contemporary christian music

Music  is a way to respond to what God has done. It seams to be a natural response to what God is doing, after the children of Israel crossed the red sea they sang to God while meriam led. The women in a dance to the Lord.Debra wrote a song of phrase after Sisera was defeated . Much of psalms are song of praise. Many were written was official national praise songs. 

Paul admonishes believers to praise God with psalms ,hymns and spiritual songs, a psalm is a song with musical instruments.a hyim is music meant to be sing in a Congregational setting. A spiritual song is one that communicates a spiritual truth.I don’t think that this list was. Meant to limit what song but is a guide line. This is an outporng of being filled with the holy spirit.

 Church history has shown that music follows movements of e midle ages,church music as the chants.they were in a laungrege that no no one spoke.when the Reformation hit, music rose.Luther wrote hyims including “a mighty fortress is our Gid” music player a huge role in the Reformation.

“during Wesley revival in England, music had become cold and. Litergical.Wesley used populer songs reset to spiritual rose and. Spread..”

When Darwin theory was published,it divided the church into fundamentalist and liberal camp..some in the fundamentalist camp wanted to preserve the vicctorrien era not just the bible.the evangelical movement tried to be a third way.

In the 1960 and 70s,hippies got saved and began to christionize the music of the day.this head a  precursor to Christian rock.what is comonly called contemporary Christian music or ccm.if was controversial even in evengelicall the 80s it became more insituionized and in the 99s became part of Maine stream record labels.

With the coming together of evengellical churches in the 90s,ccm became the center of the united Protestant movement.Manny churches have replaced the chhior with the prize team and the hyims with phrase and worship chorus.

The three uses that divide evangelicals from fundamentalist is king James, a and music. The last two have made cooperation and even co existence impossible.fundamentalist believe ccm is the devils music and evengellicals believe that hymns are. Old and. Outdated.

Then come me who has lived in both worlds.I have attended both styles of churches. While I do not believe music is neutral I don’t believe that there ate style of tunes that are evil.I do not like that evengellicals will not call a space aka spade,they seam to want to protect the medium more then protecting holiness.I ask to make my faith my own.when I phrase God I gravitate towards ccm not hym. when a song go thorough my head it is Christian rock not a hym.

I am convicned that the textus receptis and mesoretic text is superior to the dead sea scrowl and the nestle aland .I believe in seperation.evengelical are  leaning towards accepting catholic,morman and now there is the chrislam .

What do I do?I am at ending a fundamentalist church.I love the people and the preaching,I don’t mind seingn is hard knowing in do something that is frowned upon. I have  given up ccm for a time but I am sure I need I said in my last post I am sick of this disocnect.I am still working thorough this issue. I am STil not sure how to procede.

star trek Cassandra part four

Imperial scout vessel  Potomac

The officer left her quarters and headed for the turbo lift. She announce that she wanted to go to the bridge. The lift headed to the bridge. She looked confident she looked up. The door opened, she walked on to the bridge. She went over to the first officer. She shot him. He fell to the ground.she shot him again.everyone was stunned.

She went over to the command chair. “Lt Andrea Tyler I am your first officer now !”she said.the commander was not overtly thrilled by her action.he had been a friend of the first officer. He could have her charged with his. Murder.her family was very power full politically so they decided that hr should not attempt that.

“That was a dangerous stunt you could have backfired on you !”captain Eliot said.”I like to live dangerously !”she said.”i like to chose my staff members but alright. I will have you at my side for now. Don’t fail me ! Your promotion is temporary for will earn my trust !”Eliot said.”very well .”she said.she was not one to work for anyone. She would work for captain Eliot for now. She was not content playing second fiddle. Not at all.

On the I.s.s enterprise, kirk got this orders.he was not pleased. ” really! I will follow the orders of an old dinosore who does not realize he is irrelevant !”kirk said.”I know about the rivalries between star ship captain. you all serve at the pleasure of the have your orders captain ! You well follow. Then or I have the fleet huannt that clear?”admiral komack said.”fine. Admiral I follow your orders because I chose to .the truth is you serve at that pleasure. You know it!”with that kirk ended the transmission.

Kirk had assassinated his predasesor captain Christopher fleet had invested a lot of time and effort with pike. Krik was not one of. Them.many a Jr. Officer has gotten tired of the political appointment. These jr officers were far more militant and trackless then those they replaced.they were harder to control. The general staff did not dare reign them in because they were popular with there men. The admiral knew he spoke the truth.

