star trek unlikely part four

“I just don’t get it!warren said. “I really thought that she liked me. It seams so plastic .I know vulcans have a very different culture and I respect that. I have known many vulcans growing grade school ,my principle was a Vulcan. I had neighbor kids who were vulcans. They were logical,serious ,stoic but she is almost cold. It feels like she wants the trapping of emotion without its essence its spirits. It almost cheapens it.”he said.

“Why not tell her! “The assistant dean said.”I am afraid to I gues. “Do you like her?”Carlson asked.”I really do! This seams to be a major roadblock to any relationship “he said.”if you don’t deal with it it will continue to be. It will only get worse and worse. “She said.

star trek Potemkin part five

“The Klingon vessel is leaving the sector. “The number ones said.”why would they leave .theory wining !”Tyler said.”they have what they want !”Mia said.”captain we. Have a reports one of the delegates was taken !”Palmer said.”dawn it!”she said.

Some how she knew who it was. They have taken Spock. some how she knew that it was Spock. That was what she would do if she was a Klingon commander. She began to suspect that the Klingon knew about Nero and the time alteration caused by his time travel. What did they want ?

“Orders sir?”the number one asked.the commanding officer thought it over.then she came to a conclusion.”lay in an intercept course !”Janice ordered. MIA adjusted the heading.then Tyler activated the course .the ship chased the other ship.

“You don’t belong hear ?”korg said.”that may well be. But I am hear!”Spock said.” I need what you know!”the commander said.”my information is out off date. The. Time line has already changed!”he said.”yes. But your information will be a guide post !”he said.”I will not help you!”Spock declared.”your assuming you have a choice !”korg said.”let me guess the. Famous mind shifter!” the ambassador said. “Normally yes. It is crudde but effective. This time we have a different plan !”first officer kor said.a figure that had remained in the shadows emerged.

It was a young Klingon was sirania the science officer. He. Noticed that she had pervasive eye brows. Her ears were first he suspected that she was a romulan but he soon came to the conclusion that she was part Vulcan.

She placed her. Hand on his forehead. He wondered if a Klingon Vulcan hybred could perform a Vulcan mind meld.”my mind to your mind my thoughts to your thoughts . ” she scanned his mind.

She saw Hus birth. She saw him rejected by her farther. She saw him as a child being taunted by a fellow Vulcan children.she saw him turning down an appointment to the Vulcan science academy.there was his days at the academy. His. Voyages on the enterprise under pike and kirk.his days back on Vulcan. Hus. Returning to star fleet.his. contact were viger. His death and return. She saw his exploits in 1980s earth. The battle with “god”. The kutomer incident ,his. Wedding, Hus work on romulous then the battle with Nero .

“Turalia you cannot give this information to the commander !”Spock said.”my heritage is Klingon . I serve the empire ! I serve only the empire and his chancellor !”she declared. “Is it in the best interest of the. Empire to have this information ?”Spock asked.” That is not for me to decide !I am a loyal solder of the empire !”she said.”this data will give the. Empire an the. Wrong hands it will destabilize the quadrant. Man like your commander . “He said.

“That is not my judgement to make. I am a Jr officer.I cannot make policy !”she said.”there are other alternatives!” he said.””I see none hear !”she said.”there are always possibilities. “He said.”that is philosophical garbage that has. No bases in reality !”she said.”you don’t believe that !”he said.”what alternative do you see ?”she asked.then he gave her one. One she did not expect.

She woke up.”do you have it ?”korg asked.”yes but I will not reveal it!”she said,”you have aka. Duty Lt. The empire needs that data !”korg said.”it is. Not in the best interest of the universe . “She said.”you are guilty of treason !”he said.”I know! I have no choice ! “She said.”get the mind. Shifter ready !I wil get that data !”korg said.

The first officer took out his weapon and aimed it at the commanding officer.” kor!what are you doing?”he said.”I challenge you to a fight to the death !”kor said.”very well its your funeral !”he said. They got the batleth ready . A fight was about to take place.

“Kor how. Can you side with her ?”he said.”I know you will keep this information to might even challenge the chancellor.I cannot risk that. The steaks are too high !”he said.”this is a new era.a new kind. Of battle . The. New weapon is information. He who has It has power. “He said.

The battle begun.the two fought against each other. Korg wanted to beat his former ally and first officer.he respected his executive officer but saw this day coming.kor was often critical of his they would end this.”

The Potemkin chased the ship as fast as they could.”stay on um Andrea !”she said.”if I go any faster she will fly apart !”Tyler said.”fly her apart then!”she said. The vessel kept going. The vessel finally arrived and fired on the ship.

