Star trek the attack part five

“Commanders log, after being lured into an ambush ,our ship was borded. Now they have taken a hostege. Aganst the advice of my closest advisors and my own good judgement i am paticipating in a hostege exchange. It is risky but i have to safe gaurd my crew. I have to know who my mysterious advasary is. “
Mia had a full security contingentcy going from the bridge to c deck. The gaurds.including crewman durela,an orion, crewman currel an aqutic,ensing warren burgel and thorlin.they arived near the pree aranged randevez .”this is where we part compony !”she said. “Be carefull i would tell you not to do any thing stupid but i feel that it is too late !”megan said.
Mia took out her couminicator and fliped it oppen. “I’m hear !”mia said. “We will do an old feshoned exchange. You will walk at the same time .lets get this done! I have not eaten in a while and I’m agitated!”he said. “Sounds like me. Lets do it !”she said. He forced rebecah to walk.the two kept walking . Megan moved Rebecca out of the way.they went into a turbo lift. Mia was on her own now.
“Mia! We meat face to face at last ! ” Mike said. “I know that we have never met. Yet you seam to know me !who are you ?what is this all about? “Mia asked. “I intend to defeat you. You and i canot co exist. “Mike said.” The federation or me personaly?”she said.”come on mia you know the answer to that question. “He said. “Me but why?i am a commander of a scout ship. We mostly provide suport to be ships or fery freight or personal. I am hardly worth your time or efort. “Mia said.”not to me! To me it is everything !”he answered.
Tracy was able to traval secretly to where mia was being held. She made it. She tried to be as qiet as she could. She fliped oppen her comunicator.”chief nugusaki !”he said.”tracy! !”the transporter operator said. “I need you to lock on to the captain and the intruder and probibly myself!” She said. “Trace what are you planing ?”he asked. “Some thing realy dangerous! We have no chioce! “She said. “Ok locking on now!”he said.
She took out the phaser and targeted the man. She opened fire and stuned mike.”now!” Before any one could act the transporter beam activated. They were gone. 
Megan and owens were monitoring the new patcient.the mysterious leader of the hijackers. ” How do i owe my dramatic rescue?”mia asked. “That would be miss tracy over there !” Owens said. ” How did yoy get s phaser?”she asked.”chip off the old block hey mia!”Megan said. ” We will discus it later. “She said.”of course !” Tracy said.
“I wish i knew why he was doing this !” She said. ” I will do some tests. Every answer is found in medical science !”she said.”alright !” Mia said with s chuckle.all non medicak staf left the sick bay. The door closed.
End of part five

Star trek mind and matter part three

Gabriala and alisha were able to get abord the derilect vessel.they saw some bodies. Gab sugested that they try to acess the ships computor.alisha agred.

The two looked around and found a terminal. “It seams to be working !” Alisha said. “Computor!”gaby said. The comoutor terned on. You could hear curcits moving. “Working !” The computor vioce said. “Show us ships sistem satus!”she asked. “Please enter acess code”the computor said.
Alisha was an expert at computors and technology and was able to hack into the computor’s main frame. A list was displayed. ” It will take some time but it can be repaired. ” Excelent !” Gab ansered.
“Jounal of gabriella i gues i am the captian of this ship.the damage to the ship is not as bad as i inicially feard. With only two of us even doing the most esential of task would be problimatic. We will do our best. While it would be nice to have a crew but at the moment that was not an option. Perhaps we bit off more then we can chew. I have always beleved that imposible is a posibility that has not happened yet.
They got to work right away. They did what they could. Gabriala wanted this to work. This was a magnificent ship. If she could command it. Imagine the adventures she could have. She could go any whete. She would explore a thousand diferent worlds. Perhaps she could pull it off. She hoped that she could.
She often got caught up in day dreams. She imagined the kind of cretures she would encounter out there. Shortly her fantisies would come to sn abrupt end. “Perimiter alert!” The computor said. “What does that meen?” Alisha asked. ” I have not a clue !”gab said. “I think it has something to do with that!”alisha said. They saw the fleet of the maze. He was heading straight for them. They were not paying a curtisy call.