On the USS Lexington ,commodore Robert Wesley was angry that he had to serve under decker.Wesley believed that the Lexington could handle the Cassandra single handily! This was one scout ship. This was hardly the crises that the top bras was making it out to be. Wesley decided to followed the orders.

Imperial scout ship Cassandra

Lt Lucy Sanderson entered the room. “Lucy come in!”mia said.”so is this the recruitment speech ?”she asked. “I looked over your have had a stealer carer already. I predict you will become more and more prominent. They have held you down. They don’t want you to get ahead !”mia said.”really women of. The emmpirre can do better ?”she said. “I know your secret Lucy. Your farther was a romulan infiltrator . “She said,”I am loyal ton the. Empire .how door you know this !”she asked.”it was in your file.command knew and. What was sitting on it. They hold you back Lucy.”she said,”I am loyal in fact I killed my farther to stop his plot !”she said,”I did not know that !I am not surprised !”mia said.

“What do you offer ?”Lucy asked.”I offer glory. Humanity is special! More. Then any other race in the cosmos. The empire respected it Haas bee come an old man club.the fire has burned out. I intend to restore the fire to man kind !”she said.”though biologically i am only half humun my loyalty is. To the heart is of earth. “Lucy said.”help me serve your destiny ! Be free be wild be !”she said. “Very well I will join you “

Mia knew it was a risk to trust her. Trusting anyone was a risk hear.she did not even trusts Anderson not fully.she did not fully trust shall.she knew that ambition ruled the galxsy at the end of the day it was a targ eat tath world. It as like a game of risk in the end there would only be one. Mia intended to make sure that she was queen of the mountain in the end. She would need allies . She lived by the credo keep your friends close ,keep your enemies closer and keep your blade even closer.

Mia walked in the. Corridor.”me we have a problem!”Anderson said.”report !”mia said.”we cannot locate a crewman named thorllan.he is an anndorian.we have found several crewman dead. They were stabbed. he seams to be going on a killing spree against us !”Anderson said.”I want him found !”she said,”dead or alive ?”Anderson asked.”whatever !”she said.


The lift door oppned.the bridge crew stopped and gave her the imperial salute.she returned the salutation. “Mr Batista welcome to to the crew !”she said,”the way you came in hear and seized the ship knew who to follow !”Carlos said.”you made the right choice !”mia said. He smiled.”glad to be on the wining team”he said,she did not trust him as far as she could throw him.she would trust him for now.

“The imperial fleet is moving our way.they will be in intercept range in two houers !”Lucy said,”alright I want all decks to perform battle dril and combat drills. “She ordered. “How will we get away form them?”shall asked.”i am working on it meg !”she said.

“They ate sending the. Best of the best against us. Kirk,decker wesly Tracy. “Rana said.”why send the bulk of the fleet against us. We are a frigate!”shall said,”pride perhaps perhaps something else !I will be watching !”she said.

Soon the. Battle would seamed like mia did not have a. Chance.she was never one to give up easily. She would not give up. History was still unwritten.

To be continued






star trek Cassandra inversion part three

I understand that the name Athena is. Taken.I chose Athena because it seamed appropriate for it to be the name if a ship with a predominantly female cast. Thee is a star trek Athena fan fiction site set in the post dominion war era.I have decided to change the name to Cassandra. There does not Seam to be a star trek Cassandra.

Inversion part three

I.s.s constellation

Quarters of commodore Mathew Decker

The empire was filled with strong willed and ambitious commanders.many had delusion of grandeur even thought of deity in some cases.those who commanded long range ships had more power then those inside imperial space.decker was no different.decker custom made his own HD fringes on the. Side and had a sash. The joke was that he looked like a rent a cop. He thought of himself a common mans soldier but his troops did not like him, the general staff did not like him either. No one dared challenge him.

“Bridge to commodore decker !”the comm officer said.decker hatted being disturbed.he pounded his fist on the table. He pressed a button on the panel.”decker hear!”he said.”sorry  to disturb you sir but you have a priority message form admiral komack!”the young female officer said.”I’m busy I will get back to him !”the commodore said. “Yes sir!”she said.

The. Commodore went back to his bed and laid down.the com unit rang again. “Go away !”he said.he got up and activated the unit.”what now !”decker asked.”the admiral insists on talking to you !”she said.”have him talk to the first officer I’m busy !”he said.”he says he only wants to talk to you !”she said.”fine put him on!”he said.