The vessel fired a large volley of torpedoes at the war ship. The Klingon fired back on the Potemkin. While both battles went on. They were both very important to the future of the mission and perhaps the fate of the universe.

Korg had been wining.kor was able to gain the uper hand. Korg did not care what he did. He played dirty. His moto was all is. Fair in love for war. He loved war. Metal clashed with medal. Kor took every opportunity .he got a shot, the man fell over.he went for the kill.his enemy fought back.he got the last stab.

“Kor to bridge ,the captain is dead .halt the attack !”kor asked.”ambassador this a time line must exist on his own. I will make sure no one knows about this!”kor said.”that is. Much appreciated !”he said.

“Captain s log ambassador Spock has been returned to the Potemkin. I have allowed the Klingon vessel to return to there space. We have arrived on what is hoped to be a new Vulcan home world.

“Captain I was opposed to your becoming the captain of this vessel.only you can turn this around.I hope I a wrong. Peace and long life !”she said “live long and prosper !”he said.


Yes I did rip a speech form Jonathan carver the bond villen in the movie “tomorrow never dies !”

I also ripped sulu speech form st 6.

star trek phase 2 come what may review

Star trek new voyage / phase 2

Episode 00 “come what may !”

Plot. The enterprise while investigating attacks on a federation colony discovers two mysterious beings .

Gust stars

Eddie pasky who played Lt. Leslie in the original series plays admiral Leslie the father of the crewman,

John Winston who played transporter chief kyil in the original series plays the captain of USS el rasheed

Chronology this episode is not considered part of phase 2. It is a special episode.

In this episode checov is chief of security. If it were canon it would have to been after “enemy star fleet”


Lt sulu has. Left the enterprise to have advanced training.

Janice Rand is now a full Lt.

Lt dashale a recurring character on the original series replaces sulu at the helm.

One of the visions from on seams to be form the. Mirror universe of a variation.

Another is. Chepel still in t.o.s medical uniform marrying Spock who is in civilian garb.

Another is a scene form the first six movies.

The monap ship looks kinda like a Borg ship.

Music from Borg battle in “best of both worlds”is played during battles with the monap.

Onabi may be part of. The q.

At the end of the episode there next mission appears to  be the animated episode “more trouble more tribles!”

What I liked about episode

There was a lot of humor.

Maine story line was good.


Kirk and Spock getting a glimpse of the future

It spoil it.

I want stat trek to be real time. Star trek is going forward not back.some easter eat are good. This was too much.

As a Christian I did not like amazing grace being basically seculized and made just about hope. It is within star trek philosophy though.

The line ripped form star trek 2. The romulan aisle thing.

The lines ripped form “where no man has gone before “.the scene included thee chess game. The line about one of Spock’s ansestter was changed to farther.


The amazing grace had some good. To it. A respect for Christianity. It did not go far enough. Better then some of blanket codemnaton of religion such as the next gen episode “who watches the watches”

Unanswered questions

Was onobie a me member of. The q?

Her statement is similar to one used by the guardian if there a connection ?

Is the monap a Borg or a version of the Borg?

My rating 2 plus

If you omitted the prediction of the first six movies I would give it a four. I have to deduct points for that.

star trek unlikely part four

Warren was discouraged after he returned form the field trip with t,sera.while on the island ,it was like the two of them had been friends for Years. When they returned ,it was like it never happened. For some reason he. Made him sad.

“Are you alright “brad asked.”of course !”he said.”your roommate said and. I quote “your more dosile then I am and in am a living rock!” You barely leave your room. Staff members have noticed a difference !”brad said .”I am fine Sir !”he said.” This is about cadet t’sera ?”he said.”how do you know about that ?”he said.”deductive reasoning!  Cause and affect ! ” he said.

“I was dreading the trio. Forty eight hours  stuck on an island in the middle of no where with someone devoid of personality. On the island she was different. I felt like we were a team in every sense of the word.we were united in this one goal. Then we returned and if was like someone went back in time and erased the last few days. “He said.

“That what I thought . My advise ask her to go out for cofe or something “brad suggested. “Really ? Like a date ?”he asked.”yea. Look Vulcan’s do things differently then we do. I would test the waters a bit. If she tell you to go climb mount salalaya you know its probably not meant to be “he said.

