Star trek mind and matter part 7

“Ali’s journal i almost had the device. I was near the ship then it all went to dreck before my very eyes. I was in a prickle for sure. At the time i had no idea how i was getting out of this one.or if i was getting out of this one !”
The mage was about to strike ali.if he did she would cease to exist in seconds. He aimed for her.he did not even give her a chance to surender.
All off a suden the energy left the staf. Then she felt her body change some how. Was she going though the early stages of matter disintegration .that’s imposible she thought. She had not been hit.
The next thing she knew ,she was some where else. She was on the ship. “Gab what’s going on?”ali said.”this ship is equped with a device that converts matter into molicules and then reconverts it into matter?”gab said.
” you did that to me?”alisha said.”i had no choice !”gab said.”i do not want to sound ungreatfull. Thanks gab !” She said. “No problem!”she said.
“Who are you?”alisha asked.”I’m nicole. I was a mage in traning but i changed my mind.! “She said.”i tried to get away as soon as i got a break. I saw her and she agreed to help me in exchange for taking her with us. I agreed!”she said.”welcome on bored !”ALI said. “Thanks!”she said.

Star trek mind and matter part 6

“Gabys journal. What started as a bad situation has just turned worse. We are serounded by a masive fleet of ships and flying space born creutures. A plan to deceve them into thinking i was joining them has back fired!’
“They have judged me worthy to join there order. They have judged alisha unworthy to join.they plan to kill her. Now time is even more of the essence. We have to sicure the auto pilot device and rescue alisha !”
She wanted to  get away but she was bogded down in magic training.  She hoped that they not after ali while she was traning. Man this was not going well she thought. She tried to focus. She had to convince them that she could was worthy.
Alisha was getting woried. She had hard nothing .was this a trap? Had she been killed? Had she truely joined them? If so she was now on her own. She did not see how she could make it on her own.
Gabby was her best friend. For a long time her only freind. Could she find a way to make it on her own. She did not see how. She was one person on a damaged ship with no crew serounded by a hostile fleet with almost lumitless power.she had to find a way to esape and soon.
After a while gabby was taken to her quters on the flag ship of the mage. She waited a few munutes. She took out a com badge that had been atached to the ship. She fliped it oppen.
“Al!”gabby said.”where in hackterie have yoy been. I have been woried sick!” Alisha said.”i could not get away ali. They plan to kill you. Nothing personal!”she said.”not much comfort widgerson rule of history !”ali said. “I know. Look i won’t let that happen. There is a device that can control the ship by itself. We can use it to our advantage. Get out of hear?”she said. ” how do we get it ?”ali said.”i have a plan !”she said. Then she told her the plan.
“Alisha journal i don’t love gabs plan but i like it enough. I don’t have a better one so i am going to go with it. I realy hope that we can pull it off. If we can’t we are in deep dutri. I am trying to stay positive. I am trying to think happy thoughts. It is not easy i must say !”
Ali was able to sneek off of the starship and on to the flag ship of the mages. She was fearless. Some times it seemed like she thrived on danger.
Gabby told her where the device was. She just needed to get to it. Why can’t we just settle on a resort planet some where. That is not going to happen.gabby lives on danger and probibly always will. She will be at her side.
She saw the device. It was gaurded by two centries. They did not look particualy intimidating but she knew looks could be deceving. They could probably kilk her with there minds.she did not want to find out. If she tried to make a run for it,it would fail and she would be dead.
She considered using her faminine charms. She did not think she had them.besides centries were eunicks. They were implanted with a device that inhibited hormones. Not that was her styile but that was out of the question any ways.
She did have a plan. She hid from a distence. She took out the weapon from the ship. She placed it on over load. She then threw it and ran like dreck. She hoped this diverson would be sucsesfull.
She went and dove for the device. She grabed it and one saw her. She ran into a garbage shute. She ran and ran.
She made it out of the reclimation syistom. She was seen.she ducked as a mage tried to cast a spel on her. She droped and rolled. A lightning bolt hit near her. Somehow she went unharmed.
She ran and ran.she had not run like this. Her servival instinct had gone into over drive. She just kept runing. Then she fell into a psycick force field. She had no idea how to get out of this one.
Then the field fell apart. She ran with the device. She saw the ship. She then ran as fast as she could. Before she knew it she was at the air lock.
The grand mage flew though the air and then landed right near her. He took out his staff and aimed it at her. She was in real trouble now.
End of part 6