On the screen the. Image of a star fleet command office was displayed.there was the face of senior star fleet admiral komack.the admiral did not look happy. “It is good to talk to you.I always enjoy talking to you !”decker said.”cut the crap mat.I know you don’t think you answer to command or even to the emperor !”the admiral said.”how can i can be of service to the empire !”decker asked.

“The scout ship Cassandra reported in then it had a sighing of the renegade freighter lightning. Captain trey McFarland reported that he was going in to persure .they have not reported in sense . We are very concerned by this. “The admiral said.

“Come on admiral! The lightning is commanded by a little girl !she is of no consequence !”decker said.”we do not tolerate any opposition commodore! she has committed countless acts of terrorism and piracy against the empire and our allies. She escaped form one of our prison and left a body count that was unimaginable! We will not let her get away with this !your orders are to lead a fleet to search for the Cassandra and the lightning.I am sending the enterprise, Potemkin, Lexington ,hood exiter,Excalibur and various support ships and you will find bolt and cut her down !”

“I am on an important mission!”decker said.”your on a star charting mission mat. Look you will follow my orders or I will have you broken down to crewman.”he said.”you don’t control me admiral.I am bigger then star fleet command. “Decker said.”you will do this ! Or I will make you the object of the hunt !”he said.”fine I will agree to this mission but I want to be made sector commander .I won’t follow kirk or Wesley ! I command or I stay home !”he said.”very well ! I will make you sector commander. Decker you serve at our pleasure .don’t go far.”he said.”of course.I am a loyal soldier of the empire !”decker said.”yes of course mat !”the admiral said. The screen faded.

Decker was very unhappy. Decker wanted to chose his own mission.he was loyal to the empire but not to star fleet command.he considered them a bunch of useless paper pushers. He had no patience for them. He would do this mission. He would not do there biding forever. “Decker to bridge!”the commanding officer said. “Go ahead!”the com officer said.”we have new orders.”

The lightning had secured the ship.the crew were under guard in the brig or in there quarters under guard. The freighter was placed in the hanger bay.with the ship now under the control of bolt and her thugs the ship was ready to get under way.

” we need to get out of hear!the fleet will be Coming soon!”mia said. “All decks standing by. “Raina  who was part of the star fleet crew who had switch sides and was now supporting mia and her band. “Helm!get out of hear .all deliberate speed !”mia ordered.the ship went at high warp.

The door to the commanding officers quartets opened,chief engineer sparks was escorted inside. The guards were told to wait outside.they did so.the door closed.”Mr sparks.sparkles .you are known to be an excellent engineer . You have been used and discarded sparkles!”she said.”let me guess you ate my friend!you understand me ! You can give me hope !”he said. “Alright yes i don’t get a flip about you! I could care less who you work for. I am in this for myself. You could benefit form my rise to power.if you get on my train when I ride you ride !”she said.”your plan will never work !”he said. “Maybe maybe not.I dont care if in win or lose.I will play the game and I will play it to the fullest ! Are you going to play or are you going to sit on the side lines.”she asked,”I dont want to waste away in some cell while I can be with my engines. I will help you !”he said.”very good !”she said.

She sent her security officers back.”take him to his quarters.he is an part of a crew bow!”she ordered.they acknowledged her orders.many objected to her. Plan to recruit members of the crew to join her. The lightning crew could not provide all of the work force needed to operate the ship. She inspired that they have more crew. Lt Sanderson was next.she wanted her on his crew.

While thorlan decided to continue his gerila war on the invaders.he was able to avoid detection, he climbed the walls.he saw two male soldiers who worked for mia, he jumped on them and stabed them.he. left in plane sight. He drew the syimbol of the empire. He moved on.

“Nurse Owens I could use a nurse !”shall asked.”why would you join a pirate .you were one of. The best !”Owens said.”I got bored.mia offered excitement. She has not disappointed me. “Shall said.”you want me to join you !”she asked.”only to help . I won’t ask to fight your people.just be a nurse !”shal asked,”very well I will help!”she said.”I hoped you would.

The imperial ships were all moving towards the Cassandra.a fire fight was coming. It was unavoidable. The ods of mia and her crew surviving this were bill. Mia had been in right spot before.