He decided to go along with brad,s advice. He went to find her. He was very nervous. He  found her after looking for a few minutes. ” hey do you want to go grab a bite to eat off campus some time ?”he asked. “Are you asking me out on a date !”she asked .”it does not have to be!”he said.”I am OK with it being a date ?”she asked.”are you interested ?”he asked.”I would be happy to !”she said. “Really?”he asked. “Yes. Is 1700 alright ?”she asked. “Sounds good !”he said.

He made sure he was there at 1700. She was waiting for him. She was Wearing civilian clothing . She had styled her hair differently . “You look really nice tonight !”he wished he could take it back. “Thank you !”she said. This is going to be awkward he thought. Then she did something he was bit expecting. She took his arm in hers.

“I was surprised that you ask me on a date ?”she admitted.”why is that ?”he asked.” I did not think you liked me ?”she answered.”oh? I really thought that you did not like me!”he said.”you seamed annoyed by me . “She said.”I thought that of you. We did not quite get off on the right foot. “He said.

“About that . You caught me at a bad time. I have spent the last few years in p,zem. I was part of a very conservative group within Vulcan society. I have been with the same group of people every day for years. I was over whelmed . I am sorry  how I behaved !”she said.”it makes sense now. I did not know !”he said.

” why did you ask me out ?”she asked.”well on the island we seemed to have developed a connection. I wanted to see if it was a real or misinterpretation on my part !”he said.”we did make a connection ,I sensed that as well. Do you foresee a relationship of a romantic sort between us?”she asked.”I can’t rule it out. What is your view on the subject ?”he asked. “I am open to it !”she reapplied.”then your not betrothed to any one?”he asked.”no I am not pledged to anyone. “She said.”I see”he said.

“I would like to explore this further!”she said.”as would I ?”he said. “Very good. I am bit quite as I appear. I would seam to be a prude !”she said.”you seemed  very serious even more so then a lot of Vulcan I have encountered. Now that I know that you were part of an aesthetic group I understand more now. I feel bad that I prejudged you. My assumptions were in error!” He said. “I find it difficult outside the commune . I think many own people nay view me as extreme !”she said.”your different today. I hope your more comfortable around me !”he said.”I am much more. I appreciate that more. Then you can know. In many ways I am an outsider. I find it  unnerving. I am relieved to have it when I am around you. “She said.

She was not the person he thought she was. He felt bad he had judged her.he now saw her in a totally different way. He could not believe someone he had almost contempt for was now a potential love interest. It made no sense to him, maybe that was not a bad thing. He had no idea.

That night he walked her back to her dorm. “I had a good time tonight !”he said. ” I am pleased with the progress of the evening and our relationship !”she said. “We can do this again ?”he asked. “Absolutely !”she said.”have a good night !”he said.”i believe you are forgetting something !”she said.he thought it over. Then it came to him. The good night kiss. He kissed her with a pack, she made if a real kiss. It seemed phony. He began to think that this was some kind of game or was like she wanted to experience human life without the essence of it. A cold exercise .every time he spent with her was like that. He did not get it. He went back to his. Dorm ad confused as ever.

star trek Potemkin part four

” we got an energy signal!”the science officer reported.”where is the exact location of the signal?”the captain said. The science officer ran several checks on hr bored and finally came to a conclusion.” right on top of us!”she reported. “Shields to maximum !”she ordered. Lt. Tyler adjusted the shields.

The subspace door way opened. A Klingon war ship excited the corridor. the large war ship fired on the Potemkin. The vessel shocked . “Shields holding!”Mia said. “Return fire!’ The captain ordered. The Potemkin fired a full berage of phasers  aimed at the ship.  The projectiles hit the enemy .

“Target the crew quarters!” the commander ordered. “Sir?”the weapons officer asked.”follow my orders !”he insisted. “Aye sir !”the weapons office said. The gunner adjusted the targeting sensors. The computer reported that the target had been acquired. The gunner pressed the fire button. The turret fired.

“Detecting incoming fire ?”the first officer said.”where?”the captain asked.the first officer tried to find where it was coming.”crew quarters!”she announced. The ship tried to move away. The ship fired on the incoming projectiles. They were destroyed. The wake hit the ship. The ship rocked back and forth. One of the aides was injured but nothing too severe.

The Potemkin fired on the warship. The bridge was hit. The captain was very angry. “Sir the ship is reentering the vortex!”the executive reported.”they can’t be retreeting already!” Dr. Wallace commented. The ship was gone,then the vortex opened and a large fire ball flew out.”evasive action!”she ordered.the ship tried to move away. Try as they might. They could bit outrun it, they did everything they knew to do worked. They were in trouble. They all knew it.