Star trek casandra attack part four

Commanders log what we beleved was a distress call was an ambush. They were not intersted in the suply convoy but in us. What i did not know is that it was personal. The commander of tje radar had a personal grudge against me.
There ate many things in my past that i am not proud off.i made some bad decisons. Some resent me for some of those choices. His reason were more personal then that. I would discover that in due time.
The ships shileds were down.rana informed tbe crew to be perpared to be borded.
Security teams were on standby in crucial areas of the ship. They had phasers in hand. Some had hand phasers and others had phaser rifles .they were ready for the battle well as ready as they could be.
Tracy deargo was not suposed to have a phaser. She was a civilon. Her presrnce on the ship was a matter of being easier to ask permission then forgivness. She did not have acess to the weapons locker.  She ganed acess.this was her ship too. She wanted to defend it.
“They have engaged there transporters !” Tyler said.”hear we go!”mia said.  “Detecting bording party near enginering sick bay and crew qurters. “Tyler said. “Send any avalible forcess to that area.”she ordered. She was wored for her crew.
One of the bording party emurged near sickbay. They had weapons in hand. They ran though the deck. A ship sucurity team located the bording party and opened fire on the attacking team. The team returned fire on the crew.
” Schots fired near sickbay.”rana said. ” Get as many of our people as we can to that area. I want them contaned. “Mia said.”sending ” rana said.
Another team emurged near enginering. They stormed engineering. Sparky and his team fired on the attackers.sparky was not going to loose his engine room not without a fight.
Tracy folowed the transmisons and decided to go to engineering. She asumed the stance of a sniper. She ajusted the targeting. She got a lock on one who apeared to be the leader of that team. She fired.the leader was stunned. Sparky and his team took advantage of the confusion and tried to over power the raidars. Tracy helped as well.
The casandra security team was able to divert the attackers from sick bay. The raders were cunning . They thought of evrything. They managed to elude the peusuers.
Crewman rebecah hallsy farther was a member of alpha cinterie parliament. She had become rebelous. She was drawn to the teaching of the edonites. She wanted to join them. She decided to sign up for one term in star fleet.
She did not abandon her views. She spent much time in meditation in her off time. She had bean so lost in thought that she did not realize that a battle was goung on. The door was phaserd until the door fell in. The raders stormed the room.
Rebecah was taken off gaurd. She had no meens to fight back. She decided that the best course of action would be to yield as least for now. She did so.
“Coperate and you will not be harmed!” The lead attacker said.”your taking me hostege ?”she asked. “Glad to see star fleet geting the best and brightest in there ranks. “The leader said.
” mia we are being hailed. He clams to be the leader of the raders!”rana said. “Put him on !”mia said. “Mia ! You don’t know me but i know you. Your out if your leage.”he said.”who are you?why have you attacked and borded us ? “She asked. ” my name is mike. I have a hostege!”he said.”release her at once !”mia said.” Mia i would be happy to if you agreed to take her place!” He said.both tyler and megan urged her not to. “Alright !”she said.”c deck twenty minutes don’t be late!”he said
“Mia are you nuts?”megan asked.”this man cannot. Be trusted. It seams his mission was to capture her!”tyler said.”i have to know why. He has a grudge against me and i have never met him. It makes no sense. I got to kniw why! “She said.
End of part four

Star trek the attack act three

The relief convey was under heavy attack by the combat ships.the ships were attacking mostly non critical syistem. They did not want to destroy the ships or to even wound the ships. The goal was to lure in a federation ship. Not just any ship but one commanded by lt commander marea bolt.
“This is odd!”tyler said.”report!”mia ordered. ” The attaking vessels could be inflicting way more damage on those ships then they are!”tyler said. “They are holding back !” Lt lucy sanderson said. ” Now in fiering range !” Niles said. “Oppen fire !” Mia said.
The ship fired on the attacking vessels.
“Excellent ! I have waited a long time for this! ” the raidars commander commented. The leader ordered the ships to oppen fire on the casandra.
The relief ships tried to get away from the attacking ships. “Sir the relief ships have gone to warp. Enemy ships are not in persuit !” Tyler said.
The ships hit the casandra. The ship hit the vessel from multiple sides. The casandra fired back on the ships.
“Fire the breachers ! ” the captain ordeted. The ships fired the breaching pods.the pods were designed to bring the shields down. They were designed to attack shelds frequency.
“Our shields are down! “Tyler declared. ” Order all decks to be in high alert. We are about to be borded! ” She declared.
End of part three