To be continued




star trek Athena episode three part 2

“Inversion “part two

In a fairly short period of time the crew of the imperial scout ship Athena were all knocked out.the. first phase of the operation went well.just. because this  Phase went well did not mean the rest of it would. Mia would take nothing for granted.

She believed every minute of every day was a struggle. Nothing came easy.never drop your guard. Be on high alert all the no one not eve yourself. Plan and plan. Always think always strategize.

“We have confirmed that the crew has been knocked out me.sickbay ,and. Engine room have been secured.”Anderson said.”good. The. Command staff will be taken to the brig.every one else to there quarters. I hope some of the Jr officers and crew will join us !”mia said.”they ate loyal to the. Empire and to me !they won’t  join a petty pirate with delusions of relevance!” captain trey McFarland said.”may i schoot him ?”Anderson said,”no we need him,at least for now.”she said.”I won’t help you.”he said,”oh you won’t do in willingly and you wont like it but you will!”she said.

“Get him off of the bridge!” Mia ordered.the orion male went over to the now deposed commanding officer.”this way commander !”the iron said.the commander was fully seronded.the thugs all had ohasers trained on him.while he was not to be harmed beforre he cooked be questioned,if he offered resisgence steps were to be taken if if it meant his. Death.thete was. Always the first officer.

The comandng officer was moved to the brig without any major incident.he was placed insjde one of the force fields.”I will kill you all!you are all dead.that mad women won’t be able to protect you.your blood will paint the stats,.the moment you borded this signed your own death warent.a phaser at close range would be less painful !”he said.he just went in and in, finally the orion halek told. Him to shut up.

After commander mcfarland was secured in the brig mia began moving thee first officer and other command officcer to the birg.Jr officers were moved to there quarters, after the bridge was cleared of the former occupants ,mia. Ordered the engine room be cleared.

“Alright let’s move um out !”Anderson said .”why are you doing this ?”sparky asked.”we want this ship!”Anderson said.”that gives you the right to come in annd. Take it ?”soaarky said.”we don’t ask permission !we take that we want when we want it !”Anderson said.

Within a short time engineering was fully secured. They had full control if two vital areas if the small vessel.the next spot was sickbay.”why are you doing this,you were one of the. Empire biggest medical rising stars?”nurse Owens said.”I don’t answer to you.I am my own person .I make my own rules!”she said.”they will hunt this ship! They wont give up until they have caught you!”Owens said,”good I love a good fight ! My answer bring it on!”doctor shall said.

Ensuing thorllan an andorien managed to elude the invaders. He decided to go on his gurila war. Two of mia henchman were patrolling the decks.thorlan attacked both off them.they fought back.he. killed the firs one a telerite, then he killed the other. He. Took there communicator and. Opened it.”this is ensign thorland to the turds who invaded this ship,I jnfend to make. Life as uncomfortable as I can!”then he vaporized the com device.he. moved on.

“One is not. Acounted anndorian he killed Nikon and morel!”halek said,”I want him found,use whoever you need to.”mia said.”we sitl canot break the command codes .we will need the help of the crew !” Cosgrove the. Malutien said.”I doubt that commander McFarland will be forth coming!” The aquatic theana said.  “Some of the other officers might !”mia said,.”can  try with the cinander just for the fun of. It !”josh asked.”yea why not!”mia said.

The former c.o was placed in an agony booth .he was give. Several jolts .the commander screams could be heard clear across the deck.he was not about to crack.”alright Mr hot shoot imperial star fleet commander give me thee command codes or I up the dosage “Anderson said.”you are a sadist !you must know I won’t crack.I will die before I give it to just want to see me suffer !fine i will give you what you want.I expect to least I know you will get what’s coming to you! the fleet will stop you.we have a VG fleet,you have bitten off more then you can can’t deagorg a dreadnaught with a Lee schoter!” he said.

The agony both as turned up. He screamed.then Anderson questioned. Him  more.”give me the codes !”he said.”go fly a kite !”he said.then he was given more of the jolts from the booth.

Ships second officer Lt Lucy Sanderson was taken form her cell in the brig to the captain’s quartets.the. door opened, she was escorted inside by an orion female and another guard.mia instructed them to wait outside. They followed the order.

