environmental cause. It is  humanoid created event ?”a female aid to the minister asked.”I do not know.all test were inconclusive !”sarek said.

What no one knew was that a bounty hunter was hear.froda Bet was a uridian bounty hunter. He had proven very reliable to the zyindi. As it heard the hundredth anniversary of the destruction of the planet earth, the insectoid wanted to finish what they started a hundred years earlier. It started now. The hunter moved back and took out a weapon. He aimed it at the human women. He fired.

Sarek did not see it coming.they tried to save her but it failed. She died in his arms. Sarek the man who devoted his entire life to logic and non violence was enraged. He left his bride and tried to find the schooter. He would not give up. He caught up with the yaridien.he pined him to the ground.if looks could kill he would be incinerated . “I am an agent !”he said.”you carried it out! That makes you just as guilty !”he said.”I have information .”he said. He shot him. Sarek was a different man now.he would stop this insanity one way or another.

Ceti alpha 6 a planet in the middle of no where had been humanity home world for almost a hundred years. While humans kept limited contact worth then vulcans and andoriens, humans tried to keep a low profile . When humanity arrived they called. It new earth. The planet has seamed. To change. There had been scismic activity.quakes other activity.

James t kirk was peace officer in Archer city. Archer had refused to allow it to be named after him . He was overruled. Morale was one time it was feared the insectoid would fin them and finish the they feared. The planet itself would do the job.this had become tense .

He took a break and went to the cafae. There she was carol Markus.she was play full but not now, she had. Changed. “What a prety girl during in a place like this ?”he asked. They tried to keep out the sand Storm but it was impossible. “I am not in the mood to joke around Jim!”she said.”what going on Carole ? “He said.”I can’t its classified !”she said.”come on its hardly a secret this planet is dying.we made a mistake !”he said.”not quite.this planet is doing well its ceti alpha six.its instability is threatening our planet. The other planet is going to be destroyed when its explodes it will weak havok on our world. We may not survive !”Carole said.

“we cannot leave . The zyindi would come after us.”kirk said.”we can’t stay hear we can’t leave. “Carole said.”sounds like a no win situation !”krik said.”I was placed in the project to find a solution but there is none. I am idealistic but I see no hope hear Jim, we can’t stay hear. “She said.”I know. I see it in your eyes. We leave we did.every ship we have sent out even a probe has been shot down by the insectoids or there Allies. “Kirk said.

“You see the latest report ?” President Roth said.”the latest is always worse then the last.”Chris pike said.” I know. The council is getting scared. Some want to try to find a new world. ” the president said.” Look we can’t do it.the. insectoids won’t allow it,the other world’s won’t go to bat for us Hiram !”pike said.”I know.they must be an answer. “Roth said.”we can nogociate.we have tried. They want us dead as a race. “The president said.

“Sir I am detecting a small craft. “T,pring said.” Life signs?”Spock asked.”one life sign” thallen said. “Plot an intercept pick it up”Spock said.the craft engaged a tractor beam. The pod was brought into the hanger.medical and Marines were on standby.the pod was opened. There was a humanoid looking female.”the galaxy is at a cros  roads. The zyindi are fighting thee wrong enemy !” The female said.

To be continued

star trek Cassandra origins

Note.during the time of the original series,pilots were rarely shown at first.many times they aired later, in keeping with that tradition I present the first episode.

Klingon home world

In the first city,the Klingon empire was officially governed by the senate.a. body who elected a chancellor.they had. Little real power.the power rested with the ten overseer governed by the grand vizier. Then the leader of leaders,the warier who carriers the spirit of kailess. The grand targ. The closest thing to a monark but not quite.the grand targ was old. By tradition he. Lived in a secluded area. He summoned you.

The grand vizier,piorq, came as soon as. He could.piorq had battled the romulans,gorn,nazek,hidra,federation,nazgules,asana,krell,kinsaya,and kzinti. He was considered one of the best. Thee. Grand target was old.the ten had tried. To keep it a secret.they did not want the commanders to get restless.

The grand vizier arrived at the shack. He was met by the members of the grnnd. Taarg personal guards.they were called. The brotherhood security service. They were loyal only to the Vicker of kailess. “I great thee in the name of kailess the unforgettable!” the century said.”I come as summoned by the warrior who sits in the seat of kaiiless!”pioq said.