Lt. Tyler took the ship as fast as she could. She was not even out of. The academy. She had to push herself harder then she had ever had to before.she tried to be somber. She tried to excel. It was difficult. The ship kept moving. The fire ball hit. The ship kept moving.

There were multiple explosions all over the ship. “Can you get a shot Andrea ?”Janice asked. She adjusted the targeting sensors and she thought she. Had a shot. The captain gave her clearance to fire.she pressed the fire button. The ship fired on the. Fire exploded. The wake hit the ship. The ship got away as fast as it could.

“We are clear !”science officer said.Dr. Wallace dismissed herself and headed to the sickbay. “Begin damage control at once !”Janice said. The damage control teams got to work. “I have another energy surge !”number one said.”of course we do!”she said.the ship left the corridor.the Potemkin got off the first shot.

The war ship was hit. “Shields down to 87 percent .minor damage to several decks !”science officer tirvila said.”you will have to do better then that captain!” korg said.the captain ordered the ship to return fire. The gunner acquired the target and fired. The photon torpedoes struck the constitution class vessel.

It was close to the engines.not close. Enough to cause serious trouble but enough to rattle chief engineer kyile. He hoped that the captain and bridge officers knew what they were doing. Engineers especially chief engineers tended to be very territorial and Kyle was no different. He loved this ship and wanted to keep it in one peace.

The Potemkin quickly returned fire on the enemy vessel. There was damage. The first officer got an idea.she got up form her seat and went over to the captains chair. She whispered in lestor ‘s ears. The captain agreed .”Mr. Galloway take the science station !”she said.”sir? “He said.”you have a hearing problem ?”she asked.”no sir!”he said.he went over to the science station and sat down.

Number one went to one of the aft station that was non essential.she sat down. She called up form the sensor data on the enemy ship. She found it. She found the generator for the doorway technology. She reported it to the captain.

“Good work number one! Send the data to Tyler !”she ordered. The first officer send the data to the helm. Andrea got the information. She targeted the ship.the target was acquired. She pressed the button. The ship fired on the generator . The generator was hit. The ship fired around the generator as well.

“The generator has. Been disabled !” The science officer reported. “Dawn it.I goes it will be a fare fight ! What is it major Chang would say ?tickle us do we bit laugh, prick us. Do we not bleed wrong us do we not revenge. “He said.sivilla the gunner did not need clarifications .she knew what the captain  ordered.

This ship had experimental technology on the ship.this was an experimental vessel. The ship contained breaching pods. The ship lunched the pods. The pods hit the ship. They were aimed at the crew deck. There were multiple explosions. The pods drained the shields.they were local.they  drained the. Shields in a small area. It was enough for what they wanted to do.

The heavy crusher transported a group of marines on to the ship. They were fired on by ships security. They returned fire on the gourds. The Marines were trained to stay on the mission. They worked hard not to deviate from the mission objective. They ran to the guest quarters.

“We have been borded!” Palmer said.”dawn! “Janice said. “Seal off those decks. Send  as many troops as you can muster and a few more!”the captain ordered.”you got it”Galloway said.

The Klingon boarding party stormed the area. They entered one of the crew quarters. The door was open. They ran inside. In the room was ambassador Spock. One of the marines had been assigned to the Klingon prison asteroid. He knew nero. He had seen some of his personal effects. The marine knew the truth about nero and the new time line created by his manipulation. He knew who this man was.

The ambassador was beamed on to the ship and brought to the bridge. “My lord!this man is form the future. He was the object of Nero’s rage!”the sergeant said. “Well well well welcome to the twenty third century. I should say the Klingon century!” korg said.

End if part four

star trek unlikely reboot part three

Warren made sure to get plenty of sleep .he knew that he would need it.he slept really well.he showered and packed a few things. He only took what was on the recommended list.he knew if he took more then what was on the recommended list ,drill sergeant t’sera would say something. He decided not to deviate . He really just wanted to get this over with.

The dorm supervisor brad entered. He jumped to attention and said “sir!”‘as you were !”the supervisor said. “I’m almost ready!” he said.”I remember my introduction to b iology assignment .that was how I met Kathy. That sealed the deal!”he said. “That is not going to happen. She is. To the extreme right of the late ambassador sarek heck she may be to the right of surek.”warren said.”I never thought that would happen to Kathy and I ! You just never know.”brad said.

He made sure that he was there ahead of time. She was already there.”am I late ?”warren asked. ” no you are ahead of schedule. Good job !”she said.”I was afraid you would leave without me !”he said. No but  it would not have been ideal !”she said.”I figured . Ready?”he asked.”let’s do it!”she said.they went over to the transporter terminal. He set the coordinates.they beamed away.