“You have a great have received commendation up the woo zoo, your farther is considered a founder of imperial philosophy. you are poised to over take  him!”mia said.”I am loyal to the. want jeopardize my carer to help some rag tag pirates !”Lucy said.”women are bared form commanding star ship in the empire.the chauvinist man who won the system won’t allow it. You can only go so far!”she said.”I am nktn interested in joint your pirate gang.I won’t help you !”she said.

“Come on Lucy !you really want to be kept down on your life. Do you really want to have to serve less qalified officer simply because they are of part of a gender that is supposed to be superior ?”mia said. “I have beter things to do then help you!”she said.”fine one way it another I will gaining across to the ship . You can be my friend or enemy !”mia said.”good luck.may I go back to my cell ?”she asked. She Had ghee guards return. She was taken away.

“Sparky !I have heard good things about you!”mia said.”your trying to flatter me in order to get the command codes , it won’t work.I am as loyal as they come!”he said,”come  on sparky.your way smarter then most of. The captains in the. were enlisted only recently became an get aka frigate,you should be heading up engineering on the. Enterprise or constellation.I offer you much !”she said.”you have nothing I want.” He sai

Mja was quite frustrated. She had come so far. Her plan has worked so well.she seemed to be at a stand still be stopped by this.she got a knock at the door. “Come in”she said.the door opened, it was her personal guard.onia the orion female,”mia the shios com officer want to see you!”she said,”send her job”she said,

Rana entered.”I will give you the command codes but I want you to nar me part of. Your crew.”she said.”you have the codes ?”she said.”call it an insurance policy!”she said,she went over. The entered bee code. The ship was hers.

Mja changed into a star fleet uniform.she liked his bit looked.she was now the commanding officer.she was well on her way to getting what she wanted. Everything was going according to plan.

To be continued


star trek preserver part 11

Deep space 9

“The nazaka only had the one black hole device.with the injector destroyed ,he nazaka will return to there realm and reevaluate and rebuild.”the portel said. “Then we have not seen the last of them? “Admiral Sullivan asked.”hardly!they will be back.they do not give up easily.”archer said.”we will be watching them!”the portal said.

“Will they be back soon or are in a thousand years?”commander kira asked.”we simply do not. Know commander..we know that they will be back..”archer said.

“They are not. The only enemy out there.”t,pol said.”who else?”captain Keller asked,,”someone have acquired a device that sscanms the time line.and. ccan determine key people and events and. Canon change them.”the portell said,”how. Do you know. This?”captain cortex askrrd.”we have resources that we cannot discus at this time.”archer said.”we have an additional problem as well. Gull madred a rouge cardesian has stolen one Odin our ships. We do not know what he. Intends to do with it!”archer said.”gull keen the there are five lights guy?”Keller asked..”yes that guy !”portel said.

“You have clearly created a network. You have built a fleet what now.?what do you intend to do with all this ?”admiral Sullivan asked.”we wish t continue the work of the preservers.we wish to preserve..!”archer said,”whoever has the temporal Scanner will use it for then less benevolent goals.we wish to stop them And Whatever ils may come.”t’pol said.

“Do you consider yourself autonomous of any other group?”sulivan asked.”we consider yourself a sister organization to star fleet and the federation,we have the same parents in a way.” Archer said.”what do you mean by that ?”kira asked.”the preservers created the group that recruited zefren cockren to build the. Phoenix.the oreservers helped Lyman eller create staar fleet.they brought about the federation. Both were part of. There plan !”t,pol said.”we are. Perpared to place pursrlves under the federation council. we are  are prep aired to be under you admiral!”portal said.

“What about the prime directive ?”Keller asked.”we only inter fear where there is already interference.”tucker said.”your hear to stay?”sulivan said’”that is correct!”porel said.”we wish to engage IN a partnership.we McCann trade technology including turning over some of. Our ships to thee federation ,rihansu and Klingon and the other alies”portal said.

“There is aka secondary mission as well.this one will be headed by vash and doctor aaronsin. It was assumed that the preservers died out.while in the. Delta qudrentthey discovered a dace built a shield to orkttect a native. Group form the. Dominant seams. They were assimilated by thee Borg.I believe the preservers did not all die off.we have notmhurd form them in some time,we have evidence they went to the gamma quadrant.” portal said,”you could run into the. Dominion,you may not. Be able to avoid there space thee. Whole way !”kira said.

The door opened,a vorta female entered the ward room.”I believe that is. Where I come in.!”kalina said,everyone turned  there attention to the. New visitor.”I bring greetings form odo.he. has sent me hear to offer my help in getting past any dominion checkpoints or any other. Issues that may pop up.he gave me his personal security code!”she said.