Pioq was taken to the. Inner chamber. The grand. Taarg was bed. Ridden now,he had difficulty sitting up. “Excellently! I come to serve !”he said.”you have served the empire well. Soon I will be leaving for the next journey. Are you ready to take the cloak if office !to lead our people to glory! “The old man asked,he said he was.

After a while pioq excited waring the cloak of office.”the grand. Taarg is dead! I am grand targ now.!he said.”grand. Targ we serve you as we served your predecessor!” the chief gaurd said.”get me the senior me member of the grand ten.we have work to do”

“Duvok I name thee then new grand. Vizier. “Piorq said.”I accept with honor. Today is A new day for our people !”duvok said.”indeed. We have to show our commanders we are worthy .we must show our enemies that we are worthy. I want to strike the united federation of planets! “Piorq said.”it will be done !”the new grand vizier.

Scout vessel Cassandra bridge

“Captain we are receiving a distress call!”the com officer said.”report!”commander trey McFarland ordered.”it is the freightor lion pride. They say they are under attack by the klingons!”the com officer said.”Klingons in this sector.the Klingons have not been seen in this area in twenty years!”ships second officer Lucy sanderson said. “Mr. Niles plot a course for the freighter!” the commander ordered. The navigator laid in the course and the helm officer engaged it.

The freighter was pounded by a d7 crusher. The freighter was no match for the warship. It could not hold out for much longer. The vessel seemed to enjoy Firring on the small vessel. The Cassandra arrived and fired on the Klingon ship. The Klingon vessel turrned his attention to the scout vessel.

“Shields holding!”the science officer said.the ship was hit again.the bridge exploded.the com officer was killed instantly.the science officer was wounded. Commander McFarland the ship to Cooke fired on the war ship. The ship fired multiple volleys. The vessel was damaged.

The klingon ship fired again,the. Bridge was hit.the commander was killed.the command chair exploded. The first officer Lt Wendy hale was injured. The bridge was in bad shape. Lucy and Niles had survived the ordeal. The Cassandra was wounded but lucy did. Not want to throw in the towel. The Cassandra fired on the Klingon war ship. The Cassandra flees at fast speed hitting whatever she could. The two found a soft spot and exploited it.they hit a damaged coil. The targeting sensor malfunctioned. The ship fired blind, the Cassandra was almost out of fired the last if. It then left. The war ship did not. Pursue.

In shock bay nurse Julie Owens tried to do what she could.the sickbay was a mess. They were dead and wounded every where. She got to work.while thorland an anndorien and cosgrove a muliruen and transporter chief Nagasaki as well as an orion female and an aquatic volunteered to be field medics. The whole crew worked as as a team. They would limp to star base 12.

Star fleet command

“The Klingon have began to strike words on the  outskirt of federation space. This is an act of war !”admiral Fitzpatrick said.”we are an organization of. Peace and exploration.we are not a military !”admiral komack said.”I know.the fleet will assemble near the donatu sector. The. Enterprise will secure the planet organia then will meet up with the fleet!”Fitzpatrick said. ” we will need experienced commanders !”an aid said.admiral komack had An idea.





star trek man eater

Setting some time after the founding of the federation. Around 2161 .

“Space they call it the final frontier. Sense humanity first took of in a warp powered,ships we have desired to go where we had never been before. Now. With the united federation of planets the new multi planetary star fleet is lunching a deep space exploration project. With only a small fraction of the universe explored,we are excited by what is out there or what may be out there.”captain remerez reported .

After years commanding the intreped a vessel that stayed close to earth he was excited to have. Been given command of the daedalus class starship intreped.while he. Missed his old ship he was proud of his new ship.the ship had a warp seven engine. There were several of these new ships ,the Daedalus,esek,archon,horizon, and a few others.there were other clauses of ships as well.

“All decks standing by !”science officer Lindsey markum said,”very good!helm take us in !”the captain  ordered.the vessel headed out further into space. There given a search grid Nick named alpha 127.the area had been traveled by any member of the federation.the. Vulcan’s had not considered it significant enough to investigate.newly minted admiral Archer insisted no stone unturned.” Beginning  scan!”the science officer said.she checked her sensors then she found something.”captain I am detecting an incoming is small.there is no life appears to be some kind if probe.”the science officer said,”cut engines all stop!”the captain ordered.the helm officer a coridon male followed the order. “We are at all stop !”he said.”