Star trek casandra part 8

“After much dificulty we were able to get rid of the vanpires at least for now. We would probibly meat up with them again but hopefully not for a while. “
The crew began to wake up. Some were a bit grogy at first.some sufered the efects of neusia. The crew were recovering at a fast rate.
“What do we do with miss tyler?”josh asked.”throw her in the brig !”mia said. ” hey i saved your ship and crew. “She protested.
“I know that. That is why i am thowing you in the brig and not tossing you out an air lock. “Mia said.”i can be an aset to you and your crew! You need me.”she declared.
“Its too big of a risk. Just having you in bord is risk enough .josh get her out of hear !”she ordered.
Josh asked her some what nicely to follow him. She did. They left the bridge. Mia suspected she would. Need her one day. She wanted any partnership with her to be on her terms. She wanted her as a last resort. She stil had to prove herself. She suspected Tyler had her own agenda. She knew one day she would be needed. That day was not today.
It might be safer to get rid of her. She does deserve a chance. She did risk her life to save there’s. Still. She had her doubts.
“I asume we have no idea where we are ?”mia said.”corect “lucy said. ” how did i know? “She asked.
“Akright sparky i want you to take charge of engineering. Go over it with a an advanced scanner !”she ordered.”you got it ! ” he said hapily.
“Megan you know your job!”she said.”you got it mia!”megan said.” Rana check the comm syistom. Josh weapons, lucy helm !”she said.evryone got to work.
“Wait a minute !”thorlan said.evryone stoped.” “Why are you barking orders like your in charge ? We did not trade in one master for another!”the lion creture declared. “Purhaps there should be a syistom in place !”burgelle said.
“Look we don’t have time for this. We need to get the ship up and running !”sparky said. “Look lets get the ship fuly operational and then we will hold a ship wide vote ! ” mia said. “Until then mia wil be interem captain!” Meg said. Thorlan reluctantly agried.
The crew got right to work. The ship was fuly stafed and ready.the ship was on its way. Now mia would keep her promise.
She held an assambly in the ships gyim. “Alright lets take nominations !”meg said. “I nominate thorlan!”the aqatic creture said. “Seconded!”another said. “I nominate josh !”burgele said.”i decline the nomination !”he said.”i nominate crosgrove!”one said.then it was seconded. Some one else nominated lucy then mia was nominated by josh and seconded by rana.
The vote was taken. Another assambly was convegned to get the result. ” in last place is thorlan followed by crisgrove lucy and the winner is mia!”megan said.
“I apreciate your support .we have a lot to do. We are in uncharted space. We have no idea what is out hear. I wish i could say that it will be easy. I wish i could say we are safe now i.can’t. Perhaps it would be a more comfortable life on bendera as a slave.we will face these danger as a crew as a family! “She said.
“Ok lucy your in charge of helm ,meg medical, sparky engineering. Josh security and weapons, rana comunications.katy you will be my assistent ! Thirlon your science. “She said.
“Captain i am detecting an energy emision. It is getting biger and bigger and bigger !”thirlan reported.”we don’t have to go looking for danger.danger finds us. Stand by hear we go!”mia said.
End of episode one
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Star trek casandra
The casandra arives at star base 10 where they are reunited with josh. While they are asigned to escort an athlete to a universal olimpucs while she is targeted by an unknown asalient. Rebecah deals with her divided loyalties.

The casandra deals with a threat to the galaxsy from another damension called the enigma. The crew deals with ajusting to life in space.