“I am wiling to go along with this sense we are cousins. I want detailed guys stop for a pee break,I want to know about it!” Thee admiral said,”h can be done. We do not wish to compete with star fleet but to work with you!”archer said.”I am wiling to work with you.please remember this whole thing is admirals discretion and I am the. One. Out on a lim.”he said.”I understand “archer said.”we will keep you fully apprised of. What we do!”portal said.

“Why now?why reveal yourselves now?”Sullivan asked.”it is. The proper time!”t,pol said,”alright “thee admiral said.he wanted a more detailed answer but figured it was of forth coming so he accepted that one.

The admiral walked with Archer though the promenade.”so what next?”Sullivan asked archer.”we go to the outpost then we will begin our mission!” he said,”I dont get all of this !”Sullivan said.”nor do I not fully !”archer said.” Perhaps in time it will make more sense !”the admiral said.”perhaps !”archer said,”we will keep in touch”he asked.”you bet !”archer said.


At the table set vash,talera,Dr Russell, enzerk,Rebecca ,karlita,the portal,two bynars,boheka ivilek and kalina.quark kept a close eye on them. “You know with the exception of the portal, enzerk ivekilek and doctor Russell and. The two bynars I think we. Have cheated or cajoled qaurk or somehow made his day a living heeck !”vash said.”we should start a fight with one of the other patrons !”kalita said. “Please don’t !”Russell said.”we will behave ourselves At least this time.”vash said.

“Uncle tony I wanted to say hi erlier !”Rebecca said.”it Has been a crazy few days. Is Michele with you?”he asked.”she is on the ship!how are your kids?”she asked,”good. Ron and Kim are at star fleet academy.tasha and beth ate stil in high school and jill is six. Your cousign Kathy was at star fleet acedemy but her farther persuaded her to go  to haverd.”he said,”sounds like uncle tom “she said.”your well!”he said.”yes !”she said.”good.”he said.

“I did not make the choices you would have.I did what I felt was best !”she sad.”i know!”he said.”we will be keeping in touch!”she said.”indeed !”the admiral said.

Frontier bridge

Cash entered thee. Bridge.a bolien said captain on the bridge.”really !”she said. They all laughed.”all decks report ready !”talera entered.the door opened, a female officer ebtred.she was staar fleet.”who are. You?”she asked,”Lt commander Abigail Clark I am your star fleet liaison “she said.”I Was not aware i was taking one on!”she said.”admiral Sullivan said either I comes aboard or you dont leave space dock !”she said,”I don’t think he trust me !”vash said.”he and captain picard have traded notes!”she said.”what did Jean luck tell him,your aboard .we will arrange quarters for you.”vash said,”we has also taken abord a romulin !”talera said.”great. Are we taking on a tho lien too fine!”vash said.

“Request permission to depart!”vash said.”ops has cleared us!”talera said,the ship cleared deep space 9.”we are clear !”karlita said.”take us. Into the wormhole !”she ordered.the frontier and the sojourner headed for the wormhole.

“Space it. Is still a vest frontier. There is still much to do.the human adventure has just began.this is. That story.that journey. Hear we go!”archer said.

The beginning



star trek preserver part 11

Admiral Sullivan met up with federation,Klingon,romulan and other ships met up. The vessels  located several forming black holes.the ships began to fire on the black holes.they had knocked out space was slowly returning.

“W e have incoming !”the tactical officer said.”shields to max!”the admiral ordered.the nazaka vessels fired on the allied fleet. The allied fleet was vastly outnumbered . The enemy fleet knew that.Sullivan was. Not about to surrender.

The fleet hit. The other ships. The nazaka vessels fired on the alieed ships.the nazakaa straigy was to over realm and devisate.they could afford to ware the other fleet out.

The nazaka began to attack lower teck worlds.they did not destroy any planet but did inflict much damage. The nazaka were buying time before they began the scored earth strategy.the last war, the final solution.

The nazaka has then hit outor colonies of the. Major powers.they were showing there power.they wanted to intimidate.if they could convince the powers to yield to them, they would spare them well some.the. leaders would die it had. To be done . The race might be permmited to exist..they were various differences of opinion between verious nazaka faction. Some believe that sourced earth was the only way.death is the only victory.