The probe began to power up. The probe scanned the ship.”the ray is harmless.”Markham said,”they ate. Probably curious about us!”the captain said.”I still don’t like. It sir !”the armory officer said.after a while the probe stopped its scan. The probe seemed to be moving away.

“Maybe we are not that interesting !”doctor Erin kangelis said.”maybye not.!”first officer Jeff Pierce said. “Sir the probe is sending a message. it is not that far from hear !”the com officer ensign Katie styles said.”move us off nice and slow !”the captain ordered.the vessel moved back. “The probe is receiving a message back !”the. Com officer announced.

“The. Probe is heading for us!”mark um said.”raise our shields!” the captain ordered. Thee armory officer raised the shields. He had all weapons on standby. He waited for the order to fire. The probe neared the vessel.the probe fired .the ray hit the bridge.all of the man began to fall.the doctor tried to help the crew.

Markum transferred weapons control to her station.she fired the photonic torpedoes at the probe. The probe fired again.the ship moved about.the vessel found a soft spot in the probe and fired a full berrage. The probe exploded.

The male crewman went into convulsions. She had no idea what was going on.she tried to place the captain into a coma.that seamed to slow down the spread of whatever it was.

“Acting captains star log,science officer Lt commander markum reppirting.our ship was attacked by an unkbown probe.the. probe unleashed some kind of bio weapon that only effects the male members of the crew. We have  placed those affected into suspended animation .it has halted the spread of the bio hazard but it is not a cure “

“The weapon is designed to target make traits !”thee doctor said.”why attack males?”chief engineer kellby said.”perhaps we are dealing with a. Male dominant culture.they want to kill off the competition!”the com officer said.”the probe was in contact with a. Planet.can you pinpoint the location of the plannet?”acting captain markum asked.”I think I can locate it?”acting armory officer tamerona a Vulcan said. “Get on it!”she ordered.

After a short time the crew located the planet that the. Probe contacted with.”thee planet is class m. It is about the same technology as we are give or take !”the acting science officer a denoblion said. “Plot a course !”she ordered.”is that wise?”the doctor asked.”perhaps not but we will try it !”she ordered.the helm officer a young graduate named Lea Benson set the course for the planet.

“Three vessels are. Heading right for us!”the science officer said.”hail them Katie !”markum ordered.”hailing frequencies open!”she said.”this is the USS intrepid representing the united federation of planets .we are hear on a peace full mission !”she said,”we are being hailed!”Katie said.”let’s see it!”she said.

“This is durena luchair speaker of the houses of delegates .we detected names in your ship.we have standing orders to attack all males DNA !why have you not purge all males on your ship?”she asked.”males are part of our crew !”she said.”you work with males?”she asked.”yes. We are an equal society !”markum said.the Chanel was closed.”the vessels have powered up weapon!” the acting armory officer declared.the shields were raised.

The vessels fired on the intrepid. The vessel returned fire on the ships.”helm plot a course out of this sector !”she. Ordered.thee vessel went to warp.It was fired on . It fitted back.”find me a dead planet or moon!”Lindsey ordered.”got one !”the acting science officer said.

The vessel headed for the dead planet.the vessel went as fast as it could.the ship entered the went to the core as maximum warp.the speed pushed it fired on the ship.the weapons and debris hit the ships.the vessel made it to the arigorn nebula and escaped.

Doctor kengilis worked around the clock and finally came. Up with a cure for the bio weapon.the male crewman could finally be would take a few days to recooperate but they would fully recover and be back to work shortly.

“Good work will make a great captain one day!”he said.”thank you sir !”she said.”they were feminist ?”the armory officer said.”we scanned there seams that it was once a make dominated culture.the females revolted.males are subservient to females.they have created male bio weapons to ensure they stay in power!”Markham said.”well i am glad ended the gender ear in earth differently!” The captain said.”as am I !”she said.

The end

Captian remerez appears in “the expanse!”

Katie styles  is distant relative of andrew styles who apeard in “balance if terror!”

Lt pierce appears in borderland

Chief  kelby was a recurring character during season four of enterprise.

The Daedalus class was mentioned in “power play”

The horizon was mentioned in “a peace of the action”

The archon is mentioned in return of the archon.