Spitfire part three

A group of prisoners in a labor camp were able to stage a jail break. They had only goten so far. The stuggle to survive and advance was went from hard to imposible.
There leader the one who came up with this plan was annie rayburn. She was a thief with lofty ideas. Now was her moment . Could she pull it off? For her failure was not an option.
The skif was drifting in space. The ship was directionless. It just keep drifting. ” i asume we will come dangerously close to an asteroid.” Annie comented.”its praticaly inevitable given our location !” Bendal the pilot said. “Can we excelerate the time table?”she asked.”you want us to slam into an asteroid ?” Curie the co pilot asked. “I think i know your plan ?”noel said. “Is it a good one ?” Justen one of the esaped prisoner asked. “It could work!” Noel said.
The skiff got closer to one of the asteroid. “Alright once we are in range, detonate a charge !”annie said. ” Are you crazy?”curie asked.” Well yes but not about this trust me !”she said.”alright !” The co pilot said. “At the same time as the detonation run like heck. I want you to head futher into the field!”she said. the pilot was concerned but decided to go along with it.
The skif got closer and closer. The co pilot said it was time. The co pilot presed the detonation buttin. The ship was sent into a free fall. The ship was catipulted near the traped klingon ship. “We will near the ship shortly !”the pilot said. It had worked. Now the next phase and the ones that came after that.
End of part three

Star trek mind and matter

Some where out there in a smal distence from our two heroines. There were fire breathing dragons. These dragons were usually very tame but had bean enchanted by less then ameable peiple. These cretures were centries. They were gaurdien of a bigger force.
There were several ships in back.these ships were some of the most advanced in the galxsy. These ships are a fusson of advance technology and magic.
On the bridge of the flag ship, the head mage was looking over the space. He felt something. He felt some kind of presence.
“You wanted to see me ?”his asistant gormel asked. ” yes i did! A new eliment has been introduced into the great mix.”he asked. “What short of unstable eliment ? “Gormel asked.”i don’t know yet but i find it quite disturbing ! “The mage said.
“I must enquire further. “The mage said.”i agree grand excelency !”the aid said. “Have our ships head for the source of the uncertainty ‘”he ordered.”are you sending the centries or the whole fleet ?”he asked. “The whole fleet. This is too big for just the centries!”he said.
“This could be nothing. It does not seam worth all the fuss !”the aid said. “I asure you my young aprentice that this is sugnificant. I promise you that. We cannot ignore it. We will not is that undetstood ?”the mage asked. “Yes sir quite clear!” He said. “Good!”

“Pilot have the fleet head for the sorce of the desturbance. “The grand mage said. The pilot was able to move the entire fleet with his mind. The fleet headed for the disturbence. A ship from a diferent quntrum universe.

Star trek the attack act two

Frigate casandra
“Captains log we are curently heading back to federation space after delivering suplies to an arkeological dig on the planet gandalf.
The crew is performing routine performance and maintinance of the ship.
Security chief Anderson is stil in daniva but plans to meet us at star base 14 where he will resume his duties.
The crew is taking advantage of the down time. I am using this time to deal with my curent condition.
In the qurters of the commanding officer, yeoman erin thayer entered with a tray of food. She was suprised to see first officer Tyler .”get that out of hear before mia gets hear!”she ordered. The young crewman was very confused. “Andi who is that?”mia asked.she urged her to leave now.she fevorusly left the qurters.

The door opened, doctor meghan shall.” What’s up with erin? She ran like a tyberian bat out of the Klingon under world. “Megan said.” Mia is a bit under the wrether if you get my meening !”tyler said.
The two went to mia. “Who was that ?”mia asked.”you dont want to know !”megan said.”got ya!”she said. “Where is katie?”shall asked “she is taking a bridge shift. I am going to sponser her for officer canidate.”mia said. “I did not know you carry clout in the fleet?”shall asked.”any command level officer can sponsor !”tyker said.
Mia felt another urge to vomit .she ran to the bathroom. She was starting to resent this morning sickness.
On the bridge rana was in command. “Captain i am receving a distress call from a relief convey near by !they claim they are under attack by unknown combat ships !” Yeoman prentice said. ” Mr. Niles plot an incercept course !”she ordered. The helm officer. Ajusted the course then activated it. “Course ploted and laid in!” He reported.
“All senior officers to the bridge. Lt. Commander .bolt to the bridge.this is not a dril” raina said.
“Well duty calls! “Megan said.”are you up to this mia?”tyler asked.”not realy !”mia said. “Hear this will help!” She said.she placed a hypo spray in her.”.you been holding out on me meg !”she said.”they say its fine but i am skidish about using it ! Sense i know your not going to listen to me I’m doing this “megan said. ” I see”she said.

“They are attaking a relief convey. The ships are consistent with those involved in other attacks called anarchist attacks!”thorlon said.
“So we meet again ! “Mia said.”we will be fireing range shortly.” Derala the aqautic officer said. “Stand by weapons lucy!” Mia ordered. “We are ready mia!” Lucy said.
“The federation scout ship casandra is on its way !” An alien said.”that was what i was hoping was going to happen !soon mia soon the battle will begin !”
End of part two