While at the secret ship yard, not all of the ships have been occupied .there were a couple of vessels that were empty. Gull madred was able to refine his sensors and located the ships.he decided to steal one of. The ships.he beeleved that there would be weapons of unlimited power.he wanted them.he had his ship blend in with the rest of the fleet. The crew beamed to the ship.

The ship lunched. gull madred was able to get away.what madred plan to do with it was not known, it was a serious security breach to be that had to be deallt with later. Right now they were more serious maters at hand,

Archer entered the room. At his side was commander t,pol and Charles tucker.”are you who I think you are ?”vash asked.”I am!”archer said.”that is. Not possible you died you all did even t’pol!”t,lera said.”you are. Right but wrong at the same time!”portal said.”I am confused !”vash said.”the preservers seek to preserve. To save a remnant .all is special.all is unique. all has something to offer. To preserve we need champions.we knew the nazaka would they have. We took archer and his crew and restored them in cyro until needed!”the. Portal said.

“Your OK with this?”vash asked.”believe it or not,this is  not the wierdest thing that has ever happened!” tucker said.”I can believe that !”vash reapplied. “Our first plan is to lunch our forces . We have to draw a. Line in the. Sand,it will reveal that the preservers did not die will change everything!” the portal said.

“Portel!tje last ship has arived.”read said.”the final peace of the puzzle.good!”the portal said,within a few minutes the transporter beam emerged in the conference room. There was two people,a slightly older man and a younger women.”doxtor Aaronson !”vash said.”we are ready !”the portal said.

The fleet left the ship yard.thee vessels assumed postions.archer of course would make a speech.”to all vessels in our we make history!this is one of the biggest fleet ever assembled . Our mission is. To save the. Universe literally. We fail we face the real possibility of losing everything.we win we have a chance. This is the greatest test. Have we run out of history.are we entering the undiscovered country to which there is no return.I say no ! I saw this is a beginning ,not an end.we will endure .”archer said,

The fleet moved out. Soon everyone would. Know.the secret would be was a risk,they all knew the day would come, it was a new day.a scary one yet a day of was a turning point indeed.

“Shields at 48 percent!”the tactical officer said.”reroute emergency power!”admiral Sullivan said,the ship rerouted power . The flagship fired on the nearest enemy ships.then the preserved fleet arrived. They fired on the nazaka.. the mistles  inpacted the nazaka war ships..

The nazaka hit the preserver fleet. The alieed. Fleet also fired on the enemy vesels. The nazaka no longer had the advantage.! This too was a risk! The oreserver fleet worked to over power the nazaka fleet.

“I have located the  black hole injector!”read said.”target the injector !”archer ordered.only one ship in a. Fleet Had it. The. Nazaka was a hierarchical society.the ruling class did not trust the plebeian class.only the highest of the high could be trusted. The allied fleet fired on the injector. It was heavily shielded.

“Alright helm take us as close as you can to that thing !”sukivan said.”is. This wise ?”an officcer asked.”not at all!”he answered.the soveregn class vessel got as close at it could and fired quntrum torrpdoes at the reactor..the vessel bonched off the injector and fired a volley of phasers..

The lead ship fired a series of smart bombs.. the bombs exploded.sulivans ship fired on the injector.the burage weekend the was still intact.they needed to destroy it.

A team led by archer and one by vash beemed to the enemy ship.they were fired on, vash and her team tried to draw fire away form archer and his team.he. fired phaser at the ports.the maco deployed charges.then they beamed away. The allied fleet fired on the ship.the injector fell out and was destroyed.the nazaka fleet pulled back.

More preserver ships arrived.the nazaka were outnumbered.”sir we are being hailed !”hoshi said,”on screen !”archer said.”you have won this round.we will leave this sector.we do not promise never to return !”he said.”we will be watching and waiting !”archer said.

The nazaka ships left the area.they had over dealt there hand.they had unleashed  a sleeping giant.what would happen now.the universe seamed to be in flux now.. a secret had been revealed.everyone knew that the preserver had not gone away. Where were they ?

“This is admiral Sullivan thanks !”he said.”sir we are being asked to follow them!”the tactical officer said.”where are they going ?”he asked.”deep space 9!”he said,”follow them!”the admiral said.