Star trek casandra part 7

Raven was about to attack josh. Tyler attacked the vampire leader. The two went at it.
“You would side with them?”raven asked.”i am only part vampire. I am also human. “She said.”your making a terable mistake !”she said. “Its myine to make !” She said.”you wont have time to rigret it !”raven declared.
She shoved her. She shoved her back. Mia pushed the pilot out of the helm. Megan and rana fired on several others. Mia drove the ship towards an asteroid.she set up a force field to stop them from getting to her.
“Do you intend to crash this ship.kill all if your friends ?”raven asked.”if i have to ?”mia said. Tyler bit raven. Raven was hurt. Raven went for tyler. Tyler tried to drop kick the oponent. Raven went for tyler. Tyler deflected the hit.
Tyler used all of her strent and threw raven into an airlock. The hatch was sealed. Raven was injected into space.
Tyler went for markus. “You foolish child!”he said. Tyler ignored him.  he picked her up. Josh fired on him with his weapon. The man was hit. Tyler used this to her advantage and pushed him to the ground.
” Markus stand down or i will destroy the ship !”mia said. The vessel got closor to the asteroid feild.”you will really destroy your own ship kill your crew!”he said.”to stop you absolutly !”mia said.
Megan snunck off of the bridge with nurse owens. She went over to a terminal. She ordered the computor to release a non lethal nurve toxin. The toxin knocked the crew out human and vampires alike.
Megan gave herself and owens an antidote to the toxin. She went to the bridge. She had all of the vampires moved to esape pods. Mia had given meg some pilot lessons.
Meg went to the pilots chair. She tried to get the ship as far away from the vampires as she could. She figured they would encounter the vampires again but hopefully not too soon.
Near by an energy wave left the now gient insteller gateway. The energy was expending. It was a harbinger.of what?that was unclear. Something was coming. It would be hear soon.
Mia woke up. Evry one else began to be revived. “What’s going on!”mia asked.”i got rid of the vampires.except for tyler!”meg said. “Good work!”she said.
More dangers are ahead for mia and the valient crew of the cadandra.
End of part 7

Casandra part 6

Sector 227xd
In a remote area of the galaxsy, there is a flicker. A smal burst. Then it gets bigger. Then some thing comes though.
Independent star ship cadandra.
  Mia was in the mess hall. She could not beleve all of the extravogent food.slaves diet was strictly regulated by the minisry of non emancipated persons.
She began to wounder. Were they fatining them felt like an ambush. She did not know why but it did. Did she free her felow slaves just to face a new bigger threat! 
“Enjoying the food?”josh asked.”yes i am. I may reggret it later. Look does this seam odd to you?”mia asked. “Its not just me then. “He said.” How many are in there crew?”she asked.” 20. Aprox!”he said.
” We asume that they are human.i am not so sure me?”he said.” What are you thinking josh?”she asked.” The old myiths about the star tunnel. The myiths say that the vampires concured our anchient home land by meens of the star tunnel. “He said.
“Those were passed down fron genetation. They were oraly transmited. I am sure they have been altered exagurated, they are unreliable !”mia said.
“What if they are vampires. If they are, my guess is that they have an oteintation team wating for us !”he said.” This ship can’t arive at its destination.”she declared. “My conclusion as well!”josh said.
“Ok. Get sparky have him get us out of the star tunnel. Have him be discreet. You cant keep that man away from circitry so it won’t look too suspecious. “She said. ” will do i don’t care to be supper !”he said.”nor do i!”she said.
Sparky loved technology . He had bean assigned as a grunt laborer. It soon became obvious that he was a fix it man.he fixed everything. He became un charge of the plantation infrastructure ,some thing that was unheard of for a slave. He was in paven!
“Hay sparky !”josh said.”the x over sear getting his hands dirty!”sparky said.”look i did what u could. The lacked was stacked against us”he said. “You get your fredom then you colabetated with the goblins. “Sparky said.” A lot of emancers left bendaren space. I did not want to leave my brothers and sisters. “Josh said.”i don’t buy the whole cousugn lary thing. You are power hungery plain and simple. ” Sparky said.
“Look you don’t have to like me but i need your help!”josh said.”you nead my help. Mr high and mighty himself ! “Sparky said.” Look we are in danger. These banefactors are treating us like we are a starlite pumpkin!” Josh said. ” What do you need from me ? “Sparky asked. ” you have to get us out of the star tunnel ! That is our only chance !” Josh said.” Agreed . I will get it done. I am not doing this for you but for the orthers!” He said. ” Do it for your great aunt if you want just do it!”josh said. ” I will get it done!”he said.
Sparky grabed thorlan and rebekah and headed for a survice tunnel. If they saw a member of the crew they would try to bluf there way out of it. They tried to act natural. Sparky was very nervous. He tried to fight it. It was not easy.
A loud noise chould be heard thoughout the ship. “Report!”the captain ordered.”we just left the star tunnel!”a science officer said. ” We still have several hours traval!”an astrogator said. “Take us back in !” Macfarland incisted. The eluvator door opened, mia enteted.
“What is this?” He asked. ” I’m taking my ship back!”mia declared. ” It does not work that way !”macfarland said. ” I kinda figured that. I won’t alow my crew to become your feast !”she said.
Sudenly one of the native crew took out an energy weapon and schot the captain. ” He was quite mortal. Myself not so much !”the vampire known as raven said.
” I had hoped that we were rid of your kind!” Megan said.”it does not quite work that day ! We are every. Where !”tyler said.”why do you chase humans?”niles asked.”your just so apitizing !”raven said. “We out number you !” “Mia said.”in a fight between homo sapiens and homo superior homo superior wins every time!”marcus said.
” You wil all be human stew in no time ! Its best to give up marea ! “Markus said. “I never yield !”mia said. ” Give us fredom or kill us !”josh said.”we can ablige you on the seccond one !” Raven said. Raven fangs showed. She perpaired to eat josh.
End of part 6