They emerged on an island in the south pacific. “I assume we will observe record and compile the information back on campus!”she commented.”that was my plan.I figured that we record everything.even if it is trivial . If it is not essential then we can weed it out later. “He said.”very well. Let’s get to it!”she said.the two got to work.

They began to observe. They got very quiet. They had monitored several different creatures.some were considered rare. They learned to communicate non they were observing,a creature caught there attention. She was good at stealth and was able to snap a picture.

They moved away. “Your not going to believe this. That bird is a type that was classified extinct by the united earth zoological survey . We just discovered a species believed to have died off!”she said. “I am in shock . “He said.”babe we just made the history books! “She said.”did you just call me babe ?”he asked,”is it not a term of endearment ?”she said.he said yes.he thought to himself we are not that close.

“I want to follow him for a little bit!”he said.”why?”she asked.”he cannot be the only one. I want to find the colony !”he said.”it is not vital to find the colony !”she said.”I  know but someone will follow up on this. I want it to be. Us !”she said. “It this a male. Human thing ?”she asked.”look learning disabilities is almost non is almost. I am one of the lucky ones.thus is huge. I want to see it though .”he said. “Let’s do it.”

They were able to find. The creature. After hours of chasing the creature ,they found the colony, they took several pictures.then they returned to there base camp. Warren made a fire. They took out the star fleet rations.”why did you tell me that ?”she asked.”I did not want want you to think I’m silly. Maybe I am. I wanted to do this. It feel good.”he said.”I understand. I would have walked away and gone to more. Observing. You make a good partner !”she said.”so do you !”he said.

They slept in the camp they had made. They got up early and go Back to work. While the rest of. The weekend was not as eventful, they made a lot of discoveries . Warren felt like he understood her. Then they returned to campus.

The minute they returned to campus it was like they went back in time and the last few days did not happen. She went back to being the same old pre weekend t’sera. This made him sad. He felt that the whole weekend was a failure . The discovery no longer meant anything now. The whole thing was meaningless .  He did not want to beleve it but it seemed to be how it was.

End of part three

star trek Potemkin part five

“Captains log, the. Potemkin is on route to a planet that the Vulcan’s hope will become the new home world of the vulcans. So far there has been no incident . The ship and crew are. Functioning well. “

“You seam restless captain ?”ambassador sarek commented.”I am carrying the future leaders of vulcan ambassador. Your planet was destroyed. It has changed everything. Vulture sense death . “She said.”true. We live in difficult times. Turning points do not always portent to ends but at times new beginnings.”he said.”I hope that is the case !”she said. “As do I!”he said.

“Its funny you strike me as a warrior captain.” sarek said.”I have only been in one battle and at best it was a draw at worst it was a defeat although we softened them up for Kirk to deal the final blow “she said.”this is a turning point for the federation and star fleet. Star fleet was set up for primarily peace full exploration !I would hate to see that altered . I believe that our enemies will take advantage of this . My people experienced a crises of identity. We veered away form the. Teaching of surek. I would hate to see humans lose all that you have achieve !”sarek said.

“Do you see me as an impediment to humanity achievements?” she asked.”to be. Honest you could. Be. I also are you as a potential solution to the. Problem.we all have multiple possibilities but in the end,it is up to you “the statesman said. “I see .”she said.

“What of your people ambassador?  Your people have green dealt wit a crises of faith have you not? Won’t some embrace less then logical solutions?she thought of his. Son sybok.sybok was starting a group with different goals then that of the Vulcan authority . “Some will!”he said. “We all are in a turning point perhaps !”she said.”perhaps !'”he said.

Many on the ship resented that mia was navigator.she was young and not even a break star fleet officer.she did appear to be good at this.she was slowly wining some over,not everyone but Many.she tried to prove herself.she was determined to prove her naysayers wrong.

On the Klingon ship the science officer adjusted the sensors. The empire was not interested in technology and in research and development. the empire was. Interested in defeating there many occasions that depended on superior technology. While science officer were looked down upon they got chances to shine. Women had a hard. Time in the service .many chose science because they could shine.

She was able to locate the location of the Potemkin. She reported it to captain korg. Then he gave the order. The. Order to use experimental technology and now the battle was about to begin.

End of part five.


I changed the name of the commanding officer . Karg is the name of the kligon rival  if kirk in the fan made phase 2. I did not want ant is a different guy.