To be continued




star trek preserver part ten

“Admiral log,admiral Anthony j Sullivan reporting, despite the invention if torpedoes that can penetrate the black Holes and prevent there formation ,we still cannot stop them once they are formed. We cannot seam to build them fast enough. For every one we stop six more form in there is difficult to operate the. Fleet especially in a emergency situation. “

Sullivan was woken out of. Sleep. He put on a. Bath robe and opened the door. “Story to brother you sir. Your needed at star fleet command !”an officer said.”very well!”he said.

“Our entire federation and. Alies are working on this. We hope to have ecry ship in the fleet with these torpedoes!” admiral Janeway said.”it will take time, they seam to have a leg up on us!”Sullivan said. “We are working to correct that !”senator mirana jerok said.”why am I hear ?”he asked.”I want you to lead a multi planetary fleet tons to stop this, we will deploy as. Many of these torpedoes as you can, at the same time I hope to get some answers.!”Janeway said.

“Now entering orbit of the planet !”talara a vulcan said.”assume stranded orbit!”vash ordered.’we are now in standerd orbit !”boheka said.”I am detecting multiple ships forrm many worlds. !”talaera said.”its OK I was expecting them we need to beam to the planet right away.”iveleek said.”very well! Talera your in charge “vash said.

The transporter emerged on the planet. Vash and iveleek moved around. “Hello welcome to the last outpost of the t’kon empire ,the portel wishes to see you!”a young women said. They all walked to the underground command post. Vash remeebered jean luck telling her about this mission.the one that they found this world.

“Hello  vash !”the portal said.he took out his sword and aimed it at her. Was he judging her.what was this.”you are worthy !”he said.”for what ?”she said.”not now but later. “The portal said.”i bring you greetings form new. Habitia!”ivelek said.”I had hoped the project had worked.our orders were to mantain radio silence until the time is. Right !”the portal said

“What is all this ?”she asked.”you are probably very confused. Frustrated perhaps. “The portal said.”a little !”she said. “I will explain everything to you well most everything. You see the preservers were the first humanoid races known to excist in our galaxy.the preservers became alarmed by racial striffe.they decided to rescue tribes or factions under asult.this. included naive tribes in north of the people they rescued was he. Nazaka. There world was  caught in betreen our reality and another.that planet was about to be crushed.the nazaka were rescured.. so great full they vowed to aid the preservers.the preaervers became too famous.with non humanoid and the. Borg they were threatened.”

” The oreservers faked there ownn dismise. The nazaka vowed to help.they got bored. They tired of being do gooders.they wanted to replace the preaervers. They became too unstable. The. Preaervets tried to reign them in, the result war. “The portal said.

“The preservers left for a while put things in motion. My empire staar went. Nova and could not be saved,there are more is. Us all over the galaxy.I was elected to stay.the nazaka were placed in a part of space that acts like suspended animation . We knew they wound find a way to escape and now they have”the portal said.

“What now?” She asked..”we are asmebling our forces to oppose them.this is. That fleet.”he said.”those ships are impressive but agenst that !”she said,”you do not understand .follow me.”he said. The portel led her to a turbo lift. They entered,

The lift opened, the three left the. Elevator.they saw a ship yard.”this is the. Fleet. One of those ship will be yours to command captain cash!”hr said,”I work for you now ?”vash asked.”for the preservers but I am in charge of. This misson i gues !”he said.

“I can’t get a Reading inside that planet!”the cardesian officer said.”there must be a power source down there. It must be some kind of staging area!”madred said,”for what ?”the first officer said.”I don’t know but in intend to find out !”he said.

“We will transfer over to the new fronter. That is. What I call it. “She said,”anew. Ship?”karlita said.”this one won’t keep break I down on us ?”enzerk a remen said,”no promises but I think so.”she said. “Sounds good.I hope it has a good sick bay !”Russell said.

On the planet the portal went over to the cyro unit.he entered in Ann aces code.the pod opened. He looked over them.”every fleet needs a surpime commander “the protel said.

“Our mision is this, we. Beleve that the nazaka is budding up there forces hear in a region near mintaka .all of the activity has been in this region. We will strike there !”the portel said.”there are many forrm multiple words !”commander sela said,”who will command this fleet !”pjilpok asked.”we have a commander in mind!”portel said,”let’s meat this man !”one of the comanders said,

The door opened, a man centred .he wore an unusual style of looked old. It was a kind. Of jumpsuit. Everyone wounded who he was.”this is our commander jonithen archer !”

To be continued