Casandra part five

“One minute i was a slave. Now i am leading a rebelion. We are up in the air. I am not totally sure how we pulled it off. I know it is not over yet!”
The shartles were in the sky. “We have incoming. Fighter scrudrins out of morga air base.”thorlan said. ” Rana request aid from casandra !”mia asked.”you got it!”she said.”who is casandra?”rebecah asked. “Casandra acknowledges they are on there way!” Raina said.
” We are being hailed audio only!”rana said.”Lets hear it !”mia ordered. “Slave malcontents you have no hope of esape. Your only option is to surender!”the comander said. “To be sent to the salt mines or face the death penalty I’m good. “Mia said. The fighters oppened fire on the shartles. “Minor damage but we can’t keep taking these hits!”eliot said.”i know!”mia said.
“Shartle two thruster has been hit.another hit could force them to lose all of there minuveribility.”rana said.”tem it!”mia said.
“We have to asit them !”she said.”we will suffer the same fate!”sparky said.”no one is dying on my watch !”she said. The shartle neared the shartle and fired on any enemy figter that possed a threat .
“We got incoming !”thorlan declared. The mistle went towards the scout ship. Niles and eliot steugled to elude the projectile. The vesel felt the impact but was able to withstand it. Another mistle headed towards the vessel. Then the casandra opened fire on the fighters. The vessel like a mother hen gathered the ships. “That rebecah is the casandra !”mia declared.
“Our way to fredom at least a figting chance. Sucess that is up to the will of thelus !”‘josh said.
The casandra scooped up the shartles starting with the injured vessel. The other vessel were then brought in. The fighters were no match for the casandra so they would withdraw. They were far from out of the soon as the shartles were all in the bay the casandra goes to echo drive. They had a fighting chance now.
Mia and the band of x slaves left there shartles. ” We are at echo spead. It will take time but he will catch up with us?”eliot said. ” That will soon not be a problem !” Tyler said.
” Who are you?” Sparky asked.”an ally. I will escort you to the bridge , the captian is eiger to meat you !” Tyler said. They folowed tyler. Megen and owens went over to mia. “I thought you were the captain !”megen said. Mia did not say any thing as they left the hanger.
Mia and several key members of the newly liberated slaves entered the bridge. ” This is the captain of the casandra captain trey macfarland. “Tyler said.”miss tyler mentioned that you had a plan to elude the bendarens !” Mia comented.
“Yes indeed we do. Helm oppen up the star tunnel !”mcfarland said. ‘Star tunel? Those are myithical ?”sparky remarked. One of the officers pressed a few buttons. What almost looked like a door way in space opened up. The ship enteted.
“They will never find us. Even if they did fugure out where we went we will be far away from bendarren space. ” Macfarland said.
” how did you learn of this?”sparrky asked. “Observation. We are a curious lot!”tyler said. ” You have probibly observed a lot of things!” Katie said.”you would be suprised !” The female first officer said.
Mis was very concerned. She was beging to second gues there patrones. Were they really so benevolent as they seam to imply. She began to suspect that more was going on. What she did know. She had a bad feeling about this. She was not sure why but she knew she did. That gnawing feeling was not going away.
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Casandra part four

“We decided to go ahead and esape. I needed a crew. Sence the plantation had hundreds of slaves, it made sense to recruit them to aid us in the endevor”
“This was a risk. Sence most human slaves are gen
erational,many had acepted slavery as narural. As the order of things. Some might fear fredom. They might become enimies. In a sitution like this we might be forced to fight our is not prety but necessary !”
Thorlan was a member of a spicies that resembled a lion.he was strong and some times ill temperd. His spcies like earth was concured.many of the diaspora ended up slaves. They were strong and good workers.
“Thorlan!”mia said. “Well if it is not the masters pet!”thorlan said.”this coming from the masters work horse !”she said. “Did you come to insult me ?”he asked. 
“No i need your help. I want to esape! “She said.”you? Is this a trap? A loyalty test?”he asked.”its no trap. I am done with this! I can’t do it alone. Will you help me or not?”she asked.” What did you have in mind ?”he asked.
He gathered those he trusted. “Ok hear is the plan! Rana i need you to shut down all comunication ! “Mia said.”easy enough ! “She said. ” we will need a plantation wide revolt. We nead to over whelm the whole compound! ” josh said. “We could set up a dampening field but we will need to make our equipment imune to it!”sparky an older slave said.
” what’s our esape route?”Megan asked.” Our ship the casandra is equped with shartles. We will use them to move us out. Lucy i need you and our pilots to esape early ,meet with our contacts then get us to fredom!”mia said.”you got it!”lucy said.
“We are realy doing this ?”katie said. “We are at the point of no return !” Josh said. ” Can this work?”niles asked. “I would not do this if i did not think we could !”mia said. “What are we wating for?”eliot asked.
In the middle of the night lucy and several slaves trained as pilots left the slave qurters. They left sepritly. They met at a pre aranged meating spot. Cosgrove an alien slave from a world that was destroyed by a super nova. Then there was niles,eliot and a few others. They made it to the hanger and met up with tyler. They went to the ship and got ready.
“Me they made it.”josh said. “Thank thalis!”she said.”now its our turn! “Josh said.”was i foolish!”mia said.”evryone yurns to be free. No your not. This is going to work!”josh said.”if we fail i have let down good people. “Mia said.”that’s why we can’t fai!”he said.”no presure !”she said.”I’m not woried.”he said. She laughed.
“Phase one is the comunication black out! That was where rana came in. If she were free she would have been the pre eminent expert on cominication technology but her masters took the credet while she did the work. “
She took over as she always did. She began the black out at once.she hoped by the time any one realized it,it would be too late. She knew nothing ever went totaly as planed.
” Me the com lines are down. Sparky set up the dampening field its now or never !”josh said.”give the all clear lets do it !”she said. “You got it !”josh said.
The shartles lunched. They were careful not to be seen. There presence was not teribly unusual. Stil they did not want. To take chancess.
Evryone was in place. Rebecah,warrrn,erin deralia and kytanah were in place on the edge of plantation.
When the go order was isued, the slaves revolted where ever they were. They over ran the gaurds.
“We have a revolt in progress!”a tech at the control room said.”where?” The supervisor demanded to know. ” It is all over !” The tech responded. “We have to protect the noble family! “The supervisor said.”i am alerting maine house command now ! ” a comm tech said.
The plantation security force could not be every where. The first priority was to protect the noble family. Mia orders were that the family was not to be harmed except in defense .
The aim of the revolt was not to capture the compound but to create a diverson. The goal was to over whelm the staff so that they could get away.
The revolt had accomplished the objective. The slave then ran to the ships.
The gaurds tried to restore order. They were not doing well. They were not expecting the rebel slaves to be armed.
One group of gaurds were looking for rebel. Sudenly they were hit by a sniper .they were stuned. They fell to the ground. The sniper then bit the gaurd.
Many of the rebels made it to the shartles. Many got caught in a fire fight. The rebels fought back. Mia told them to hold there ground.
Mia was begging to worry.what if this was a lost cause. What if there wad no way to win. What if victory was not possible ?
She ordered the team to keep advancing. They kept going for the ships. The fire kept coming.the two sides maintained fire on the other factions.
The slaves were getting closer to the ships. The tropers were not going to give up either. “Chief what are you doing?”a jr oversear asked. “I have had a change of heart. Oh wait i have returned to my old heart. I have become once again who i truely am.”he said. “Your never make it!”a jr oversear said.” That is not the point!”he said.
The team continued to pile into the crafts. They were taking heavy gun fire. Josh and several of the teams pounded on the security forces.
Finaly evry one was abored except for josh and several slaves who were covering for the orthers. Josh told every one to go abord . Josh covered them.finaly he ran in. The ships lifted off.
End of part four